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Chris Pain & Crew In A Bit of a Stew!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/05/2013

Chris Pain & Crew In A Bit of a Stew!TITLE

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Chris Pain & Crew In A Bit of a Stew!
Newly elected UKIP Councillors Chris Pain, Alan Jesson &
Ms Keywood-Wainwright are already under investigation by Police!!



it is hardly surprising that UKIP finds itself in this sort of muddle, due largely to totally inept leadership and a lack of any concept of serious training EVER being undertaken in the party’s 20 year history.

The blatant lack of strategy, tactics or even an outline plan, beyond ‘we must win more elections’ accounts for the continuous abject failure of UKIP in domestic elections.

That UKIP fielded over 1,700 candidates and only managed to get 147 elected and a number of them have had to resign already and now we have a further batch following their leaders examples and finding themselves under police investigation!

20 years of posturing mostly as a one man band propped up with public money syphoned off the tax payers by the odious and corrupt EU and still UKIP are little closer to having an MP elected and have not a single solitary noteworthy representative of any gravitas or stature.

20 years on and so much for the Leave-The-EU mantra they are no closer to having any sort of ‘Exit & Survival Strategy

I gather Lincolnshire is not the only region in disarray, in the Eastern Region they are openly working with the Tories regardless of the party policy and have all but given the bumptious Peter Reeves his marching orders on the basis of ‘who do you think you are, we are councillors too’!

With UKIP’s regional MEP in the East Middlands found guilty of defrauding the public purse and ordered to repay tens of £1,000s and the regional organiser a man of questionable talents and clearly not worth the income he admitted to during his trial as a drunk driver with it seems every family member he could muster climbing on the UKIP gravy train, regardless of competence or qualification, just to make up numbers for the money!

Then we have the leadership skills of UKIP in the Eastern Region to contend with where both the UKIP MEPs Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman are under investigation by OLAF for defrauding the public purse as they admitted on camera for The Sunday Times and liars and self serving scoundrels like Andrew Smith & Mick McGough manipulating & rigging UKIP selections for their personal gain as also did Jeffrey Titford & Stuart Gulleford before them.

In just what way can UKIP be seen as fit for purpose and what is that purpose beyond the enrichment of a small clique as they have failed abysmally to make their position clear and are thus seemingly little more than political prostitutes where Farage’s clique and its claque will prostitute them,selves to any values that gain  them cash or clout as shown by their association with the EDL and the EFD Group and their willing apparent incitement to racial hatred as most clerarly displayed, not by the likes of Chris Pain & his chums in Lincoln but by the vile writtings of Gerard Batten and before him Jeffrey Titford’s assistant Tony Bennett.

Just where does UKIP imagine it is going and what purpose do they serve in domestic politics, beyond acting as a dustbin for people to cast their protest votes in, and risking ensuring we return to the 13 catastrophic unlucky years of Labour ineptitude, dishonesty, corruption and economic illiteracy that would see the EUroSceptic cause set back by a generation, even possibly fatally wounded, by UKIP’s inept irresponsibility and lack of strategy or training!

Police investigating racism allegations against UKIP politicians

Monday, May 27, 2013

POLICE have stepped in to investigate allegations of racism against three newly-elected UKIP politicians on Lincolnshire County Council.

Officers will probe claims of allegedly racist comments on Facebook by leader Chris Pain and two colleagues.

  1. Chris Pain

    Chris Pain

The authority referred the case to police following “several” complaints from members of the public.

The UK Independence Party itself is also looking into the matter, and the third councillor being investigated is Alan Jesson.

He said: “I am shocked my good name is being dragged through the mud. They are not my comments.

“I won’t be taking any action because I don’t know where to start and I don’t have the money to do it anyway.

“Ever since UKIP councillors were elected on May 2 there has been a concerted effort to ruin us.”

All three are new members of Lincolnshire County Council. None of them has taken action against the claims or reported the online abuse to Facebook.

Lincolnshire County Council’s director for performance and governance, David O’ Connor, said: “We are taking complaints very seriously.”

Councillor Pain, leader of the opposition at Lincolnshire County Council, said his Facebook account had been hacked into. Similarly, Ms Keywood-Wainwright said some of the comments were the result of her account being hacked – but did however admit to some.

She said: “The comments I made were from months ago.”

To read the original of this article CLICK HERE

I do admit I have every doubt of the all too readily presented claim of ‘hacking’ of accounts as made very clear in other postings recently!




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