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Welsh Anti Devolution for EU CFR Compliance

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/07/2013


Welsh Anti Devolution for EU CFR Compliance

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Welsh Anti Devolution, for EU Council For the Regions Compliance, might a party be formed for the majority in Wales?



many will remember the ‘Just Say NO’ campaign in Wales and particularly the courage and determination of Carys Pugh and Betty Bowen, both staunch Labour supporters, which received almost zero funding save a relatively small amount from Sir Julian Hodge and such donations they were able to gain from the public. Whereas the Yes campaign received massive financial support from The Labour Part, Unions and other QUANGOs – they also received huge Ministerial assistance and help from Government grant dependent businesses and organisations.

It is also understood that huge corruption took place involving both the Labour Party and others, including changing the rules for counting some seven times, on the day of the ballo0t count and both the deliberate destruction or loss of NO votes and the stuffing of Ballot Boxes with YES votes with the result that Wales’ heritage as a proud Principality in these United Kingdoms was sold out to rule by the Council For the Regions, an EU QUANGO CLICK HERE, on a par with the other regions of The EU such as The Eastern Region, The South West Regions, The West Midlands Region and similar in The UK.

There is little or no doubt that the Devolution of Wales was rigged and not only was it against t6he wishes of the majority it was founded on the lies of such dishonest and in my opinion corrupt and self serving individuals as Tony Blair, Ron Davis, Peter Haine, Derek Gregory and the like.

We have noted for several years that Devolution has been founded largely on lies and has done much harm to Wales and its peoples with no clear benefit being shown, save scams bribes and expenses for those on the gravy train!

We need more parasitic politicians with all the enthusiasm one should welcome other cancerous growths!

Notably John Bufton has muttered a little about his opposition to Devolution but took no notable role in campaigning against it as at that time he clearly had his own ambitions and since becoming a UKIP MEP he has acted in concert with the racism and pusillanimity of UKIP’s other MEPs as acquiescent members of the extremist Pan EU EFD Group.

Might it be that now that John Bufton has announced his intention not to stand again as an MEP for UKIP he is no longer forced to cow tow to Nigel Farage to ensure his selection as a candidate, unlike all others in Farage’s Party where his word is final and any policy or rule can be changed by him without any consultation (some Libertarian!) to ensure the placement of his personal clique of drinking chums and beholden supporters – Has John Bufton developed a back bone?

We shall see!

UKIP MEP John Bufton’s Welsh anti-devolution party idea

John Bufton John Bufton announced in May that he was standing down as an MEP next year

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Wales’ UKIP MEP has floated the idea of an anti-devolution party after disagreeing with his leader Nigel Farage over the Welsh assembly.

John Bufton, who is standing down as an MEP next year, said Mr Farage was “relaxed” about devolution but he was “totally opposed” to it.

Mr Bufton said many in Wales objected to the assembly and perhaps there should be a party to represent them.

He told BBC Radio Wales the UK needed fewer politicians, not more of them.

Mr Bufton, a former Powys county councillor, pledged his loyalty to UKIP until he stepped down as an MEP but refused to say whether he would support the party in the long term.

“Start Quote

There are a lot of people out there in Wales who are still very much opposed to the Welsh assembly and there needs to be, perhaps, a party to represent them”

John Bufton MEP UKIP, Wales

Speaking on Sunday Supplement on BBC Radio Wales, he said UKIP’s current policy was to abolish assembly members and allow MPs to come “back to Wales then one week a month to do the work of the assembly”.

“I’m one of the old guard I’ve always been opposed to the assembly and still am,” Mr Bufton said.

“What Nigel Farage, our leader, has come out and said in an interview in the last few days is that he’s relaxed about devolution, policing and new fiscal powers. Well, I’m totally opposed to that.

“I personally believe that we don’t need to be doing this. We need to be different from the other parties. We’re basically going to be the same as those so there’ll be no difference at all.”

‘It’s madness’ He added: “There are a lot of people out there in Wales who are still very much opposed to the Welsh assembly and there needs to be, perhaps, a party to represent them.

“It’s up to the members and the leadership to decide which way we go with this, but if they take Nigel’s lead on this then there will be a vacuum, there will be a vacancy and my view is if we have this vacancy there is room for another party.

“It’s still very early to say which way things are happening in Wales and what I decide to do, but people who know me well have known that I’ve campaigned against the assembly from day one and I believe we still have to have an opposition.

“It’s madness to turn around and throw the towel in and say: ‘Yes, let them get on with it.'”

Mr Bufton fears the Welsh assembly will ultimately lead to Wales’ independence and the break-up of the UK.

He is also opposed to an English parliament.

“We’ve had a debate in the party for some time regarding an English parliament, again this is Plaid Cymru’s policy, and I am again opposed to that,” he said.

“I believe the taxpayer is paying far too much money for politicians. We need a lot less and not a lot more and if we have and English parliament as well that’s another tier of politicians.”

Mr Bufton said he intended to complete his term as a UKIP MEP, adding that “what happens in the future is another matter”.

Mr Farage said in the interview with Wales Online: “I am relaxed about devolution. I am relaxed about a federal future for the UK.”

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