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Congratulations to Nikki Sinclaire’s campaign!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/09/2012

Congratulations to Nikki Sinclaire’s campaign!

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Congratulations to Nikki Sinclaire’s campaign!

Another 100,000 petition signatures!!

congratulations to Nikki Sinclaire’s campaign YET AGAIN.

Today Nikki Sinclaire’s campaign for a Referendum and the belief that when it comes to surrendering our Governance to a foreign and very alien power the slogan must be ‘Let The People decide’.

Nikki Sinclaire has already obtained 100,000 signatures to her petition and forced HM Government to hold a full debate on Britain’s status and possible withdrawl from the EU.

Now again her campaign to ‘Let The People Decide’ has obtained a further DIFFERENT new 100,000 signatures which will be handed in at Downing Street on Thursday where together with Katie Hopkins who is to be a front runner in Nikki Sinclaire’s campaign other political names will be joining them in support of the new poll which I believe she commissioned.

The Sun features this on page 6 today in the editions seen to date – let us hope it is picked up by the daily papers to force a Government Referendum of the people to show we live in a democracy rather than an EU supra National centralised committee dictatorship as we all now know from the polls that 6 out of every 10 adults in Britain want a referendum on IN or OUT of The EU.

It is then up to all of us to ensure the question and the campaigning is fair, honest and on a level playing field as we are, it seems, all agreed by a majority of 71% that we can NOT trust the politicians on issues of The EU.
Katie Hopkins

Petition … TV’s Katie Hopkins

Six out of 10 demand vote on staying in EU

By DAVID WOODING, Associate Political Editor
Published: 9 hrs ago

THE Campaign for a Referendum on Britain’s EU membership was given a double boost yesterday.

A poll showed growing support for a national vote on the issue.

And 100,000 people signed a petition backing the call. It echoes growing frustration with more and more powers being handed over to Brussels.

Six out of ten adults said they would welcome a chance to decide whether we quit Europe.

This is twice the number opposed to a straight in-out referendum. Voters have also lost faith in politicians to work for our best interests in Europe.

About 71 per cent don’t trust MEPs to put our country first, according to the YouGov poll. It compares with 23 per cent who have any trust in our politicians.

An overwhelming 56 per cent want the chance to vote on whether we stay in or pull out of Europe, while 28 per cent don’t.The Campaign for a Referendum will march on Downing Street this week with 100,000 signatures demanding a vote.

Katie Hopkins, star of TV’s The Apprentice, will join MEP Nikki Sinclaire and the delegation handing over the petition. Nikki said: “Isn’t it about time that we let the people decide?”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

There is also a portion of the editorial in The Sun which is dedicated to the campaign:

Congratulations to Nikki Sinclaire and her team who have worked steadily towards this goal despite the vile behaviour of UKIP with their proven lies and undeniable abuse of her efforts – most probably brought about by the fact that UKIP leadership have NEVER managed to organise anything of consequence in 20 years that wortk to Leave-The-EU and are clearly acting in self interest towards self enrichment at the expense of and greatly damaging the EU EUroSceptic movement with their corruption, fraud, thefts, lies and playground bullying and criminal abuse of anyone who dares to expose their corruption and self serving behaviour!

Welcome to Katie Hopkins who looks as if she will prove a massive asset to the campaign.

Now we must step up the education of the people to make them aware of just how hugely better off these United Kingdoms and our peoples will be when we Leave-The-EU – and wer must be prepared for a huge amount of hard work to obtain our liberty – the struggle will not be easy as we will have to unseat a veritable army of free loaders feeding at the troughs on the gravy train at the expense of our Country and OUR taxes.

Never forget THEY WORK FOR YOU and if they all worked as hard as Nikki Sinclaire we would not be in the dire economic situation we now are entraped as vassals of The EU!

Here are the outline facts of one of Nikki Sinclaire’s other fights for justice for her constituents CLICK HERE she is not JUST actively campaigning across Britain for a Referendum on IN/OUT of The EU there seem to be many other causes she is working for – UKIP as a party seems only to ever make an effort to get themselves elected and then does little.

OK to be fair UKIP did have a tent at Usk show yesterday and David Rowlands and a couple of rather bored looking helpers were there on every occasion I passed the tent (several) there was never more than on member of the public who had been collared but UKIP has made very little impact in Wales and is virtually runner up to Scotland for its failure to have an impact and one never hears of John bufton in the public eye and frankly some of its councillors are hugely more harm to UKIP than they are a benefit ill mannered, odious self important bnere do wells like Kevin Mahoney whose abusive behaviour is noted on public forums  – just who else is there of any note? As I recall they only have 3 elected councillors in the whole of Wales an Zero members of The National Ass and an MEP who pops up in Brussels occasionally gabbling away listened to and reported by nobody it seems!




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