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Another UKIP Resignation – Gabi COLEMAN

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/05/2013

Another UKIP Resignation – Gabi COLEMAN

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Another UKIP Resignation:

Kent UKIP Election Candidate Gabi COLEMAN lets UKIP down gently after they so clearly let her down!!


it is interesting to note that yet another resignation has occured from UKIP, which is increasingly being exposed as an extremist, racist and intollerant party which is centrally controlled with little strategy, no visible tactics and the most febrile of plans beyond ensuring its small clique who form the leadership keep their snouts in the troughs on the EU gravy train.I believe UKIP have been very fortunate in the nature of their electoral candidate Gabi Coleman who has clearly been badly failed by the party and even it seems defamed and attacked by those who saw her as a rival within the party!Let us not forget the faxts and details supplied on this blog of the attacks on Diane James, who se4rved the party well in the recent byelection, by amongst others Nigel Farage’s protege Annabelle Fuller!

From the text of Gabi Coleman’s resignation letter it seems clear there is more to come exposing the truth!

“UKIP RESIGNATION 10.15 Friday 17th May 2013

I wish to make it clear that I will NOT be standing for Election again. I will continue with my campaigns – mentor youth into long term employment, tackle poverty through education, practice altruism, fight for the amendment of the smoking ban, fight conurbation, assist in the campaign to take our nation out of the clutches of the EU and assist vulnerable people within my local community. I remain a loyal supporter of Nigel Farage, but I resign from UKIP – the ONLY reason being is that I consider I’d achieve greater success being Apolitical. I genuinely wish UKIP every success I have no doubt they will continue to grow.

I have registered a new Trade Mark to act as an independent namely; – ‘Freerunning Lifestyle Choices’, Copyright Gabi Coleman Friday 17th May 09:11 2013.

With kind regards to you, Gabi Coleman.”

I for one will be watching the internet and her blog particularly for more details of this resignation!In reading her blog I note the similarity of views of UKIP grass roots and herself and just how far from UKIP centralised and authoritarian leadership with its libertine practices and cowardly bullying are her stances!

Reformation of the Welfare State and the Adoption of Social Solidarity

4 Feb benefit

I feel a need to speak out about the past, present and proposed changes to the Welfare state system. It’s a topic of controversy and I have no doubt it will provoke a blazin’ debate, please feel welcome to add your comments.

What is the truth about a supposedly growing benefit culture within our country? I personally feel there is some truth in it, but benefit dependency alone is not the whole problem. Hold on a moment before you start banging on about immigration, let’s take a look at our mainstream society and at how the welfare state was designed to be a safety net and not a hammock.
The Welfare State was formed to deal with the FIVE GIANT EVILS in society, identified in the Beveridge Report of 1942 they were described as: – Squalor, Ignorance, Want, Idleness, Disease, the common factors that were believed to sustain poverty. The Welfare State, with good intention was created to end it and give social security to all in GENUINE HARDSHIP; – “from the cradle to the grave”.
I was informed the other day by a man that has worked within poverty sticken communities for the last 20 years, he claimed that there are 35,000 children living in poverty in Kent today, defined by – ‘children in families that are on out of work benefits’. This leads me on to the question – what do we define as poverty these days? Poverty is no longer defined by the; – “FIVE GREAT EVILS”, and with regard to this question my understanding of today’s poverty is this:- with only ample funds to buy food, pay for a roof over one’s head, the sufficient heating and hot water. FOOD, ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD, HEATING AND HOT WATER, this should define THE safety net and all persons that have a legitimate right should be cared for to ensure they have the aforementioned basic needs met.

The demographic segmentation of our peoples today bear little resemblance to that social era for which the complete State Welfare package was designed to accommodate, clearly conditions for everyone have improved. If we examine the increase of dependency on welfare payments surely we can all agree that something need be done to reform it. How can it be that a man who has worked and paid his taxes for thirty years, finds himself losing his home two years following redundancy? Yet a 25 year old woman can get pregnant after say three years of work and become entitled to a flat, and a package of benefits to sustain a lifestyle where she need not work to keep her home, -it is clearly wrong and in need of reform.

