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UKIP Subject of Police Investigation in Norfolk …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/04/2013

UKIP Subject of Police Investigation in Norfolk …

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UKIP Election Candidate is the Subject of a Police Investigation in Norfolk …!!



Norfolk election: Police investigate ‘malpractice’ allegation

Police have been called in to investigate allegations that signatures were forged on a nomination paper for next week’s local elections.

The inquiry relates to forms for Jonathon Childs, a UKIP candidate in the Norfolk County Council elections.

A Norfolk Police spokesman said: “We can confirm that we have received a complaint of electoral malpractice, which we are investigating.”

Mr Childs said he would co-operate with any police inquiries.

It is alleged one or more signatures on his nomination paper were forged.

‘Own free will’ Under election rules, candidates have to sign the form, along with 10 people who support the nomination.

Linda Mockford, assistant returning officer, said she received a complaint about an alleged irregularity on a nomination paper and had referred the matter to the police.

“The nominations have been declared valid and the election will proceed. Anything will be dealt with after the election,” she said.

Matthew Smith, UKIP UKIP agent Matthew Smith said he did not believe there had been any wrong-doing

Mr Childs, UKIP candidate for East Flegg, near Yarmouth, said: “I was made aware of someone’s name on the nomination form who hadn’t signed it.

“I went of my own free will to make Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC) aware of this and then found out that my signature had been forged, too. The council thanked me for making them aware of this.

“If a crime has been committed I would like the full weight of the judicial system levied against the perpetrator.

“I am sure GYBC will conduct their duties in a diligent way and I have 100% trust in their protocol and systems in place.”

Matthew Smith, who is agent for UKIP candidates in the Great Yarmouth area and is also standing for election himself, said he was “absolutely certain” the paperwork had been filled out correctly.

“I can say that there’s been no wrongdoing on our part and I don’t believe that there has been any wrongdoing at all,” he said

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This sounds far more like ‘cock up than criminal conspiracy’ however due to the total absence of competent training in UKIP, who seem to have no one competent or experienced as a trainer, and the inability of UKIP leadership to even manage vetting of candidates such unprofessional ineptitude is bound to lead to mistakes!

Sadly it is not unreasonable to point out that it is unprofessional incompetence that marks the style of UKIP leadership and as examples may I cite their Farage placement Steve Crowther, who made such a mess up of the London Elections or perhaps the outcome of other Farage  placements of chums, cronies and titled inadequates who impressed him like David Bannerman, Godfrey Bloom, William Dartmouth, Tom Wise, Kilroy Silk, Mark Croucher, Marta Andreasen, Malcolm Pearson, Gawain Towler, Stephen Sobey and many more.

It is scarey to think that in Tories lending UKIP their vote in this one off local election they just might get Council seats in sufficient number to greatly harm our democracy wityh chums & cronies appointed to posts of authority with an openly admitted inability to vet personnel and a leadership that invents and deletes policy with little more thought than how to sound clever or wangle out of a well earned criticism.

Recently we saw Nigel Farage randomly trash UKIP published economic policy for personal effect on Question Time and despite being unable to clearly state how they can pay for ANYTHING they had granted a new policy that would have cost the exchequer £87Billion or even considerably more in lost revenue.

UKIP glibly advocated building a third aircraft carrier to follow the two currently being built at a cost of £Billions each when they haven’t a clue what planes they might fly from the decks or where they would be sourced or at what cost!

Unprofessional behaviour and rank amateurism in persuit of personal enrichment and public glory as one postures is nothing more than criminal irresponsibility!





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