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on Referendum, Petitions, Katie Hopkins & Nikki Sinclaire’s Team

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/09/2012

on Referendum, Petitions, Katie Hopkins & Nikki Sinclaire’s Team

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


on Referendum, Petitions, Katie Hopkins & Nikki Sinclaire’s Team!!



A few further thoughts on Nikki Sinclaire’s achievement with the team she has built and largely funded from her own income, and donations she has personally obtained.

Full marks to Nikki Sinclaire & her team in keeping the issue of Leave-The-EU alive and in the public eye with another petition of 100,000 signatures to be presented to Drowning Street on Thursday, to sustain the values of democracy & ‘Let The People Decide’.

Even having recruited high profile successes to the campaign like Katie Hopkins and various cross party political figures, it would likely be a referendum that would be lost without much more control influence forcing honesty and integrity on an unwilling Government.

Nikki Sinclaire has commissioned an independent poll showing 56% of the electorate want an In / Out referendum, and 71% of the electorate DO NOT trust their own politicians relative to The EU, this has added considerable gravitas to the campaign – giving The Sun, The Express and other media a ‘hook’ to hang the story on and a new perspective on which to formulate their support for the wishes of their readers and the electorate at large.

As Sinclaire states ‘The PM and his coalition ignore the electorate at their peril’.

Clearly it is not the genuine EUroSceptics like Nikki Sinclaire,


Katie Hopkins,

English: Kate Hoey, British politician, on the...

English: Kate Hoey, British politician, on the day Michael Martin announced his resignation as Speaker of the British House of Commons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kate Hoey

and the like that the parasites feeding at the EU troughs need fear nor even the ‘Plastic EUroSceptics’ like Daniel Hannen, Roger Helmer, George EUstace, Nigel Farage endlessly mouthing mantras but without forward movement as they ride the gravy train building a very lucrative career out of the words but hugely enriching themselves as the train rolls on ignoring them.


It is the electorate who not only do not trust their largely corrupt politicians, but who have been so clearly damaged by our undemocratic ensnarement as vassals of The EU, a malign experiment in social engineering with nothing but a trail of misery and expense to show for over 60 years of duplicity.

Even the EUro which has been, as openly and widely predicted, a complete disaster where, as was predicted, even ‘The Colleagues’ now admit has widened the gap between the Northern Economies and those of The Med. Yet ‘The Colleagues’ duplicitously present this as if it was an unforeseen consequence that must be rectified, not by the weaker economies cutting their cloth according to their means but by penalising and robbing the stronger economies to enrich failure!

Consider a well known FACT much hated by socialists and their communist mentors:

‘You can not enrich the poor by impoverishing the rich’.

I was particularly taken by a comment of Dr. Richard North today:
Arguably, the euro is to economics as the bumble bee is to aerodynamics. As we all know, that latter should not be able to fly, but it does. As for the euro, we all “know” that it should by now have crashed and burned … but still it exists.


In the light of these truths:

Well done to Nikki Sinclaire who has achieved this despite the constant lies and corruption of UKIP which has so harmed the EUroSceptic movement that clearly now it can be claimed their efforts have become part of the EU problem with no value for the solution.

UKIP have had 20 years to achieve something of value for the Leave-The-EU cause and they haven’t even managed to present an ‘Exit & Survival Strategy’ they seem to be far too busy bedding eachother and back stabbing in persuit of sexual gratification and enrichment to have done ANYTHING of consequence value or gravitas.

Well done to team Sinclaire & welcome Katie Hopkins to the team.





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