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Campaign For A Referendum Publicity so far.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/09/2012

Campaign For A Referendum Publicity so far

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Media coverage round-up for We Demand A Referendum

It has been a very busy few days following the media announcement of the new political movement – We Demand A Referendum.

Here are a few links to stories about this new exciting development

Public Service Europe New Anti-EU party launches in the UK

Daily Star APPRENTICE STAR KATIE HOPKINS FIGHTS FOR EU VOTE MEP heralds ‘breakthrough’ in campaign on Britain’s EU membership

Sunday Mercury West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire to set up new anti-EU party

The Sun on Sunday EU Vote Party takes on Cameron


New Europe New ‘EU Referendum Party’ puts pressure on UK PM

Birmingham Mail West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire launches new anti-EU party

Politics Home Anti-EU party set up to fight Tories


another PRESS RELEASE has been distributed and early indications are that it will be used in a number of newspapers:

POLITICAL renegade Nikki Sinclaire MEP has launched a new party in an attempt to force the UK government to hold a referendum on Europe.

The 44-year-old rebel has launched the “We Demand A Referendum” movement with the sole manifesto of forcing a straight In-Out decision on the UK’s membership of the EU.

It comes on the heels of a startling YouGov opinion poll which revealed more than half of Britons wanted a referendum.
“Call me a defector, call me a revolutionary, call me what you will – I’m simply following the will of the people who are demanding a referendum on Europe,” declared the Midlands MEP.

“This isn’t simply a new political party – this is movement– and it is one that David Cameron and the whole of Westminster must listen to, because we are speaking for the people.”

Sinclaire has delivered two petitions with 220,000 signatures to Number 10 – the most recent being only last week with the names of 100,000 people backing the call for some decision-making over the UK being in the European Union.

The MEP, who defected from the UK Independence Party to stand independently, was joined outside Number 10 by former The Apprentice star Katie Hopkins who will be enlisted as one of the first to stand as a We Demand A Referendum candidate in the 2014 elections.

It is expected the movement will have candidates for all 73 UK seats.
“The government is frightened of asking the question of whether we want to be in Europe or not because they are afraid of the answer they may receive from the British public,” said Mrs Hopkins.

The coverage so far has been excellentm as has been the feedback from all except those who already earn their livings from our membership of the EU at the expense of the British tax payers, or hope to hop on the gravy train and get their snouts in the trough!

There are petty and utterly irrelevant attacks from these sad people who are in some cases miffed at not being invited as founder members or those who are riding other ‘band wagons’ or fence sitting with comments like ‘it will all be over in six months’ or trying desperately to belittle the incredible success Nikki Sinclaire and her team have had, both in getting almost 1/4 Million signatures and in getting the clear support of The Sun with both favourable articles and editorial support and praise.

Not to mention having already forced the government to hold a full debate on IN / OUT and a referendum already despite the spoiler efforts of copy cats and the efforts to demean her for having shown up their ineptitude, indollence and corruption.

I was amused to see the pornographer Paul Desmond on the one hand sacking his Irish manager for having capitalised, for him, on the childish and tasteless rather bad long range snaps of The Dutchess of Cambridge dishonestly (criminally) obtained by some low life in the meeeja whilst his sad little journalist on The Express, angles for his own place on the gravy train, by taking the UKIP’s desperate line surprises no one – well after all he is speaking at UKIP’s meeting this weekend (eg. CLICK HERE as are others who have expressed a desire to join the new campaign after the weekend!).

The message is simple and clearly there is no wish to be yet another tedious little party with a rag bag of so called policies that will NEVER be implemented.

The new organisatiopn delivers EXACTLY what it says on the tin – a ‘Campaign to hold a referendum’, a clear statement that ‘The referendum MUST follow a Royal Commission to ascertain the exact cost benefits of membership of The EU and the benefits and cost of leaving versus stying and THEN a referendum on a free, fair, equally funded, campaign based on the facts provided by the Royal Commission with equal media time, even from the State Broadcast & propaganda machinery of The BBC and others.

