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David GALE Alleges Criminality In UKIP Leadership

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/11/2013

David GALE Alleges Criminality In UKIP Leadership

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP prospective P.C.C. David GALE Alleges Criminality In UKIP Leadership and its practices! Comments & Report to Chief Constable East Midlands Police!



I regret the delay in publishing this item, which I believe endorses many of the comments made by me on this blog over many years, it must be of interest to those following UKIP. The details were supplied to me a few days ago but I was unable to act as I was in The Royal Gwent Hospital Ward D3 whilst the medics controlled a consequential internal bleed related to damage caused by my various cancers and their treatment.May I thank the various people who have supplied details.

This following eMail arrived in my mailbox on Thursday as did others similar to it including interest from some of my media contacts:

Hi Greg
I keep and eye on yours and Junius‘ blog but I haven’t seen this covered yet. This went out on general release today.
Best regardsREDACTED

The attachment I hold as a .pdf of the letter as it was sent, in layout and letter head style hand topped and tailed.

David Gale with Nigel Farage

David Gale with Nigel Farage – official UKIP Publicity picture!

The text reads as follows:

David Gale
Interim Chief Executive
Kids for Cash UK

Kids for Cash UK – protecting vulnerable children by exposing paedophiles and
investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems

N Farage UKIP – Party Leader Newton Abbot Devon TQ12 9BG
28th November 2013

You will be aware that, for some time, I have been flagging up matters of concern about the management and political direction of UKIP. On many of the issues that I’ve raised, you have been copied in to my communications and in some cases emails have been marked for your personal attention.

Let me start by reiterating my areas of concern:

1. There is a lack of transparency over matters relating to the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC). Party rules are routinely flouted by the leadership. When held to account, party chairman Steve Crowther almost gleefully points at a revised party constitution that allows the NEC to retrospectively approve breaches of the rules by the leadership. There are numerous examples of this but the three at the forefront of my mind are: a) the expulsion of Robert Hamling b) the expulsion of Chris Pain c) the MEP selection process

In the matter of the MEP selection process, as a participant, I raised my concerns direct to Steve Crowther on the lack of transparency within the process. In fact, I refused to pay the £500 application fee, since it had become apparent that the fee represented a conspiracy by the party to defraud applicants who were never going to be allowed onto the candidate list. Evidence gathered since the selection process has confirmed my deepest fears that the process was rigged in such a way as to give you plausible deniability of personal involvement. It would have been easier to swallow had you stated openly those candidates whom you wished to be on the list.

Kids for Cash UK – protecting vulnerable children by exposing paedophiles and
investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems

In the cases listed above, there is clear evidence of significant rule breaches by the party’s leadership. In all of those cases, allegations of wrong-doing by the leadership have not been adequately pursued. Interestingly, my own local branch chairman has refused in writing to allow the subject to be discussed.

2. UKIP has shifted noticeably to the right. However attractive the proposition of having a handful of converted Tory MPs, allowing UKIP to become a refuge for the Tories in exile is alienating UKIP voters, particularly north of the Watford Gap. In my own region, the lurch to the right leaves Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland without any MEP candidate representation within UKIP’s candidate list. The situation in the East Midlands reflects the general trend across the country in that UKIP MEP candidates do not represent the politics of the vast majority of UKIP members and voters in the region.

Aligned to that shift to the right has been an evidenced intent to play to the populist gallery whilst concealing the real agenda. Increasingly, UKIP public appearances are becoming a sound bite driven public relations exercise, lacking in both substance and depth. At best, there is a mismatch between the leadership and much of the voting public. At worst, it’s a cynical manipulation of populist opinion to meet the agenda of yet another crony elite. Whilst I doubt that it was your intention to model your public persona on Lord Percy, UKIP is beginning to resemble an episode of Blackadder, with candidates presenting as an association of Elizabethan dandies. Throw in a pomander and a trailing kerchief and the picture will be complete.

