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Gary Cartwright on ‘Working with UKIP’

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/08/2012

Gary Cartwright on ‘Working with UKIP


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Gary Cartwright on ‘Working with UKIP’

Copied from his blog to lay to rest some of the lies about him promoted in a spirit of bitter pique & dishonesty by UKIP leadership team and their odious claque!

I noted this interesting piece of background a day or two ago when the idiots seeking preferment in UKIP and trying to secure their place on or funded by the EU gravy train were trying desperately to both defame Gary Cartwright and aalso desperate to denigrate the facts published on by the Junius Team.

I feel that as a background to some of the corruption and stupidity that is endemic in UKIP and amongst the trash gathered in and around its leadership it might help people to understand just how unfit for purpose UKIP has become!

Make of it what you will – it was written by Gary Cartwright and published on one of his blogs:
I’ve often been asked how I came to work in Brussels.
In a nutshell, I joined UKIP in around 2001 and found myself, having been co-opted onto the London Regional Committee, working with mayoral candidate Frank Maloney. Immediately after that campaign I took myself off to Minsk where I worked with elements of the democratic opposition that have now been absorbed into the Belorussian Popular Front. Its an interesting life…
On my return from Minsk I found a letter on my doormat from Nigel Farage inviting me to come out to Brussels. Thats how it happened. I had studied European Governance and Democratic Theory at Uni, so I suppose I was considered to be as well qualified as anybody in UKIP.
Sadly I fell out with Farage, as so many do, and I have been airbrushed out of UKIP history, and painted as some sort of a right-wing extremist. Anybody associated with me, it is hinted, is also an extremist, something that I find extremely offensive.
Bulletin From Brussels, Issue 1
So lets put the record straight, shall we?
This is from the first issue of Bulletin From Brussels, which I edited for, I seem to recall, 4 issues. It was a bit of fun, and I was quite pleased with it at the time It was a publication of UKIP’s Independence & Democracy Group in the European Parliament.
Whilst I remain on good terms with most of the fine folk in these pictures, I wonder what would happen to them if they were photographed with me now?
Bulletin From Brussels, Issue 3

Although the front page of the Bulletin always featured Nigel Farage, understandable given that he was head of the UKIP delegation in the EP, it was Roger Knapman, then party leader, with whom I always had the most pleasure working.

I have always credited Roger with UKIP’s landmark election results in 2004. Without his political acumen, contacts, and steady hand (albeit with a little help from Kilroy and Dick Morris!) I think UKIP would have struggled to hold the 3 seats gained in 1999.
But is was not just in Brussels that we produced such literature. I was also tasked by Farage with editing a one-off ‘Independence News’, similar to something that had been produced previously. This, however, was officially a UKIP publication. If anybody associated with me is an extremist, then this cutting must surely beg some answers!
Of course, Nigel Farage is no more an extremist than I am, despite what some might say about him. It was always easy to write copy for him as he always had a clear idea of what he wanted to say, and generally trusted his staff to deliver.
And so there you have it. Since leaving the Independence & Democracy Group I have worked with Independent MEPs in 2 parliaments, and to this day I am happy to work with, in an official capacity, 2 UKIP MEPs.
I also had a brief spell working as a journalist, during which period I presented a report on extremism in the EU to the Simon Weisenthal Centre. Life is never dull in the world of politics!
To read the original article CLICK HERE
There are many other interesting facts to be found on Gary Cartwright’s blogs hence my frequent use of his material.




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