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UKIP Donor Demetri Marchessini Displays the Values of Many Supporters.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/05/2013

UKIP Donor Demetri Marchessini Displays the Values of Many Supporters

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UKIP Donor Demetri Marchessini Displays the Values of Many Supporters bringing the party into further disrepute! Publicity like this will be an ever increasing norm as Farage’s Party gains populism as the higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its a***! Without competent leadership & a sound training program discipline is impossible!



Ukip donor says women in trousers are ‘hostile’ and unmarried mothers need a ‘smack’

A businessman who gave £10,000 to Ukip has said women in trousers are showing “hostile” behaviour, unmarried mothers deserve “a good smack” and “date rape” is an invention of feminists.

Demetri Marchessini.

Demetri Marchessini. Photo: HANDOUT

Demetri Marchessini, who gave two donations of £5,000 each to Ukip this year, suggests women should wear skirts because it is more pleasing to men.

The Greek businessman is the author of a book entitled Women in Trousers: A Rear View, which contains photographs and a commentary about women’s behinds.

“Walk along any street and you see women using trousers like a uniform every single day,” he has written. “This is hostile behaviour – they are deliberately dressing in a way that is opposite to what men would like.

“It is behaviour that flies against commons sense, and also flies against the normal human desire to please.”

He suggests that women wearing trousers could have affected Britain’s falling marriage rate.

“Trousers are made for men’s bodies, which are mostly straight up and down. Women’s bodies on the other hand consists of curves. Women have big bottoms – they are meant to have big bottoms.

“Countless women who would look lovely in dresses or skirts are embarrassingly unattractive in trousers.”

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Marchessini acknowledged some of his views might be seen as “controversial” and confirmed he thinks women in trousers is an “abomination”.

His blog contains more colourful views, including: “There is a basic fact of life that women do not grasp — skirts give erections, but trousers do not.”

His internet writings include the suggestion that unwed mothers are“naughty girls” who should be given a “smack”.

It also suggests “date rape” allegations “mean nothing” since because there is “no violent act it is difficult to know whether any rape took place”.

“Feminists have convinced women that if they make love with a man, and it is not satisfactory, then it must have been rape,” the blog says. “Of course, such allegations cannot be taken seriously, and they do great harm by persuading women that they have been “raped” when they have not.”

It says women who have “embraced promiscuity” have become “interchangeable goods“.

“There is also another important reason why women do not receive respect from men,” the blog says. “That is because men only respect manly qualities, and women do not have manly qualities.”

It says women and men have the same average IQ but female brains are“not able to compete” when it comes to logic.

The blog also links sexual abuse with homosexuality and questions whether homosexual relationships “have anything to do with love”.

One post reads “90% of the sexual abuse that took place in the Catholic Church was between priests and teenage boys. This is not “paedophilia”, but good old fashioned homosexuality. But because the press and many people have now accepted homosexuality, and do not wish to attack it, they instead call the abuse in the Church “paedophilia”.”

The front page of the Marchessini blog contains the warning that “if the truth disturbs you, read no further”.

Ukip had to suspend several local council candidates for expressing extreme views on the internet over the last month.

However, Nigel Farage, the Ukip party leader, points out the party is the only one to forbid ex-members of the far-right BNP from joining and turns away people who appear “very, very odd”. Ukip mostly has to “take people on faith”, he added.

Ukip has enjoyed a huge poll surge in recent months, taking around 26 per cent of the vote in recent local council elections. They beat the Liberal Democrats and challenged the Tories in constituencies across the country.

However, the party has failed to translate its popular support in the same level of donations as the Conservatives and Labour.

In the first quarter of this year, Ukip raised £74,150. In contrast, the Tories and Labour got around £3.7 million each.

The party’s treasurer, Stuart Wheeler, has written to members asking for money to help Ukip bolster its European election campaign next year and the general election the year after that.

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