3. It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a core faction associated with the party that is being used as a ‘Black Ops’ dirty tricks team against targets that include party members. I believe that your own deep insecurity and paranoia have played a significant part in the party’s Night of the Long Knives. Much of the recent press coverage of alleged hacked social media sites has been deliberately misleading. There is increasing evidence that points to UKIP members close to the party’s headquarters being involved in the creation of cloned Facebook pages which have featured damaging fake posts falsely attributed to UKIP members. Screen grabs of these posts have been fed to the press, third hand, in an attempt to smear the targeted individuals and as a precursor to removing them from the party. These are potentially criminal acts. The involved young party activists claim a close association with the party Chairman. Disturbingly, documentary evidence demonstrates that the Chief Executive Officer, Will Gilpin, was removed from post by the Chairman a matter of days after committing in writing to party members to investigate these allegations. The evidence that I and others have collated has now been passed to the police who tell me that a Special Branch investigation is underway.
4. For nearly two years, I have been raising the issue of the lack of scrutiny and governance within the party’s management. The common error is to look at a relatively small head office and staff and assume that the party is a small organisation. That is not the case. It is clear that UKIP’s professional officers are devoid of the skills and experience required to run a complex, networked national organisation, including the delivery of scrutiny and governance

Kids for Cash UK – protecting vulnerable children by exposing paedophiles and
investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems

over both operational and political policies and strategy.
One of the starkest examples of this lack of governance has been the tolerance of the party’s continued association with a convicted paedophile who, whilst no longer being a member, has continued to attend party functions and provide strategic UKIP documentation from his personal website. Party members with children, who have been asked for lifts to UKIP events by the paedophile, have been left unaware of the background of an individual who is on the sex offenders register for life. When warned about this individual, Chairman Steve Crowther has quite extraordinarily contrived means to remove the reporting individuals from the party. Through its lack of risk mitigating processes and actions, the party has knowingly exposed its members to undue risk.My own efforts to raise the alarm have been ignored by the leadership, it being left to me to contact branches to alert them to the potential risks to members and to have photographs of the paedophile campaigning for UKIP removed from branch websites. More recently, I have gathered evidence that I understand has previously been in Steve Crowther’s possession that demonstrates the paedophile grooming a vulnerable young UKIP member on Twitter, in violation of his probationary licence, yet Crowther has encouraged the individual to maintain his party activism. If this is UKIP’s response, how many more paedophiles remain within the membership?

On the first couple of points, I am mindful that my written offers to provide you with professional management skills have been ignored. The candidate list’s swing to the right is a betrayal of the membership and our voters. On the third item, conclusions around alleged criminality within the party must await the outcome of ongoing police investigations. On the fourth item, the issue of the party leadership’s response to the activities of a convicted paedophile within its midst is not something that I can overlook. My work as Interim Chief Executive for Kids for Cash UK leaves me no room for association with a party that cannot deliver the requisite level of organisational rigour and competence required to protect its brand and its members.

I am left with no alternative but to resign my membership of UKIP forthwith. I remain deeply respectful of the many genuine grass roots members who aspire to something better for our country but I feel that UKIP’s leadership is deceiving them. The focus is clearly on leveraging the goodwill of the membership and the British people in pursuit of a narrowly focussed personal agenda. I wish the membership all the best.

Yours sincerely

Signed by David Gale. 

Minded that:

David Gale was the UKIP candidate for Police Crime Commissioner in Derbyshire,

prior to his resignation  as explained herein I believe it would be reasonable to expect that he holds provenance of every detail he outlines in his letter; in the same manner as do I when publishing comments that may be libellous otherwise.I also asume that Mr. Gale will have acted responsibly and brought these matters to the attention of the Derbyshire constabulary.

However to be on the safe side and ensure there is no further risk for the juvenile allegedly being ‘groomed’, I have taken the liberty of drawing the attention of both the media and the Police to this blog for their further investigation.

I believe there are numerous claims in David Gale’s letter that would seem to be in the hands of a number of people that deserve thorough investigation by the police – as do many of the facts published on this blog over the last few years – that they have not been thoroughly investigated by the police and HMRC.

That it would seem that there has been no thorough investigation, it would seem, is a sad reflection of the state of our seemingly politically motivated, or at very least controlled, Police Service who it is alleged work for us as agents of HM The Queen and not as State enforcers for political interests covering and opposing those they may seem to best favour the interests of the Police!It would also seem that HMRC are all too willing to pursue ‘the little people’ but seemingly take little interest in politicians and their obscene indifference to not just the British economy which in recent years they have gambled away leaving the Country in debt to the region of 900% of GDP whilst surrendering, at great disadvantage to our peoples our Sovereignty and our advantage – now under the direct Governance of a foreign power with aims alien to the interests of Britain and bereft of meaningful democracy.

Again and again we see allegations, provenance and evidence of corruption in politics with obscene levels of bribery and false and fraudulent expenses.

We have Government Ministers caught up to their neck in fiddles and scams who do not even have the dignity to resign – they lie with melliflous efficacy and take a blaze attitude when exposed.

let us consider the occassion when the self confessed criminal Denis McShane exposed the fact that Nigel Farage had taken some £2Million plus in expenses he had not incurred!

