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Article 50 revisited!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/11/2012

Article 50 revisited!

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Article 50 revisited! Courtesy of Dr. Richard North, Christopher Booker and further to CLICK HERE!!


my postings and attention have been a little distracted, for which I apologise, as I have taken a few days off to have a heart attack – IF you are interested there are further details on my health blog at:
Back at home I have taken some time in catching up with the vagaries and stupidities of UKIP leadership and their foolish willingness to preen in faux praise like performing monkeys and small children.
So those who wish for a more accurate assessment of recent events may find the articles on UKIP racism, extremism and right wing bigotry at:
or consider:
and those wishing to be informed may wish to consider the press articles and comments on various publications of interest at:
or the Derbyshire press at:
Clearly UKIP has had great good fortune in the stupidity and utterly irresponsible behaviour of Social Services at Rotheram which will, in the short term boost UKIP’s candidate Jane Collins far beyond her democratic merits as just another corrupt and undemocratic placement by UKIP leadership, and the time scale of the good fortune is excellent as it permits no time for responsible journalists to actually expose the undeniable dishonesty, corruption and racist associations.UKIP will of course be used, by flattery, as apawn to bring pressure on the government if not embarrassment as it is this level of childish tittle tattle that sells newspapers in a period between elections.

Clearly since we speak of a Yorkshire by election it is worth being minded of the old Yorkshire saying of:
‘The higher up the tree the monkey climbs
The more you see its ‘R’s.’Oh how very true of UKIP leadership who are such simpletons they are to vain to believe they are merely being used – Clearly there is not a wit of danger that someone so irrelevant and corrupted as Jane Collins could be elected so to make much of the situation for column inches and sales is merely journalistic mischief making.

On the more weighty issue of the desire of the common members of UKIP and most of the British peoples to Leave-The-EU the merits of a Referendum, a Royal Commission and Article 50 are of far greater significance than the idiotic and irresponsible behaviour of Farage, Bloom, Batten, Michael Fabricant and the like whilst UKIP’s sole performing monkey of any merit is still Nigel Farage as shown by thwe incompetence of Paul Nuttall in the media or the light weight and incompetent input of UKIP’s spokeswoman on the regional section of Andrew Neill’s programme on Sunday where her irrelevancy and ineptitude is writ large from 40 minutes onwards at: CLICK HERE

I have written on numerous occasions of the importance of Article #50 but permit me the indollence of merely republishing Richard North’s most recent piece on the subjest which makes many of the relevant points and also points out just how crss are those supposedly advising UKIP’s leadership!

EU politics: another modest proposal

Monday 26 November 2012

Inde 392-wek.jpg

On 7 July 2012, Booker raised the issue of Article 50, as a means of withdrawing from the EU. The piece drew a response from “veteran campaigner”, Torquil Dick-Erikson, in the following terms:

Article 50 is a trap: In the typical Napoleonic-state style, with one hand it purports to grant a right, the right to withdraw from the EU, but with the other hand it restricts it, so much so that it reduces it to nothing. The catch, hidden within article 50, lies in the two-year waiting period that a withdrawing state must wait before it can consider itself sovereign once again, if no agreement on the terms of withdrawal is reached with the others.

He was answered (by me) thus:

I would suggest that you have misread the Article. The two year period is a maximum, unless there is an agreed extension. See 50(3):

The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period.

In this instance, Torquil did not respond to the comment. But again, this time on 24 November 2012, Booker raised the issue of Article 50. And we got this from Torquil Dick-Erikson:

What Booker does not deal with here is the fact that Article 50 imposes a forced 2-year waiting period on any State that announces its intention to leave, and that does not wish to supinely accept the terms that the remaining EU would want to impose on it …

Christopher Booker has raised the idea of using article 50 before in his column. And here he is doing so again. I hope that next time he will deal with the issue of the enforced two-year waiting period that is imposed by this article. An imposition that prevents us from conducting negotiations for a new arrangement from the strong position of regained sovereignty.

Again he was answered:

Article 50 does not impose “a forced 2-year waiting period on any State that announces its intention to leave”. The article actually says:

The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period.

It thus sets a maximum timescale for the negotiations, of two years, which may be extended by mutual consent.

As before, Torquil did not respond to the comment. Instead (and as before), he e-mailed his own comment – and only his comment – to a select group of activists, reinforcing his own view that the only way to leave the EU was to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 – a proposition with which his correspondents completely agree.

My response last time was to note that there is a group of eurosceptics imbued with an absolute determination to fail. To keep the faith, they confine their discussions to themselves, never engaging in debate with anyone outside their circle. However, their malign influence on the likes of UKIP ensures the currency of a policy line – immediate withdrawal from the EU – which hands the game on a platter to the other side.

They offer a strategy guaranteed to maximise the disruption and uncertainty, reinforcing the europhile claims that leaving the EU would be a “disaster”. Under the terms of our eurosceptic clique, it most certainly would be so.

Out problem is that, as long as this self-deceiving rump of eurosceptics maintain their position, the likes of David Cameron can appear entirely reasonable in rejecting the idea of withdrawal. Only if they offered a well-structured exit plan, aimed at minimising disruption, would the eurosceptic doctrine pose a real threat.

There, of course, Mr Cameron has a way of completely neutralising the eurosceptic threat, if he choose to take it. With his very substantial resources, he could devise his own exit plan, couched in such terms as to make it clear that we would no longer be members of the EU, but defining a new relationship that was very litte different from full membership.

That would involve the UK withdrawing from the existing treaties which place our nations in the EU, instead forging a new treaty which would have the UK in alliance with the EU. That would entirely confirm with the traditional British policy towards Europe – interested but not absorbed.

Currently, in the pages of the Independent, Tory MP Michael Fabricant advises Mr Cameron to do a deal with UKIP. He should, the Conservative vice-chairman says, set out plans for a referendum on EU membership in exchange for UKIP not standing in the next general election.

On the other hand, there is no need for a referendum. Instead, Cameron could invoke Article 50, offering precisely the “new relationship” with the EU which he professes to want. This would bury UKIP completely. A Conservative Party, genuinely seeking a new settlement with “Europe” would leave Farage and his not-as-merry-men completely stranded, electorally isolated with nowhere to go.

However, there is another, perhaps more important reason why Cameron should take this line. Apart from the electoral advantages, which could guarantee him victory at the next general election, the constant bickering over EU membership is a dangerous distraction from the business of government. In order to focus on the issues at hand, this issue needs to be settled – and it will not go away of its own accord.

Invoking Article 50 and negotiating a new relationship with the EU is entirely compatible with Conservative Party policy, and with Mr Cameron’s personal aspirations. The fact that it is an option so hated by the eurosceptic groupescules could be taken as a bonus.

Richard North 26/11/2012

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