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A Good Interview & Some Facts on UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/02/2013

A Good Interview & Some Facts on UKIP

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


A Good Interview given by Nikki Sinclaire & Some Facts on UKIP with the Eastleigh Fiasco in mind!!




another excellent interview given by Nikki Sinclaire:
Yet again Nikki Sinclaire shows just what might have been achieved had UKIP stuck to its core message and represented Britain and the peoples of Britain rather than become utterly corrupted, dishonest and self serving as it clearly is – squabbling and utterly unprofessional in their scrabble to gain and keep places at the EU troughs on the gravy train as they clearly are.
It is obscene to watch the greed and self interest of UKIP whoare so busy stabbing eachother in the back and feathering their personal nests that they have no time for training and have thrown ethics and integrity to the dogs, where the leadership of UKIP are so crass and inept they employ scoundrels who praise them and seem not to have a single solitary ethical individual of any competence or gravitas – one need only note their desperate efforts at Eastleigh with a ‘selected’ candidate who has so obfuscated her bnackground as to be a cartoon character wthout knowledge of her subject or even the courage of her convictions to declare as a UKIP supporter in her council seat where she holds a seat in competition with UKIP!

We have heard race hatred, inaccuracy, forced apologies and ill considered posturing in plenty yet no clear statement of an intent to campaign to Leave-The-EU merely half baked declarations of clearly un costed so called promises.

Populist mantra after populist mantra which populist as it may be is is clearly undeliverable – claims that seem made in the certain knowledge UKIP will never be called to a position of any responsibility – a party which after 20 years has achieved so very little – consider:

NO MPs in Westminster.

NO members in the National Ass for Wales.

NO members in the Scottish Parliament.

NO members in the London Assembly.

NO elected mayors.

NO elected police chiefs.

No members in the Northern Irish Assembly.

Directly elected councillors don’t even run into three figures, out of many 1,000s.

More ex-members than current members.

A minuscule youth wing.

Lead by an MEP based in Brussels.

The only party to be reliant on the EU for financial survival.

A party without a single individual of gravitas and credibility on its leadership team.
A party that for every item of good publicity attracts 10 reporting on their corruption, in fighting & stupidity.
A party dedicated to supporting racism, religious bigotry, xenophobia, anti homosexuality, anti Judaism & its followers across The EU.

A party with contempt for its members and indifference to ethics, morality or democracy & even the British Justice system.
Little wonder that so many of its poorly selected and undemocratically placed leading members jump ship to other parties & none having seen how UKIP behaves – a party largely rejected by the British domestic electorate who have seen through their duplicity.

A party that is utterly dependent for such votes as it does get on being the dustbin into which people cast their protest vote where when you consider they have less than 30 individuals elected to ANY office of any note after 20 years and are dependent on the celebrity status of the rejects and failures of other parties for any one of note.

Little wonder they have been such a consistent failure when virtually no one votes for them in domestic elections but just gives them a vote rather than cast it for the main parties! This at a time where even though UKIP has lost sighof the core aim of its grass roots supporters that of Leave-The-EU never has the message been so stron across the Country yet no one trusts UKIP and the popularity of the majority message does not reflect in votes for UKIP but rather in the very clear statement of opprobrium made by the majority of the electorate who don’t even turn out to vote!

Eastleigh will prove interesting when one considers that UKIP had almost no input to the huge percentage of votes with its Johnny come lately candidate and presence arriving in the constituency with a muddled message long after the postal vote was decided!

Such votes that UKIP do get will be votes against other parties rather than votes for UKIP, votes cast by Labour, LibDim & Tory voters unwilling to cast their vote for rivals of any consequence yet wishing to protest, all too often on ill informed populist grounds – Yes to be sure as a dustbin UKIP may do very well in this age of utter contempt for politicians as clearly no one of any integrity sees UKIP as politicians!




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