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Marta Andreasen on UKIP’s Stalinist Style

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/02/2013

Marta Andreasen on UKIP’s Stalinist Style

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Marta Andreasen on Nigel Farage’s Stalinist Style of management of UKIP!

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned as The BBC tells us!!


as regular readers of this blog will be aware we strive for accuracy in exposing why correct as we believe UKIP are to campaign to Leave-The-EU we are all too well aware of just how unfit for purpose UKIP is relative to this task.
Much of the information we publish is sourced from senior members of the party and EU insiders, it is always interesting to be in a position to publish their direct quotes from public sources, thus not placing them at risk from the centralised authoritarian style of the party, so distanced from its farcical claim to be Libertarian when clearly it has no understanding of the doctrine and would seem to believe the style is interchangeable with ‘libertine’.

Nigel Farage a Stalinist dictator, says UKIP MEP

UKIP leader Nigel Farage Relations between leader Nigel Farage and MEP Marta Andreasen have been strained for some time

A senior member of the UK Independence Party has threatened to quit after accusing leader Nigel Farage of being a “Stalinist dictator” and “anti-women”.

Marta Andreasen, who represents the South East England in the European Parliament, said she was unlikely to stand as a UKIP candidate next year.

She told the BBC that Mr Farage did not want “intelligent, professional” women in key positions in the party.

He responded by describing the criticism as “laughable nonsense”.

Relations between the two have been strained for some time, with Ms Andreasen calling for Mr Farage to quit after the party’s poor performance in council elections in 2011.

Since then, UKIP’s fortunes have improved and it recorded its best performance in a parliamentary by-election in Rotherham in December.


“Start Quote

He doesn’t try to involve intelligent professional women in positions of responsibility in the party. He thinks women should be in the kitchen or in the bedroom”

Marta Andreasen UKIP MEP

Ms Andreasen, who worked for the European Commission before joining UKIP and being elected in 2009, told the BBC that “if things don’t change” within the party “she can’t imagine a way to continue”.

Of Mr Farage, she told “Under his leadership – and I have questioned his leadership obviously a number of times – the party has become a dictatorship. This is a Stalinist way of operating and he doesn’t care about the membership or the grassroots.”

And she told the BBC she had been openly criticised by her party leader and other MEPs, suggesting that this amounted to bullying.

“I’ve been bullied, in private situations, for decisions I have made by Nigel. I have been accused of being disloyal, breaching confidence and breaching my contract with the party. There’s an attitude that either you keep silent about everything that’s been going on in the party or suffer the consequences.”

Ms Andreasen said she believed Mr Farage – who was re-elected as leader in 2010 after standing down a year earlier to contest a Westminster seat – “did not like women”.

“I am the only female MEP,” she added. “He doesn’t try to involve intelligent professional women in positions of responsibility in the party. He thinks women should be in the kitchen or in the bedroom.”

She said she planned to stay in the European Parliament as a UKIP representative until the end of the current Parliament in 2014, to see out her “mandate” and “look for ways I can continue to represent the membership”. She said she might consider standing as an independent next year.

‘No bar to advancement’Asked about Ms Andreasen’s comments, Mr Farage told the BBC: “This is just laughable nonsense.” When asked if he disliked women, he joked: “They’ve caused me a lot of trouble over the years.”

Mr Farage has defended UKIP as being different from other parties after Prime Minister David Cameron said some of its members were “pretty odd people”. He said UKIP did have “some eccentrics” but this was healthy and he was an unusual party leader in that he was a conviction politician.

Ms Andreasen is the party’s sole remaining female MEP, after Nikki Sinclaire was expelled from UKIP in 2010.

Ms Sinclaire later brought a sexual discrimination case against the party which was subsequently dropped.

At the time, the party issued a statement affirming its “opposition to discrimination on all grounds as prescribed by law and otherwise” and stressed that sexuality was “no bar to involvement or advancement” within the party.

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