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Mick McGough makes a fool of himself and demeans UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/11/2012

Mick McGough makes a fool of himself and demeans UKIP

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The proven liar & cheat Mick McGough makes a fool of himself and demeans UKIP!


I note the proven liar & cheat on UKIP NEC Mick McGough is promoting all his heroes in one post!
Nigel Farage MEP and Michael McGough

Nigel Farage MEP and Michael McGough (Photo credit: The Freedom Association)

The poor little chaps obsession with John west & Tom Wise is well documented as are his cowardly criminal attacks and cyber bullying and abuse of me.

Clearly Mick McGough hasn’t a shred of evidence to support either his lies or his fantasies about me.

It is interesting to note that he seems to judge everyone on his debased values and assumes no one would act ethically based upon their values and their perception of duty since he clearly would only act in return for reward.

Fortunately this particular unpleasant little idiot is held in low regard by almost everyone it seems and that he is a liar, a cheat and demeans UKIP is proven beyond any doubt.

Here is the odious little man’s latest desperate attempt to defame me as he is unable to debate or provide facts to back his fantasies:

Yesterday, 06:24 PM #1

Trusted Member mick mcgough's Avatar

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Feb 2006

Default The lies of GLW

“To date NO ONE has identified a single dishonest statement or claim that I have made in any of the 1,000s of blogs regarding UKIP or its leadership clique”

To see his post CLICK HERE.

Note the odious fools comments in the light of the published facts CLICK HERE

Clearly the dishonest Mick McGough hasn’t a leg to stand on with his vile and dishonest efforts to defame and does his remaining credibility, if there is any, immense damage.

I note Mick McGough fails to source the comment he quotes, though of course it is true and I am happy to stand by it on any public platform, which of course neither Mick McGough nor UKIP are able to do in their desperate efforts to try to suppress the facts I publish.

Can you imagine what a vile style of Governance they would provide were they ever to be in control of anything – bullying and abusing their opponents and critics when unable to find facts to refute them – whoring and philandering in a drunken stupour on the public purse whilst colluding in theft and abuse of the public purse as they do now!

In their present form UKIP are unfit for purpose surrounded by and served by liars and low lifes many too cowardly to even put their name to the dishonest and misleading lies they publish.

Ukip is a racist, anti Jewish, holocaust denying, anti homosexual, centralised authoritarian party working in association with the gutter scum of EUropean politics as partners – A party repeatedly found guilty of not just telling lies but of stealing public money and being ordered to repay the money they have misappropriated – a party with not a single solitary individual of competence and gravitas who is known to the public. A party befouled by its dishonesty and corruption.

UKIP desperately requires root and branch pruning if it is ever to be fit for purpose – a leadership team which to use its own leader’s words are ‘scumbags’ to the core, one and all!

Mick McGough is merely one of a claque of odious fools and liars acting in self interest as the claque that aids the morally reprehensible behaviour of the self enriching clique of its leadership.
For more facts regarding Mick McGough CLICK HERE




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