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Paul Sykes has overcome his 9 year sulk it seems!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/11/2013

Paul Sykes has overcome his 9 year sulk it seems!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Paul Sykes has overcome his 9 year sulk it seems! Let us hope he brings some political sense to the table and insists UKIP concentrate on producing a responsible ‘Exit & Survival Strategy’ & concentrates on the agenda to Leave-The-EU, rather than dupe themselves into thinking they have the competence to be a political party without gravitas or leadership!!




when Paul Sykes, who at the time of the Bristol Conference in 2004, was virtually UKIP’s only backer of consequence from 2001, those who were informed of the goings on within UKIP speculated as to why he had withdrawn support.

The general consensus of opinion at the time seemed to be divided between the fact that Nigel Farage had styled him the Yorkshire Dwarf and had also dishonestly promised Robert Kilroy Silk the leadership of UKIP.

There were also those who believed it may be because, secure in Farage’s promise to him of leadership of the party, Kilroy Silk had assumed the role of leader to some extent and had patently launched his own agenda; a practice actual leaders of the party seem to do with gay abandon!

I believe it had more to do with his, then pending, separation for his wife. I do not know if Paul Sykes and his wife have reconciled their differences giving him the peace of mind to rejoin the fight for Britain to Leave-The-EU or not, but I hope so.

In funding UKIP one wonders if he will fund it as before where he paid specific bills when presented or will he take a leaf out of Stuart Wheeler’s book and vie for joint treasurership displaying a modicum of sense and a clear lack of trust for the clique in central control of Farage’s party/cult!

Tory blow as tycoon Paul Sykes gives Ukip millions

Self-made businessman promises to do “whatever it takes” to help Ukip top the polls in May

Businessman Paul Sykes at his North Yorkshire home

Businessman Paul Sykes at his North Yorkshire home Photo: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian

The UK Independence Party will receive a multi-million pound boost before next year’s European elections after winning support from one of Britain’s wealthiest businessmen.

Paul Sykes, a self-made tycoon and veteran of the campaign to keep the pound 15 years ago, has promised to do “whatever it takes” to help Ukip top the polls in May.

His move deals a big blow to the Conservatives as they fight to contain Nigel Farage’s party.

Mr Sykes supported the Tories under Margaret Thatcher and Michael Howard, but has backed Ukip in the past, giving the party £1.5 million in 2004.

His latest investment in the party is expected to run into several millions. He told the Telegraph that he wanted to finance Ukip’s efforts to pull Britain out of the EU.

“It is time to tell the truth and let the people decide … I want this country to get back to becoming a self-governing nation,” he said.

“That is what I am in it for. I am not going to sit here and do nothing. It’s my final thing this, it’s my Waterloo.”

Paul Sykes is putting his millions where his mouth is, he tells Philip Johnston

Mr Farage’s party currently has 13 seats in the European Parliament after winning around 16.5 per cent of the vote in 2009, pushing Labour into third place. Pollsters believe Ukip would need to secure about 27 per cent in the elections expected on May 22 to overtake the Tories as the largest UK party in the European Parliament.

Such an outcome would send shock-waves through Westminster and especially through the Conservative Party, which has seen many activists defect to Ukip in recent months.

David Cameron’s promise of a referendum on a renegotiated EU settlement by 2017 has not stemmed the flow of support to Ukip, with many Tory Euro-sceptics unpersuaded that he can deliver a new deal for Britain.

A key development will be the removal of barriers to Romanian and Bulgarian citizens working in Britain from Jan 1. Mr Sykes, who spent an estimated £6  million campaigning against the UK joining the single currency with Sir James Goldsmith in the Nineties, has commissioned a poll showing that 74 per cent of the public are opposed to the free movement of labour from the two countries. Just 15 per cent said they were in favour.

“As a nation state, Britain is drinking in the last chance saloon,” said Mr Sykes, who in a 2010 Rich List was estimated to be worth £650 million.

“Our failure to exert any control over our border with the 27 other members of the EU means that we are on the brink of abolishing ourselves as an independent country and consigning 1,000 years of nationhood to the dustbin of history.”

