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2013 Was Another Catastrophic Electoral Year For UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/12/2013

2013 Was Another Catastrophic Electoral Year For UKIP

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2013 Was Another Catastrophic Electoral Year For UKIP with only 15 Councillors elected out of 337 seats available and catastrophic losses amonghst the ranks of Councillors already elected and MEPs who departed!

Only a fool would buy into the spin and propaganda UKIP desperately peddles though to be fair The Tories and a few low grade journalists would seem to have more than their fair share of such fools!



Sunday, 22 December 2013


Thanks again to MiddleEnglander and his good work for collating this information.

There have been 337 principal local council by-elections during 2013, including those on 2nd May, with 97 (29%) changing hands.

Party   Candidates    Defended     Retained      Gained       Lost        Won Retention Rate
Conservative          332         145           98          17         47         115          68%
Labour          290         117         108          30           9         138          92%
Lib Dems          233           42           23          15         19           38          55%
UKIP          228             3          15           3           15            0%
SNP            14             6           6            0%
Plaid Cymru              9             1             1             1        100%
Green          114             5             2            1           3             3          40%
Kidderminster Health              2            1             1
Liberal              2            1             1
Resident Groups *            23             3             2            4           1             6          67%
Independent **          115           14             6          13           8           19          43%
BNP            21
English Democrat            12             1           1            0%
National Front              5
Socialist (GB)              4
TUSAC            34
Other            30
Total       1,468         337         240           97         97         337          71%

Conservatives had official candidates in in 98.5% of the by-elections, Labour in 86%, Lib Dems in 69% whilst UKIP contested 68%.

Conservatives gained 1 seat from UKIP
– whilst losing 10 to UKIPl

Labour gained 1 seat UKIP
– whilst losing 2 to UKIP

Liberal Democrats lost 2 seats to UKIP

UKIP gained 10 seats from Conservatives, 2 from both Labour and Lib Dems and 1 from English Democrats
– whilst losing 1 each to Conservative, Labour and Kidderminster Health

Kidderminster Health Concern gained a seat from UKIP

English Democrats lost a seat to UKIPSo all in all it was yet another catastrophic showing for UKIP in that out of 1,468 candidates UKIP only fielded 228 in the 337 seats being contested or 68% of the seats were contested by UKIP.Astonishingly despite the huge amount of spin from UKIP they were yet again a catastrophic failure electorally with 3 seats being defended they lost all 3 and they only managed to have 15 people elected out of the 337 seats up for election!

Similarly in the last Local Government elections less than 150 UKIP candidates were elected out of some 1,700 seats and of those a significant number have been displaced or forced to resign whilst not a single seat was gained in the General Election nor seats in the EU Regional Assemblies of Scotland, Wales, London or ant mainland region followed by total failure in both the Mayoral Elections & the Police Crime Commissioner Elections.

To add to Farage’s embarrassment during the period he has lost at least 1/3rd. of his MEPs with Marta Andreassen & David Bannerman defecting to the Tories, Nikki Sinclaire leaving on both a point of principle, unwilling to associate with the extremist and racist chums of Farage on his EFD Group, with Trevor Coleman & Mike Nattrass following her example and then Farage found even his flatmate & drinking buddy out performed him and drew attention away from him and had to be removed.

Allround UKIP’s electoral achievements have been a catastrophy having failed to make even realistic progress in Parliamentary by elections, such that one might reasonably and rationally have expectations that UKIP might gain a single seat in the 2015 Westminster Elections.

It is little or no consequence that UKIP will be seen as a dustbin for the protest vote in the utterlu insignificant EU elections next May – when clearly the public have seen through their act and recognised the void at their core that means that even after 20 years they have absolutely no credible exit and survival strategy relative to The EU and lack even a basic understanding of tactics, strategy and campaigning as displayed by the abject debacle of the London Mayoral Elections and the realisation that the Party system of selecting candidates is nothing more than a democratic fraud enabling Farage to dole out places to his sycophants and drinking chums – however low grade they clearly are.





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