I’m not too close to anything I’m now just a critical outsider, who was an insider, who sees beyond the rhetoric and analyses with others the detrimental effect Nigel and his cult EUkip is having on the Eurosceptic cause.

What you have to assess is how Nigel (and let’s face it UKIP is Nigel) is helping the UK safely navigate itself to an amicable divorce from the EU?

consider these points:-

1.So he addresses issues like immigration and EU road signs etc and more often than not gets the information wrong which simply assists the ‘Establishment’ portray UKIP as little Englanders.

2. Nigel does NOTHING to address and counter FUD which again leaves the Europhiles with the advantage.

3.On the election front as he has no strategy, tactics or plan he as yet is nowhere near getting an MP elected.

4. In the European parliament he is affiliated with the ‘far right’ which is a ticking bomb waiting to explode.

5. His selection of MEPs is based on their sycophantic value and not hier abiltiy.

6. He has driven out far more able people than he has kept.

7. He is pushing for an early referendum which we would undoubtably lose.

8. He has no intellectual base or think tank to assist and feed the ‘media’ with Eurosceptic facts.

9. He does NOT generally support and nuture the grass roots.

10. Add to all the above his overall corruption of the party which is another ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

I’m sure I could have listed other areas where Nigel and his cult EUkip are not helping the Eurosceptic cause but the above are reasons alone to say with certainty:-