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BBC features ‘We Demand A Referendum’ Conference

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/10/2012

BBC features ‘We Demand A Referendum’ Conference

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BBC features ‘We Demand A Referendum’ campaign’s inagural Conference at Westminster Hall today!!

here is the first picture to emerge from the We Demand A Referendum Party inaugural Conference at Westminster Hall today:
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5 October 2012 Last updated at 12:44

You will also note that some odious coward has launched a site to defame and denigrate the efforts and patriotism of Nikki Sinclaire, Katie Hopkins and Gary Cartwright SO FAR!

Exactly as I predicted would happen to assist The EU and its army of bribed supporters.

Interesting that it is in almost the exact style of the UKIP site run by a vile little twerp, also too ashamed to put his name to his odious and self serving comments who passed himself off as Skeptyk – Usefull idiots are a dime a dozen and UKIP leadership would seem to have an overdose of them – One can understand the fact that they are embarrassed that ordinary people with ordinary backgrounds and no material funding from the public purse have shown them for what they are – USELESS!

Face facts: In 20 years at a cost of around £50,000,000 from the public purse UKIP has achieved the sum total of zero to move this country one fraction of an inch closer to the aim to Leave-The-EU but in a very short time as an elected MEP Team Sinclaire hasd achieved all this!

Hardly surprising the low lifes seek to attack Sinclaire!

Unlike UKIP’s MEPs none of this new Party’s main characters have been sent tyo prison and or ordered to repay huge sums to the public purse.

Further – unlike Farage, Titford, Graham Booth, Stuart Agnew, David Bannerman, Tom Wiser, and Derek Clark Nikki Sinclaire has not been investigated by OLAF that anyone has managed to show – nor is she under investigation unlike Stuart Agnew & David Bannerman whilst the rest were found guilty and had to pay back money they had missappropriated!

Lets leave the muck racking of private lives to the scum working to help The EU and concentrate on the efforts of Sinclaire, Hopkins, Cartwright and their supporters to gain an IN / OUT Referendum based on the results of a Royal Commission and a free, fair and equally funded Referendum without foreign intervention from The EU and its corrupt supporters!

We note the EU’s friends with their spoof site and tittle tattle have failed to show any single solitary offence of those in the new party that are not well known in spades from the shower of self serving UKIP leadership and their fellow travellers!

Shock Horror – we are told Katie Hopkins when single had an afair!

Wow – we are told that shortly after service to his country in The RAF Gary Cartwright was briefly involved, as he found his feet in civvie street with a strage group of politicians lets face it UKIP is a member of the overtly anti Jewish, anti homosexual, holocaust denying, racists and supporters of Anders Breivick – In fact Nigel Farage leads not only his party but the odious EFD extremist group in The EU’s gutters!

Good luck to The We Demand A Referendum campaign – I hope your conference will attract many more followers in the longer term, gain a Royal Commission and  work to Leave-The-EU!

New EU referendum party holding first conference

Katie HopkinsFormer Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins is backing the new party

A former Apprentice contestant and several ex-UKIP politicians are among those attending the first meeting of a new party calling for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

The We Demand a Referendum party was launched last month by Nikki Sinclaire, a member of the European Parliament.

The party, whose slogan is “let the people the decide”, is holding its first conference in central London

Ms Sinclaire, who left UKIP in 2010, insists the party is not eurosceptic.

The party’s leading figures also include Roger Knapman – who led the UK Independence Party until 2006.

‘Distraction’Ms Sinclaire says We Demand a Referendum will stand candidates in every region in 2014’s European elections unless Prime Minister David Cameron sets the date for a vote to decide whether or not the UK remains a member of the European Union.

“Start Quote

If Mr Cameron won’t give us a vote, then we’ll simply demand one at the 2014 European elections”

Nikki SinclaireMEP

“We’ve proven that six out of 10 people now want a referendum on this issue,” she said.

“It is time to let the people decide. If Mr Cameron won’t give us a vote, then we’ll simply demand one at the 2014 European elections”.

A spokesman for the UK Independence Party, which has long campaigned for the UK to exit the EU, described We Demand a Referendum as a “distraction”.

“You’ve had a whole range of withdrawlist parties and independent candidates standing and all have sank without trace,” he said. “Their heart’s in the right place but we feel the same will happen in this instance.”

Other issuesJoining Ms Sinclaire at the party’s inaugural conference on Friday are Katie Hopkins, a former contestant on the BBC’s Apprentice show, and the right-wing broadcaster Charlie Woolf.

Ms Hopkins told the BBC’s Daily Politics in September that the party is also campaigning on issues such as traveller sites and fighting for small businesses.

Party founder Ms Sinclaire was suspended from UKIP in 2010 and subsequently expelled.

She has since won a sex discrimination claim against the party and, until recently, sat as an independent in Brussels.

Last year she was behind a petition of 100,000 signatures calling for a referendum on the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

The petition led to a House of Commons debate on the issue and 81 Conservative MPs defied David Cameron to support an “in-out” vote.

To view the original story CLICK HERE.




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