We then foun d that Nigel Farage outright lied regarding his employ outside UKIP stating he was NOT involved in any other business when in fact the simplest of checks showed he was director of a consequential business with his brother.

We also know as a fact that he opened an off shore account and deposited the equivallent of over ten times the salary of a British citizen on one occasion alone gaining preferential taxation rates beyond the reach of HMRC and Britain’s tax system! Having outright lied to the media and others blatantly as a politician he lacked any sense of honour or integrity and has never apologised and clearly lacked the ethics to resign.

The most cursory read of the 1,000s of postings on this web site will show instance after instance that are surely criminal yet we see no sign of prosecution or even transparent investigation by OUR Police SERVANTS.

You need onl;y consider the undeniable fact that UKIP MEP Derek Clarke was found guilty of fraudulently, in breach of the rules, acquired somewhere between £30,000 & £100,000 and merely paid it back when caught. When EXACTLY is it acceptable for a thief, when caught robbing a bank, to be exhonourated merely by repaying the money stolen?

Further the informed will be well aware of the lies told by Derek Clark in his taxpayer funded job in denial of his having been caught and repaid the money. They will also be aware of the lies he and others amongst UKIP’s leadership clique and its claque have told about this blog, myself and those who post on The Junius Blog!

& of drawing your attention to The Junius Blog I am happy to confirm the facts in their recent GUEST POSTING at CLICK HEREObviously I could go on and on and provide many more instances of corruption in UKIP and dishonesty of its leadership but frankly just how often does one lead a horse to water to drink – just when will Her Majesty’s Government act with integrity and represent the interests and wishes of her peoples and STOP turning a blind eye to the criminality of those employed on the public purse?
When will the tax authorities and police transparently and clearly investigate the corruption and criminality that has so widely been alleged and claimed regarding UKIP?
To start as at today perhaps we can expect the clear and transparent investigation of the widely distributed allegations made by UKIP’s past PCC candidate as in his published letter above which I hope he has drawn to the attention of OUR Police SERVICE.PLEASE NOT – I have written to:
‘Chief Constable EMids re Derbyshire’ <Force.Control@Derbyshire.PNN.Police.UK>as follows:
From: Greg Lance-Watkins (Greg_L-W)
For the attention of:
The Chief Constable,
East Midlands Police Force.
Details of a Criminal Allegation re.: UKIP & in relation to Derbyshire


I have today received details of seeming criminal activity with regard to UKIP in Derbyshire, East Midlands and across the areas in which they are active.

I take the liberty of addressing you as The Chief Constable as I understand it to be your duty to appropriately respond and delegate the duties of investigation of such a matter. I would appreciate, in the interest of transparency with regard to the public purse and duty in public office, if you would be so good as to keep me informed, in as far as you legally can, of what actions you take to acquit your duties in this matter.

The details are readily available for you to exercise your good offices at:

I thank you in anticipation of your action in this matter, in the interest of the wellbeing of what currently passes for our democracy!




Addition below made C14:00hrs. Sunday 08-Dec-2013

This gave rise to the following rather strange communication from the police force:




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I’m afraid I do not understand what your query is.

If I can assist you further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards.
Peter Robertson, PC 2799

Contact Management Investigation Team

Derbyshire Police Headquarters

Telephone 101

It does rather call into question whether English is the first language of the officer in question as having reported a crime as alleged by David Gale, together with details that show criminal behaviour on the part of members of UKIP’s leadership, I found it strange that a British police officer allocated the job by his chief constable would find the facts difficult to understand.

However I phoned and spoke to PC Peter Robertson #2799 andf explained in simple terms that I was reporting allegations of criminal behaviour within a political party and I had provided details and facts to assist him in his investigation.

I was assured that of course the police were interested in crimes but they had not been able to work out why these allegations and facts pertained to their bit of the police!

I explained that David Gale had been a prospective Police Crime Commisioner on their patch (I also understand that he was also a policeman for a while but as Tom Wise proved for UKIP that is hardly a commendation!)

I also explained that I had addressed my correspondence to the senior officer as I felt he was best placed to delegate the enquiry to an area of competence within his force and assumed that which concerned other areas of the police would be passed on.

Polite as PC Robertson was I have grave misguivings as to his intellectual capacity to investigate anything beyond the most simple of issues and his failure to contact me in the subsequent week would seem to indicate I may not be wrong!

To give the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he has been in contact with David Gale and others, in the interim period and will come back to me later.

I await response from the police and will keep readers informed of progress.

Addition above made Sunday 08-Dec-2013

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