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UKIP in Rotheram A Failure of morality & politics!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/12/2012

UKIP in Rotheram A Failure of morality & politics!

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UKIP in Rotheram was not just a political Failure but clearly a moral Failure of some magnitude!!


this blog is pleased to announce that quite deliberately it declined to become embroilled in the UKIP publicity stunt and exploitation of the seeming Social Services gaffe of one individual as presented as we were not aware of adequate facts and felt there was a rather unpleasant stench of opportunism and exploitation of vulnerable children.

It starts to look as if we were right!

My instincts were set on edge originally, long before this unfortunate behaviour, by the UKIP candidate in Rotheram – a political prostitute being touted from constituency to constituency without the mandate of even the party it seemed as they were selected due to their relationship to an existing UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom, a drunken libertine oaff who had bought his way into position via another louche lush!

One need only consider the dishonest publicity photos used in Rotheram of the candidate:

COLLINS, Jane 01
When here we have the truth:
COLLINS, Jane 03
COLLINS, Jane 05
Those few who have some track record and integrity in UKIP will remember what happened to Janet Girsman when she pulled the same stung and will remember her being hounded by Idris Francis and others and removed from the NEC as she refused to do as she was told to suit Farage.

I appreciate the situation is very different as I’m sure Jane Collins will do EXACTLY as she is told, to ensure she is chosen as one of Farage’s placement on HIS list of MEP candidates as the party is now a centralised authoritarian organisation with little pretence of democracy and zero understanding of the Libertarian principles (or lack of) which it espouses.

It does rather seem, as more and more detail comes out, that my ‘gut instinct’ to avoid the exploitation or even criticism of that exploitation was sound!

To be fair it was an excellent publicity stunt of Farage’s party to climb on the band wagon, as is their most common tactic as they have no strategy or vision of their own, though uncomfortable with the stunt at the time, as I was, I can only view the misrepresentation and exploitation with contempt and clearly the public were just as unimpressed as shown by the very poor turnout and the fact that UKIP did so badly – only managing to scoop up 21% of the protest vote that did turnout leaving Labour, whose MP had been sacked for theft, with twice as many votes still!

Clearly the public saw through UKIP’s rather sordid campaign – though UKIP did hand the media a wonderful stick with which to beat the government, all be it a stick of no merit as they attacked Rotheram’s Labour Council when it was the poor handling of a difficult situation by Social Services that were clearly to blame and not the council.

The #Rotherham #UKIP Case – Will Nigel Farage and Michael Gove now apologise?

Posted on December 1, 2012 by

When the story broke that three children had been moved from a foster family in Rotherham, reportedly for being members of UKIP, I went out and talked to social workers, solicitors and care leavers. Consistently I got a response that the reported account was implausible, and there was almost certainly a more complex story to it. I put up a blog post saying so, and got a barrage of responses, much of them abusive.

Now a more complete picture is coming out about the affair. And – surprise, surprise – it was more complex than that. The details emerging are not of politically-crusading social workers with a grudge against UKIP, but of a difficult court case, dealing with distressing circumstances, with social services trying to comply with court rulings and fend off legal counter-arguments from the birth family.

This was not a case that should have been played out in the public domain like this. These are incredibly vulnerable children and their privacy has been invaded in an atrocious manner. I’m not going to repeat the details here (though people can just go to the Guardian for that)  but the distressing nature of their abuse gives a clear reason why such matters should be kept confidential. Not because social services have anything to hide, but to safeguard the wellbeing of the children.

A badly-handled interview with Joyce Thacker, Rotherham’s director of children’s services, didn’t help. Though with hindsight this is likely to be partly due to being caught on the hop on a Saturday morning, and also partly due to trying to be careful about what she said about a complex case. It may have been better for the council to have simply put out a “no comment” rather than trying to rush out an interview at the weekend.

Quite possibly the foster carers may well now have some difficult questions to answer about the way they went to the media and ignited a political firestorm. But politicians also have some questions to answer about the way they conducted themselves in this case. Nigel Farage practically turned  the whole thing into a party political broadcast for UKIP. Then there’s Michael Gove, the minister responsible for children’s services. He called it “indefensible” though in fact it turned out to be totally defensible. He also called it “the wrong decision in the wrong way for the wrong reasons”. Did he even know the way or the reasons when he said that? Was he even interested, or was he simply putting the Rotherham by-election before his ministerial responsibilities?

Ed Miliband emerges only marginally better in that, unlike Gove and Farage, he admitted he didn’t know the facts of the case and limited himself to calling for an investigation.

If politicians were cynical and opportunistic, some in the media were even worse. For example, the inexplicably-respected blogger Guido Fawkes ran an absolutely barking mad article. “Rotherham’s UKIP Child-Catcher Joyce Thacker Follows Common Purpose Progressive Agenda.” He leapt on a set of conspiracy theories, straight from David Icke territory, that accuse a rather dull training company called Common Purpose of trying to rewire our society along a “Marxist and Fabian” agenda. He concluded.

Thacker is yet another graduate of the Common Purpose organisation which pursues a“we know best” Fabian-style progressive agenda in the public sector. She was a project advisor for a pilot programme, run by Common Purpose, that was concerned with diversity issues in the West Yorkshire area. Something tells Guido she has an axe to grind in this and is not a neutral public servant…

Something tells me that Guido had better hope Ms Thacker doesn’t find herself a decent no-win-no-fee libel lawyer.

Nothing good has come out of this affair. Vulnerable children have had their privacy invaded. Hardworking and honest public servants have been grossly slandered. And why? For short-term political gain in a by-election. The likes of Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and Guido Fawkes need to apologise for their shameful behaviour in this ridiculous and unpleasant case.

To view this article in context CLICK HERE
To read The Guardian article alluded to CLICK HERE
The defence of Common Purpose in the article above shows just what damage is done by self serving individuals like David Icke or Brian Gerrish or TPUC and its fellow travelers when they seek notoriety by mounting half baked attacks on such organisations as Common Purpose making it a danger to expose the true nature of that particularly vile organisation for fear of being branded yet another fool from the self serving underbelly of life, the nutters like Icke, Gerrish and their ilk.

The service done for Common Purpose by the me, me, me style of half baked attack mounted by the nutters has been almost as notable as the service they have provided for paedophiles by desperately promoting the unfortunate ‘Stories’ surrounding Hollie Greig that are so clearly without foundation, without admissible evidence, without witness, without corroboration, without medical provenance and without much more than vitriol and a chance to beleaguer and berate a sector of the establishment who in default of ANYONE providing evidence of any value, merely false conjecture, has been unable to prove the negative and certainly unable in several enquiries to show any sign of truth in the claims the child was EVER sexually abused!

The questionable aspect of the Rotheram foster case, for lack of a better name, that was completely overlooked in their glee at a bandwagon to jump on for UKIP and a stick to beat the innocent with is clearly the EU law that obliges Britain to fund the care of any child dumped on us by any of the underclass of the vile EU of whom there are clearly yet more than even here.

UKIP as a party which ‘Claims’ to be opposed to membership of The EU despite their exploitation of it for the self enrichment of a small clique in UKIP aided by a claque of cowards and ne’er do wells seeking advancement amongst the crumbs that fall from the EU Troughs on the EU Gravy Train to fund the bribes to keep the wheels of this repugnant scam in motion – Where was the effort by UKIP to show the entire debacle was a product of EU law that the LibLabCon signed up to and UKIP does so much to profit from!




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