Let us never forget the huge bias of the media brought about by the irrefutable fact that The Government is not only in control but is also Britain’s largest supplier of leaks and stories but also the Country’s largest single advertiser able to manipulate the meeeja.

Any attempt to hold a referendum by any given political party announced now will of course be just a desperate effort to seize control from the electorate for their own gain and save face – we all know that 71% of the British electorate do not trust their own politicians relative to The EU.

We also had the misfortune of seeing the Irish peoples resoundingly betrayed by their own politicians and massively abused by the EU and its bullying propaganda lie machine!

There will be many attempts to sabotage this initiative by those working on behalf of The EU but do not forget that in a democracy one should ‘LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE’ and already we know that the majority of the electorate want an informed debate and a free, fair and unmanipulated referendum on IN / OUT relative to Britain’s undemocratic and anti Constitutional EU membership.

I note Liam Fox & The Express have jumped on the band wagon Nikki Sinclaire launched in The Sun the Express said:
“The first party to come out and say that will earn the respect of voters. What are they all frightened of?” Meanwhile, independent Euro-MP Nikki Sinclaire yesterday confirmed plans for a new “We Demand a Referendum” party to fight every UK seat at the 2014 Euro-elections unless Mr Cameron offers an in-out vote.

In all fairness they did then state that they were following rather than leading and that the new campaign had rather stolen a march on any other attempts to catch-up when they said:

Former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins is lined up as a candidate in the South-west.

Her new party presents a headache for Mr Cameron, who will remember the damage inflicted on the Tories in 1997 by Sir James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party.

There are and have been others trying to build mailing lists and set up data bases using a referendum ‘claim’ to further their ambitions but none, other than Nikki Sinclaire’s team have ever delivered anything of any note despite using large amounts of public money, as with the fake campaign/petition by UKIP which failed to account for the £1/4 Million of tax payers money they seemingly trousered or the various back stabbing antics of ‘The peoples pledge’ and similar started off by Bridget Rowe and James Pryor with the funding of Toby Blackwell but eventually sabotaged by the actions of various Judas Goats The full details can be found at: CLICK HERE)

You will note the efforts at sabotage, that so clearly assisted the EU, and that Team Sinclaire refused to get involved in the selfish in fighting and continued to campaign right across Britain with her team, her ad vans and the only petition to date to deliver on the issue!

Edward Heath and his cronies lied and duped the peoples of Britain to allegedly vote for ratification of the Treaty of Rome and a Trading Relationship in the EUropean Economic Community and never since as they have sold out the people and our democracy with lies at OUR cost has there been any mandate granted by the peoples for the unlawful surrender of OUR democracy to a foreign and totally alien system of committee dictatorship centralised in the EU.

IF Britain is a democracy this new campaign will ensure a Royal Commission and an informed debate followed by a fully funded referendum on an agreed choice NOT some hole in the corner scam as organised by Heath etc. and warned against by Enoch Powell in detail on 25-Feb-1970 in Parliament see CLICK HERE

Yes of course there are risks in holding a Referendum and clearly the biggest risk is in EU propaganda and the lies and duplicity of our  own enemy within – our own politicians and civil servants who have shown time and again that on issues related to The EU they are all too willing to lie, cheat and steal!

The other great risk is in doing nothing, as increasingly OUR country spins out of control to the malign spin of The EU – Hence a Royal Commission followed by an independent, free, fair and equally funded and promoted referendum is Britain’s best hope.

Without hard work and honest effort we may still loose, but Team Sinclaire has seized the nettle and shown us all the way forward, and for that, even if they eventually fail (which I believe unlikely), we ALL owe them a debt of gratitude and the political elite should now fear the electorate, rather than the electorate be in awe and fear of them, as has increasingly been the case in the ever more out of control police state they have been trying to build, for their own glory!




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