He added: “I have nothing against people from Romania and Bulgaria, but given the four million immigrants we have absorbed since 1997, and given the prospect that the end of transitional controls on two of the poorest countries on the continent will trigger another wave of mass immigration … you have to drawn the line somewhere.”

Mr Sykes said he was not a Ukip member and had no party political motivation behind his decision to provide the party with funds.

“I am in this to give people a say about their future,” he said.

“We are going to roll some guns out … every person in Britain will get to know a lot more from our campaign than they have ever got to know from all the other campaigns put together.”

Mr Farage said: “I have worked with Paul and been close to him over many years and I have never seen him so determined as he is today. I have said for a long time now that I wanted to cause an earthquake on May 22 next year, and with people like Paul Sykes working with us that makes it more likely.”

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, yesterday defended freedom of movement within the EU. “Hundreds of thousands of British people benefit by going to live and work abroad elsewhere in the European Union. This is a two-way thing,” he told the BBC.

He said he understood concerns about the lifting of restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians, but insisted that there would be no repeat of 2004, when Britain opened its borders to Poles and other eastern Europeans, prompting hundreds of thousands to come to the UK.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

OR with a somewhat different slant/spin:

Paul Sykes: ‘I want to set Britain free from the EU’

Paul Sykes is on a crusade to get a referendum on Britain’s membership and to restore our borders – and he’s putting his millions where his mouth is, he tells Philip Johnston

Paul Sykes at his Yorkshire home in the shadow of Fountains Abbey

Paul Sykes at his Yorkshire home in the shadow of Fountains Abbey; he is financing the Ukip advert below. ‘I am not in party politics,’ he says. ‘I am in freedom fighting’ 

Paul Sykes is David Cameron’s worst nightmare: a Ukip supporter with a pile of cash, and ready to spend it. By his own reckoning, this 70-year-old Yorkshire businessman has donated around £6 million to campaigns designed to keep Britain from the clutches of Europe.

Now, after a lengthy period avoiding the political limelight, he is again about to dig deep into his own pocket to finance one more effort to sever the UK’s 40-year tie-up with the Continent. In the past, this straight-talking self-made millionaire has helped fund Euro-sceptic Tory MPs – and was, for 27 years, even a party member. But the beneficiaries of his largesse this time will be Ukip – and his aim is to help Nigel Farage’s party top the poll in next year’s European elections. If that happens, Sykes hopes that all the major parties will then commit to a referendum on the UK’s future in Europe.

“There is only one political party at present that says it wants to be out of the EU, and there is only one political party that would deliver it – and that is Ukip,” he said. “It is the only game in town. I am certainly not wasting my time, energy and money on any of the others.”

We are speaking in the drawing room of his beautiful Gothic-style home in the shadow of Fountains Abbey, near Ripon, set in a few hundred acres of prime North Yorkshire countryside. Sykes’s story is a classic of its kind: the son of a miner, he left school with no qualifications to become a tyre-fitter. He started dealing in car parts before branching out to sell second-hand buses and lorries to the Far East. In the early 1960s, when the Beatles were taking home £1,000 a week, he was earning three times as much and driving a Rolls-Royce.

He later invested in shopping centres, including the Meadowhall, near Sheffield, which sold for more than £1 billion, netting Sykes £280 million. In 2000, he created the Planet Online internet provider and, foreseeing the 2008 financial crisis, got out of commercial property before the crash. By 2010, he was ranked the 26th wealthiest person in Britain, worth about £650 million. Famously, he has said he will not leave his children any money, beyond helping them buy a house, so that they learn how to make their own way in life.

This, then, is not a man who does anything in half measures or without single-minded determination; and the first policy in his sights is the decision to remove the remaining barriers to the settlement of Romanian and Bulgarian citizens in the UK. They have been free to come here since 2007 but not to work. From January 1, that will change, though it is unclear how many more will arrive on top of the 200,000, mainly Roma, who have already arrived. Sykes is testing the water in his own backyard first with an advert in The Yorkshire Post, which draws on a YouGov poll finding that 74 per cent of voters oppose removing the remaining controls on Romanian and Bulgarian immigration. Only 15 per cent are in favour. Last week, David Blunkett, the former home secretary, warned of riots if Roma migration continued unabated.

