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What Excuse Will UKIP Use Next to Suspend Chris Pain?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/09/2013

What Excuse Will UKIP Use Next to Suspend Chris Pain?

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What Excuse Will UKIP Leadership Use Next to Suspend Councillor Chris Pain, leader of UKIP on Lincolnshire County Councill?



itg is interesting to note that only aday or so after this website informed readers that C hris pain was no longer under investigation by the police with regard to racist comments on his facebook site that having been suspended whilst the investigation was underway he was now being suspended for an entirely different reason!

This does seem to add much credibility to the MP3 recording of the conversation between the resigned CEO of UKIP Will Gilpin & Chris Pain, the text of which was published on this blog CLICK HERE.

So it seems that UKIP’s leadership have changed their story and original excuse for suspending Chris Pain from his web comments to the later version, which endorses the MP3 comments of Will Gil;pin, and cites a fall out with Nigel Farage’s placeman Steve Crowther!

Can you imagine what a ghastly place britain would be to live in if UKIP ever gained real power – endless posturing and witch hunts as its various petty luminaries vied for attention and status on the gravy train, at the expense of democracy and morality and in denial of ethics and principles!

Little wonder so many of their more odious supporters are too ashamed to use their real names and hide behind anonimity and foolish names to peddle their filth, their racism, their anti homosexuality and their vile prejudices.

In fact although UKIP is more of a centralised cult than a party and Nigel Farage is their only perfgormer of any merit, as shown by his efforts in the EU Parliament where he sings most ably in return for his luxury seat on the gravy tyrain as shown by:

It is unfortunate that so very very few ever watch or listen to Nigel Farage;s more competent speeches and it is clear that UKIP, for all its huff and puff is little more than a one man band when it comes to decision making the centralisation of authoritarian control and the delivery of anything passing for a competent speech.

Imagine how much UKIP could have achieved if it had put a fraction of its energy into silencing its odious and self serving staff and the claque who make such fools of themselves and the party on the internet so damagingly and had for the last 20 years concentrated on training a team of well informed spokesmen to show the benefits for Britain when we Leave-The-EU and seeking to show in every town, city and county council just how every item of consequential policy and expenditure and every petty fogging bit of regulation was a matter controlled without democratic imput of any meaningful degree in the centralised EU bureaucracy!

As it is, due to apauling leadership and a total lack of training, gravitas, a plan, strategy, tactics or even a clear Exit & Survival Strategy to Leave-The_EU – they have due to this a 20 year track record of abject failure in domestic politics and even now as they pander to the lowest common denominator of populism exploiting racism, immigration, xenophobia and anti homosexuality they have still failed to get anywhere near getting an MP elected and have a risible 140 or so elected Councillors out of some 8,000 available seats!

UKIP under its p[resent leadership and structure is beyond any doubt amongst the informed – UNFIT FOR PURPOSE to lead Britain to Leave-The-EU.

One performing monkey, performing mostly in obscurity clearly does little to Leave-The-EU without a competent organ grinder the organ itself lies trashed in the gutter as tyhe higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its @rse – as has been shown by the welter of bad publicity the cult itself has received!

Lincolnshire UKIP councillor Chris Pain removed as group leader

Councillor Chris Pain
Chris Pain was elected to Lincolnshire County Council in May along with 15 other UKIP councillors

A councillor suspended by UKIP has been removed as leader of the party’s group on Lincolnshire County Council.

Chris Pain said he had been suspended from UKIP because of a “serious issue” between himself and national chairman Steve Crowther.

Nine of Lincolnshire’s UKIP councillors have now signed a letter to the county council’s chief executive saying Mr Pain has been removed from their group.

A national UKIP spokesman would not comment on why he had been suspended.

He said: “Chris Pain has been suspended under the emergency powers of the chairman of UKIP.

“It would be wrong and unfair to say anything more about the case before the committee has heard the evidence against Mr Pain and his defence.”

UKIP gained 16 seats on Lincolnshire County Council in May, causing the Conservatives to lose overall control and form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats and several Independents.

Racism allegations Mr Pain continues to be a councillor for Wainfleet and Burgh, and he told BBC Radio Lincolnshire “there is no way I would desert the voters”.

“I put a complaint against UKIP national chairman Steve Crowther which might be subject of legal action and I can’t discuss that any further at the moment,” he said.

“It’s just a serious issue between myself and Steve Crowther.”

Councillor Colin Mair, who represents Tattershall Castle, has been appointed acting UKIP leader in Lincolnshire.

Mr Pain was investigated by Lincolnshire Police for alleged racist remarks posted on Facebook, but police said on Monday no action would be taken against him.

Tony McArdle, chief executive of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We have today received notification from a majority of the members of the UKIP group to the effect that Councillor Chris Pain is not now a member of that group and consequently not its leader.

“As from today, Councillor Colin Mair will be acting as leader of the UKIP group.”

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