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Publicity Is Not Always Good as UKIP Will Learn!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/08/2013

Publicity Is Not Always Good as UKIP Will Learn!

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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The sad figure of Godfrey Bloom demonstartes, yet again, Publicity Is Not Always Good as UKIP Will Learn!!!




it is sad to note that such a highly paid political bufoon honestly believes that any publicity is good publicity!

Let us not forget he founded and chaired the Pan EU Political Alliance Group of which Marine LePen is a member just as Farage’s party UKIP did likewise to form the EFD Group which links them undeniably with racists, anti Jewish, anti homosexual Holocaust Deniers and violent criminal extremists.

Fringe politics has all too many self serving over paid fools – don’t for a moment think it is only the two main parties that have that embarrassment!


Here is the provenance of his damaging idiocy:

Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom: Women Better In The Pantry Than In A Car

  Posted: 20/08/2013 13:15 BST  |  Updated: 20/08/2013 13:17 BST

The Ukip MEP who was accused of racism after he referred to countries that received aid from Britain as “bongo bongo land” has said women are better in the kitchen and men who support feminism are “effete”.

“Most women can find the mustard in the pantry quicker than a man and most men can reverse a car better than a woman,” Godfrey Bloom said on Tuesday.

He added: “Men and women care about different things on a micro-scale. Leaving the lavatory seat up, wet towels on the bed and the top left off the toothpaste will drive a wife mad.

“A man simply cannot understand what the problem is. Most wives do not regard putting petrol in the car as any part of their responsibility. Men cannot see the point in making the bed if you are going to get back in it tonight.”

Writing on, Bloom did admit there were some exceptions to this rule, but said those women who could park a car well was “not the norm”.

Bloom also attacked modern feminism as being spawned by “rather shrill, bored, middle class women of a certain physical genre”.

And he said they were supported by men who “seem to have no link with the usual social and sporting male preserves” who were “slightly effete politically correct chaps who get sand kicked in their face on the beach”.

The MEP also was keen to defend his own “alpha male” credentials. “I would not be caught dead at a birth of a baby and I’m happy to punch the first man who tries to steal my beer,” he said.

Earlier this month Bloom provoked a serious backlash following his characterisation of places that receive UK development aid as “bongo bongo land”.

He defended the comment on a variety of grounds, including the claim the word was actually the name of a type of “white” animal. And, therefore, not racist

“If anybody would care to take a look at the Oxford dictionary this morning, they would find ‘bongo’ is a white antelope that lives in the forest,” he said. “There is no connotation of racism about whatsoever. ‘Bongo land’ is the land of the antelope.”

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