The advert Paul Sykes has paid for in The Yorkshire Post

“To me, borders define whether you are a sovereign nation or not,” said Sykes. “On that issue, surely to goodness, the British people need information and a referendum before they are taken down entirely. Britain can’t supply the infrastructure to supply itself, and yet here we are with open borders to bring in hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. How can we set our Treasury numbers when we don’t know how many people are in the country or are likely to come?”

I asked him why the Romanians and Bulgarians will make a difference when we have already opened the borders to others from eastern Europe. “Because they are so poor,” he said. “I have nothing against people from Bulgaria or Romania. I feel sorry for them because they will come and not get the services they think they are going to get, because we will be lucky to provide our own services. How are we going to give our people jobs? We have got to crunch time. It is madness. There is no economic or political sense left. This time people know something is not right.

“The parties are all discussing referendums because they know the feeling out there. But they are not taking the temperature. It’s taking people like me having to spend my money having opinion polls done. Why doesn’t the Government do that? People do not want the borders open: surely this should be the decision for the people it’s going to affect?”

Sykes first became involved in campaigning when he joined forces in the early 1990s with James Goldsmith, the financier, to stop what they feared was a government move to join the euro. “If it hadn’t been for me and Jimmy Goldsmith we might be in it now,” he said. “They would have called that referendum and the pro-Europeans would have won it. Jimmy spent over £30 million for campaigning on the Referendum Party. I spent £4.5 million to £5 million fighting against the euro because I couldn’t believe it would work. And it turned out exactly as I said. I don’t want any praise for that – not that the CBI and all the others who were in favour have ever written to say sorry. And it wasn’t just here – I took pages in newspapers in Denmark and we kept Denmark out of it, we kept Sweden out. They even wanted to give me an honour.”

Sykes believes that Ukip will win the most seats next May, making it impossible for the mainstream parties to duck the issue of continued membership.

“It’s hard to believe that it is 40 years since we had a referendum on whether to go into what was a Common Market,” he says. “It is now almost a common country. How have they managed to achieve that without a single direct vote by the British public? They have attempted to create a United States of Europe. We have never had a chance of stopping it or voting for or against it.

“We have lost our self-government, we have lost the ability to become efficient on tax and spend; we have lost our ability to control our economy even though we are not in the euro. It even costs us £19 billion a year to be a member of this thing. Our economy could be more efficient outside the EU.”

If, as seems likely, the Government fails to keep the border controls on Romania and Bulgaria, Sykes thinks they and Labour will pay the price at the polls in May and that Nigel Farage will be the beneficiary.

“He is very clear and very concise about what he stands for,” Sykes explained. “I am working with Ukip in order to get the people a referendum. That is the sole purpose I am in it for. I want the British people to have a say on borders and membership of the EU. And if this assistance I am going to give to Ukip brings that about, I have finished. That is as much as I can do.

“We are going to roll some guns out. Serious. Let’s put it this way: every person in Britain will get to know a lot more from our campaign than they have ever got to know from all the other campaigns put together. It is time to tell the truth and let the people decide. I have had enough of all these career politicians – MPs and MEPs, as far as I am concerned, are in it for themselves. Not all of them. But those that aren’t should speak out now.

“We will be asking all of them to state where they stand. Every MP will be asked where he stands, and his constituents will get to know. It is time for them to decide what they are going to do. I am going to go out to all the MPs and ask if they are in favour or not, and find out where they stand. They are on the wrong side of where public opinion is, and they need to be stood accountable. Every MP in the country will know his job is on the line.”

But might he go easy on those who are committed to leaving the EU? “I am not in party politics,” he says. “I am in freedom fighting. I want this country to get back to becoming a self-governing nation. That is what I am in it for. That’s all I want. I want the people to decide – and I am not going to sit here and do nothing. It’s my final thing, this – it’s my Waterloo.”

To view this article in its oeiginal context CLICK HERE




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