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Language May Blossom as UKIP looses its Bloom

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/09/2013

Language May Blossom as UKIP looses its Bloom

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Language May Blossom as UKIP looses its Bloom!
However Godfrey Bloom has done the right thing for once thus sparing us all another round of fudge from UKIP!



Godfrey Bloom, no doubt in the realisation that Nigel Farage was not up to the job of acting as a leader, has done the rigght thing for once and spared UKIP the problem of yet another corrupt Kangaroo Court.

Godfrey Bloom has resigned from UKIP as an MEP – No doubt aware that the posturing stance Farage had taken in withdrawing the whip was of course just a nonsense.

Many will be aware that unlike Westminster ‘The Whip’ not only does not exist in the EU Parliament but is officially proscribed – There is no  Whip system as it is illegal (Maybe Nigel Farage does not realise this, he may have been in some pub when the rules were being explained!).

So now UKIP have only 7 MEPs left out of the 13 they originally had elected – all have quit in disagreement with Nigel Farage and as a result of his inept leadership.

Of the 7 remaining you will also note that John Bufton is no longer technically on side as he diametrically disagrees wiuth Farage’s policy on Wales, for which he was placed as the candidate and won! There is talk that Bufton may stand again in some capacity in 2015 but for sure he has refused to stand under the UKIP banner and represent Farage’s policies for his region!

Thus it would ber fair to say that of an initial intake of 13 UKIP is now down to 6!

On the subject of Bloom’s resignation I shal;kl leave it to Guido to comment:

September 24th, 2013

Godfrey Bloom Quits UKIP


Godders has quit the party and announced he will stand as an independent:

“I have felt for some time now that the ‘New UKIP’ is not really right for me any more, perhaps, than New Labour was right for the Denis ‘The beast of Bolsover’ Skinner. However our message is clear. Self- government. Our wonderful and loyal membership will win through with their dedication and hard work. It has been a pleasure to work with them for 15 years. May I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the thousands of people who have supported me with messages of goodwill in the recent months and particularly in recent days. There have been simply too many to make a personal response. I shall sit out my term as an independent and give my wholehearted support to Jane Collins, who is almost certainly going to be the next UKIP MEP. I shall of course retain my membership. Onwards and upwards!”

Now he’s free to speak his mind guess we’ll find out what he really thinks…

UPDATE: Nigel Farage responds:

“Whilst it’s very sad that it has come to the point that Godfrey is no longer an MEP for UKIP, he has made the right decision. He has been a hardworking and loyal MEP for UKIP, however as the party professionalizes and becomes a far more disciplined machine Godfrey has decided he no longer fits in. He is still privately a member of UKIP but will sit as an independent MEP and will no longer be spokesman for the party. I of course wish him well as does the party at large.”

Let us not forget that this entire debacle, whatever spin UKIP Press Office may wish to put on it is down to the inept leadership of Nigel Farage and his corrupt rigging of the selection process to place his drinking buddy as an MEP in the first place.




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