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Past UKIP Chairman’s Excoriating Comment on UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/11/2013

Past UKIP Chairman‘s Excoriating Comment on UKIP

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Past UKIP Chairman’s Excoriating Comment on UKIP! By no means the first such denunciation of UKIP by past executives of Farage’s Party!


Hi,you may well find the comments of a past Chairman of UKIP of interest:

Niall is absolutely correct in stating that UKIP should have produced an entry for the Brexit competition.

UKIP let every member down when it failed to do anything of note to fight the Lisbon Treaty.Indeed Farage is on record as stating in the NEC meeting that the Conservatives should be left to deal with it ! Neither did it produce a competent petition to trigger a debate in Parliament on a referendum,that was left to Nikki Sincalir and others and to the Express.

So sadly this lack of action by the party is par for the course.It cannot simply leave action to party members on an ad hoc basis .The whole point of a party is to organise the membership,provide leadership ,produce useful ideas and strategies and accurate written work.Doesn`t seem to be happening does it?

To view the original as posted on the internet CLICK HERE

& to quote from the same thread on the UKIP controlled thread the comments of a past UKIP Wales Chairman, Chairman of UKIP’s Cheltenham branch and ex UKIP Head Office manager:

Finishing most posts with ‘UKIP is not fit for purpose’ is a strapline that is worth repeating until it sinks in.

I do paste other’s articles and the substance and questions that need addressing are in them.

UKIP is at best standing still, by any serious analysis, and what little it is said to be achieving, on the edges of our politics, would have been achieved back in 2007 when UKIP had the same membership as today.

Now take the absolute failure of UKIP MEPs. Of 13 elected in 2009 we have only 8 left which is now 9 with the addition of the Tory Helmer.

So 5 have left or been ‘got rid of’ so if that is your definition of success it sums you up!

Then of the 8 UKIP MEP’s left who ever hears of Dartmouth,Bufton,Clark or Colman?

Finally add NO official UKIP Brexit entry and you know FKEU I’m absolutely right – UKIP is NOT fit for purpose!

For those who have had the pleasure of not noting FKEU you will find he is one of the more unpleasant and damaging, to UKIP, trolls, who shelter their sneering and dishonest misrepresentations in a false identity; similar to such as SteveUKIP, Hartlepool and others who are too ashamed to put their name to their sabotage of UKIP’s efforts to appear principled, responsible and ethical (they are not alone!)




 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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To Leave-The-EU

2 Responses to “Past UKIP Chairman’s Excoriating Comment on UKIP”

  1. Geoffrey Bastin said

    There is a lot of rubbish written on this site by persons who seem more keen to be scripting a soap opera than making genuine political comments.
    UKIP as a party continues to grow in membership and will soon overtake the Conservatives. As much is made of the need to leave the EU, on this site, it would surely be better to be more positive instead of a continual dialogue about who said what and who did what to whom. UKIP is the only political party that does and can represent the views of many who wish to see the political head chopped off the EU. If all those that are serious about their beliefs don’t get behind UKIP then you will have no hope of achieving your aims.
    Cameron and Co will never deliver on a referendum without a very large push for euro sceptics so why oh why do you continually keep slagging off those who are trying to win through. I realise many folk are in politics for many different reasons but the rank and file of UKIP are genuine folk who work tirelessly for a better tomorrow without having to suffer insults from writers on this site. Some of us are political animals who can stand up and be counted but many are simply good folk who are not used to this sort of treatment.
    By all means have your opinions but to constantly air you vitriol on such a regular basis to achieve nothing more than a gossip column does nothing to enhance the main purpose of our desires.


    • Hi,

      thank you for taking the time to present your opinions on this blog.

      Fortunately, from my point of view, they seem wide of the mark.

      The aim of this blog is to provide a track record and archive of fact and views with the aim of endeavouring to clean-up UKIP as it now is in an effort to make it fit for purpose, which it clearly is not.

      The actions of the Tories, on which you seem to obsess, are of little interest to me as I do not endorse their position, nor their claimed position, on the subject of EU membership.

      That UKIP has grown back to the same level of membership it held in 2004 is little consolation as I believe on route it has lost sight of its core values and has pandered to the values of the now failed BNP to achieve its growth.

      You will perhaps be aware of some of the track record of corruption, dishonesty, criminality and self serving dishonesty of many in its leadership clique and their claque. Values that have demeaned and diminished their ability to lead the EUroSceptic cause.

      As a long term supporter of UKIP it is still my hope that UKIP can be cleaned-up and made fit for purpose, even at this late stage and it is for that reason I continue to provide the services of my various blogs and web sites and work to keep the media and authorities informed.

      By all means comment on my actions and my postings but do not sink to the level of many in UKIP it telling lies and misleading people in your desperation to silence my opinion and control the flow of facts I have provided for many years.



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