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By-Elections due as at today 28-May-2013

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/05/2013

By-Elections due as at today 28-May-2013

From: Greg Lance-Watkins (Greg_L-W)




just for the record:

Here is a list of by-electioons coming up, which i have tracked down:

There is 1 by-election left in May,
18 in June along
& another 8 vacancies where the date of the by-election is not yet known.

30th May – 1

Lichfield DC, Fazeley

– Conservative sitting as Independent resigned

6th June – 2

Newcastle-upon-Tyne MB, Walkergate
– Labour resigned

Nottingham UA, Wollaton West
– Conservative died

13th June -3

Kings Lynn & West Norfolk BC, Watlington
– Lib Dem resigned

Kirklees MB, Liversedge & Gomersal
– Conservative ill health resignation

Southampton UA, Woolston
– Labour resigned

20th June – 5

Allerdale DC, Boltons
– Independent died

Edinburgh UA, Liberton & Gilmerton
– SNP died

Fife UA, Glenrothes North, Leslie & Markinch
– Labour died

Milton Keynes UA, Bletchley & Fenny Stratford
– Labour died

Salford MB, Weaste & Seedley
– Labour died

27th June – 8

Basilson BC, Billericay East
– Conservative died

Dartford BC, Newtown
– Conservative resigned

Newark & Sherwood DC, Farnsfield & Bilsthorpe
– Conservative died

Plymouth UA, Southway
– Conservative disqualified for non attendance whilst ill

Rutland CC, Ketton
– Conservative resigned

South Tyneside MB, Cleadon & East Bolden
– UKIP died

South Tyneside MB, Primrose
– Labour resigned following election as MP

Worcestershire CC, Stourport
– UKIP resigned

Current known vacancies
by-election not yet called – 8

Amber Valley DC, Codnor & Waingroves
– Labour died 3rd May

Brighton & Hove UA, Hanover & Elm Grove
– Green resigned around 24th May

Broadlands DC, Aylsham
– Conservative resigned around 15th May

Conwy CB, Caerhun
– Conservative resigned Mid May

St Helens MB, Billinge & Seneley
– Labour resigned around 15th May

Swansea UA, Llansamlet
– Labour died 29th April

Vale of White Horse DC, Fitzharris
– Conservative resigned early May

Uttlesford DC, Felsted
– Conservative disqualified for non attendance around 13th May

If only UKIP was fit for the purpose people could vote for their stance in favour of Leave-The-EU – sadly no one of any ethical standing would wish to be associated with their overt and undeniable racism and their support for anti Judaism, anti homosexual and much reported misogyny.

In the light of their alliance with pro EU membership extremist groups and their clear policy of EU reform those who wish to Leave-The-EU would clearly be misled were they to vote for UKIP in its present odious form, with its self serving, self enriching clique of scoundrels forming the leadership aided by a claque of cowards and dishonest bullies.




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