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Mike Nattrass shows himself to be a self interested rascal

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/12/2012

Mike Nattrass shows himself to be a self interested rascal

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UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass shows himself to be a self interested rascal happy to be associated with racism, extremism and corruption for his own personal gain it would seem!!


as I tweeted several hours ago:

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Racism on the rise in UKIP with Mike Nattrass rejoining the extremist Pan EU Political EFD Group as his best chance of re-election for cash!

Thus not only has Mike Nattrass shown himself to be an untrustworthy and unreliable little chap but without principles as the last once of credibility he may have had left trickled down his leg in fear.

I believe his Labour critic has the measure of the sad little man:

UKIP provide further proof of their far-right leanings

This morning in the plenary chamber Martin Schulz announced that two MEPs have joined UKIP’s Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) political grouping.  

The first of these is Mike Nattrass, though he is actually rejoining after quitting the group in June 2010.  Mr Nattrass left the group because, as he said, he did not want to sit with MEPs “who do not wish to leave the EU and have very odd views on many issues which are incompatible with my own”. He also said that by remaining a member of the EFD he “would be condoning this progressive destruction of our cherished institutions” and would be ‘far more effective’ as a non-attached MEP.

Perhaps more intriguingly, the newest member of the EFD is Slavcho (aka Slavi) Binev from Bulgaria.  Mr Binev was elected in 2009 as an MEP for Attack, a far-right nationalist party, that he has since left.  The Attack party has been involved in a number of scandals, most notably in 2006 when then leader Dimitar Stoyanov made racist and misogynistic remarks about another Bulgarian MEP.  What’s more Mr Binev was named in a 2005 US diplomatic cable on organised crime as heading the MIG entertainment group whose ”criminal activities include prostitution, narcotics, and trafficking stolen automobiles”.

UKIP are a strange bunch with stranger friends and this acceptance of Slavi Binev is further proof.  It’s worth remembering another person who felt the need to leave the EFD, Nikki Sinclaire who resigned from the EFD citing her displeasure at what she claims to be some of the racist, extremist parties that belong to the group.  Sinclaire was subsequently expelled from UKIP for refusing to be part of the EFD group, but went on to win an Employment Tribunal claim for sex discrimination against them.

Farage may be feeling confident after UKIP’s showing in the recent by-elections, but he should show a bit more care about his public perception.  I have already spoken about Godfrey Bloom’s sharing wine with fascist leader Marine le Pen and now Farage has decided to campaign against gay marriage in order to steal votes from the Tories.  Farage, it appears, is well on the way to exposing the extreme-right and bigoted character of UKIP.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

Details of the vile extremist EFD Group can be found CLICK HERE
Details of the odious EAF are available at CLICK HERE
Mike Nattrass has always been a deeply unreliable individual moving from his roots in the extremist party he campaigned for
NATRASS New Britain 01
to UKIP where frequently unable to control his temper, language and stupidity it is hard to note a single thing he has done to help the Leave-The-EU cause beyond exploit his advertising budget and contacts as an Estate Agent who got lucky making considerable money in the heady days when the building societies were chucking their clients money around like drunken sailors using both hands.
Nattrass is frequently on holiday in abrogation of his elected duties either in the Phillipines visiting his daughter or at his villa in Portugal, but it looks like liquidity is running short!

It is even claimed that Mike Nattrass was largely dependent on his partner in Nattrass Giles for his good fortune.

It seems pretty clear that his much publicised donations to UKIP were far more realistic if one accepts they were in fact investments not just in his own ego but in view of the massive returns available to an MEP. It has been much publicised during the period of fulfillment of Nattrass’ ambitions it was a realistic expectation that an MEP would make a personal profit, over and above their costs, of around £1M during one election period.

It is believed by many that Nattrass’ willingness to show just what a fool he is, is shown by his genuine comments as reported in the posting above and the fact that not only has he betrayed the electorate but shown he is without morality or ethics willing to prostitute his reputation to yet another effort to stay on The Gravy Train.

It seems that despite having watched his various businesses steadily collapse Mike Nattrass may well own a high asset value which may well be in trust to his various pension funds it does seem he may be cash poor and need the income – unable to viably sell his assets.

Some believe that Mike Nattrass actually wanted to be re-elected and knew UKIP was moving into irrelevance, as has been shown with their desperate efforts to jump on any passing band wagon or sell out to The Tories for lack of any political relevance or strategy, teamwork, planning or tactics!

It is believed that Nattrass jumped ship from the odious and extremist EFD racist and pro EU membership Group Nigel Farage had conned UKIP into for many of the reasons he quoted, as in the article above. It was only when he realised he just lacked the ability or drive to stay in the headlines and was most clearly seen to be little more than a usefull idiot in Team Sinclaire’s campaign for a referendum and it was clear that the concept was far beyond his political grasp and now we see that the fact he did not EARN the publicity he had hoped for may well be why he has plunged back into the EFD which he so clearly denounced.

I would guess Nattrass lacked even the integrity to tell his colleagues as he negotiated his betrayal; and return to the loathsome EFD – One expects such lack of ethics from UKIP leadership over the years!

I guess having betrayed the referendum and petition he tried to exploit he can at least be praised for investing in a couple of adverts to help his position as a potential candidate but he failed to achieve anything and was clearly hanging onto Team Sinclaire’s coat tails with little personal gain and hence I guess out of self interest he ran back  to The EFD to feather his own nest.

Yet again it is proved that UKIP leadership lack a single individual with any understanding of ethics all of whom support corruption, racism, anti homosexuality and behaviour likely to incite racial hatred – in political terms their greed is contemptible and their betrayal of the peoples of Britain an obscenity.

UKIP lacks a single individual of any merit or value to these United Kingdoms a rabble of back stabbing self serving low lifes – without exception.

UKIP are a major part of the problem and clearly has no place in the solution with their lies, double dealings, thefts, corruption and dishonesty they have brought shame to the body politic in general and damaging embarrassment to EUroScepticism – UKIP are an unprincipled disgrace granting ammunition again and again to the pro EU cause – Hence UKIP’s catastrophic serial failure imn every singel domestic election at a time when the majority of the British people seek leadership to Leave-The-EU.





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