With this statement in mind I do agree with the intentions of the present Government, but disagree with the methods used to implement it, and the suffering presently on going. We find ourselves today living in a society with little understanding of altruism, the moral structure within communities has not evolved to cater for a needy neighbour or come together and support those in need, and we’re exposed to greed from an early age. The closure of mental hospitals, depending on care in the community has failed – due to lack of resources, as will stripping people of their benefit without resourceful community support.

Now, bearing in mind a statement made my Howard Flight in 2010: – We’re going to have a system where the middle classes are discouraged from breeding because it’s jolly expensive, but for those on benefit there is every incentive. Well, that’s not very sensible.” It’s damn controversial and social engineering is not the job of government, but I interpret the statement’s intent was to highlight the lack of incentive to take full responsibility for oneself, although I would not disagree with it entirely.
If the Welfare State is reformed correctly then ALL people, should never be in fear of losing ample FOOD, ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD, HEATING AND HOT WATER, the problem is that expectation beyond basic need is too high.
I’m not ashamed to share that my ancestors of the 20th century were extremely wealthy and from a young age I observed that wealth alone is not enough to satisfy our fundamental needs. My ancestors were successful engineers and created their wealth building railways across China. Regardless of their success they strongly believed, as Christians in altruism, they provided social care and set up a genuine private charity, which still exists today. They were Christian Scientists, not to be confused with Scientology and they vehemently believed that altruistic glue holds a community together.
Myself I have experienced fear and despair, life has not been easy, so I do empathise with those who find themselves in a situation where they face the prospect of the black dog. I was taught to leave behind in my childhood the squealing:- it’s not fair, it’s not fair, yet I fully back the uproar about ATOS, because their assessments and conclusions are leading sick and vulnerable people to their death! No thanks to 13 unlucky years of Labour being in government we were left with a soft spined dependant society! It’s time to revive the stiff upper lip, (to remain resolute and emotionally strong in the face of adversity), and insert a backbone within this country.
Briefly, before I end, I wish to make you aware of another major problem that aligns with welfare, that being charity, either Private or the Sock Puppet. The corruption of charity will be further explained in my next blog, whilst it remains, we will not be able to fully restore genuine compassion within the heart of the community.
The public have been in need of political sense for years and they no longer need to wait. The political truth is spoken via UKIP and I offer myself to your text of sticks and stones, let’s hear what YOU have to say
Clearly an article which UKIP would see as threatening in that it is informed and well presented thus constituting a threat end even perhaps a challenge to the amateurism and lack of any clear strategy, visible tactics and the most febrile of plans UKIP leadership and their odious racist associates put forward – just as UKIP allies, supports and helps fund pro EU membership extremists in The EU for personal financial gain of its leadership it seems!This is just the tip of the iceberg, in my opinion, and one would expect the more ethical remaining members of UKIP to quietly disassociate themselves after the the leadership seem to have openly set out to SELL electoral indulgences to aspirants to positions leading UKIP prospective MEP election lists!Most ethical individuals will be disgusted by the total lack of democracy within the party as Nigel Farage chooses his cronies, willing to pay, to lead the campaign for MEP selection and possible election!

Might aspects of the open contempt for members, democracy and ethical behaviour underpin the resignation of Gabi Coleman and will others openly follow or as in the past merely drift away as is apparent by the collapse in caliber of supporters despite the increase in membership in this period of protest votes as the Government struggles.

Struggles when the Government tries to find a method and the courage to increase cuts, despite being shackled to the duplicitout LibDims who are clearly acting for their paymasters in the EU to betray Britain and their own misguided electorate.

Meanwhile the Government struggles to try to fund the massive deficits resultant from the 13 unlucky years of Labour’s economic illiteracy (little wonder that it was rumored in the media that Gordon Brown was existing on anti depressants – if he was depressed perhaps he should think of the damage he and his cronies did to these United Kingdoms!).

Sadly it is not as simple as ‘The Nanny State’ seeking to cut expenditure but rather the three ugly sisters point scoring, as even less responsible junior siblings seek disruption & personal income at their heels, all at the expense of Britain and our peoples, who are increasingly left to strive among the cinders of what was once the global leader in ethical and social welfare terms!




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