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UKIP’s utter irrelevance in the face of inevitability

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/08/2012

UKIP’s utter irrelevance in the face of inevitabilityTITLE

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP’s utter irrelevance in the face of inevitability is increasingly clear!

UKIP, nor the parasites that in greed and self interest feed on its corpse, are not the sole cause of the problems merely no aspect of the solutions as they have indisputably proved!


UKIP’s utter irrelevance in the face of inevitability is increasingly clear!
UKIP, nor the parasites that in greed and self interest feed on its corpse, are not the sole cause of the problems merely no aspect of the solutions as they have indisputably proved!

As UKIP, in self interest and for personal gain of its leadership and their claque deliberately mislead and dupe with claims of achievement when in 20 years they have proved to be abject failures in British domestic politics we now see them making much of a single shoddy little poll sampling views that would seem to show them as holding a following of 12% is of course a clear case of how to lie with statistics.

UKIP leadership fail to point out the extent of their ineptitude, failure and betrayal such that they do not show they have achieved little, if not nothing of consequence, in 20 years for our Country.

UKIP fail to show that even were the 12% claimed to translate to actual votes it would utterly fail to gain the election of a single solitary MP.

Poll results have consistently failed to materialise as votes – Yert UKIP makes much of a poll which specifically named them and thus gained a better than normal % support – UKIP have never lived up to the normal results predicted so why when the poll is worded in a favourable manner to increase % response for UKIP might they legitimately claim an actual likelihood of increased votes at the ballott box – The ONLY poll that counts!

IF UKIP were to double this best ever prediction, as in this latest poll, they MIGHT get an MP or mabe a few MPs elected – that of course would be utterly catastrophic for UKIP and signal their imminent demise as they would have absolutely zero control over which MPs were elected!Imagine the bright light of journalistic investigation and the competitive nature of politics shone directly on let us say 10 individuals as MPs when in all likelihood they would be such low lifes and public farces acting as THE party as Mick McGough, Bob Feel Martinis, Peter Reeve, Douglas Denny, Gawain Towler, Gerard Batten, Derek Clark, Stephen Wolfe, Stuart Gulleford, Kevin Mahoney and similar inept and inexperienced motor mouths and pond life.

Such individuals in their unprincipled self interest and self serving greed would be all too clearly perfect bait to feed to the media sharks and out of control and portraying their political ineptitude and blatant ignorance, as if for the party, they would ensure its demise within a month!

Let us consider the realities rather than the unlikely fantasy that UKIP could make some sort of breakthrough in its present leaderless, strategyless, tactic free, policy defecit and experience bypass state.

I incline to the view that this may well be the EU’s new proctology center, due to open in 2014, at a cost of around £300Million, with its multi coloured specially designed carpet to hide unpleasant multi cultural stains, in the strange and creepy Brussels where tomorrow the parole of Mark Dutroux’s accomplice and ex wife using a new name comes up for parole and release – where better than Belgium for such events and as you can see the building has a very graphic & styalised representation of The Colon:
Presumably this vain glorious gilded palace has a representation of a colon, as we all know of what it will be full!

Truism it may be but as with most truism – It Is True:
Pride comes before a fall and it looks all too likely that this latest piece of tasteless and profligate self indulgence, by ‘The Commrades’ at the expense of those they dishonestly claim to serve, may well be the harbinger of nemesis for The EU.

It is most unlikely that all the present members of this vile body will still be vassals of this bureacratic nightmare by the time it has finished its new and yet more obscene venue.

Contrary to current belief I am not of the opinion that Germany will Leave-The-EUro but rather that despite its obvious failure as a common currency Gerrmany is all too well aware that for them to quit the EUro would be tantamount to the end of their odious EUgenic experiment and social engineering – No there will. I believe, be a very different order in the partings on route to collapse.

It would seem that the failure of The EUro and the entire idiotic and undemocratic EU scam is in fact in inverse proportion to the protestations of success and boasts of forward progress from the unelected bureaucratic parasites feeding on the corpse of their Frankenstein like creation.

It is, in my opinion, likely that Greece will be the first to leave as despite protestations to the contrary from the corrupt EU political elite, in their normal undemocratic and self serving manner, to the contrary Greece will find it increasingly non viable to be shackled to the economic corpse of The EU via EUro membership.

Greece will quit the EUro and it is just a matter of when – Despite costly efforts to delay the inevitable it will happen.

Like surgery the longer the abscecess remains unexised the more radical will be the effect when finally the surgery is conducted!Had Greece and the others of the PIIGS been given an early and orderly exit from the constraints and failure of The EUro damage limitation would have been a possible option and now the longer it is staved off the more radical will be the amputation.

Arrogance & hubris will inevitably predicate that the self serving bureacrats will postpone the departure from The EUro until it has spread from being a treatable abscess to requiring major surgery and even the probability of general septicemia of The EU experiment and its demise.

As for time scales – Greece may well leave BEFORE the German elections to enhance Angela Merkel’s chances of re-election but more likely shortly before Christmas or even during the Christmas break when it is easiest to use events to bury bad news!

It seems likely that all of the PIIGS will have been forced to act with wisdom and quit The EUro scam to save their terminally flawed and failed economies – a disease which is endemic in The EU due to over regulation and footling laws sabotaging any concepts of competitive recovery or viable economic incentive provided by fiscal agility.

The fall out of PIIGS could take as long as 2 years with the EU desperately seeking to keep them in The EUro and the scam alive!Within 5 years the steps to continue the EU will be increasingly desperate and will lead through a period of a two maybe even three tiered EU narrowing down to a central core dominated by France & Germany with increasingly fewer parasitic Countries in tow.

Thus with the obvious failure, as clearly predicted, the EU will finally disintegrate as the experiment becomes more clearly unworkable in its failure.
As with the various Countries that Leave-The-EUro the longer it is delayed the more consequential will be the damage!The time for there to be any hope of stable dismantling is possibly already past and it will be noted that even those groups that claim to advocate that we Leav-The-EU have so little faith in their ability OR perhaps so little integrity that they do not believe their own rhetoric and thus have absolutely no strategy nor tactics in place nor any plan for any type of secure and safe exit and survival plan.

The failure of The EU is obviously inevitable – just as with a rocket as it accelerates even invisible weaknesses develope at an increasing rate to become first hairline cracks and then widen to show their catastrophic nature as the whole flies apart.
So very like The EU as it accelerates its attempts at control and management and extends its bribes and the nature of the ‘Gin Palaces’ of its offices as reassurance to those who wish to denny or even delay the inevitable demise of the scam.

Increasingly the nature of the scheme will demand that like any similar Ponzi Scheme the creation by printing of an ever more worthless currency MUST take place to paper over the cracks.

Sadly the personal greed of those ‘claiming’ to wish to Leave-The-EU will, as with UKIP betray the electorate to prolong their ride on the Gravy Train feeding from the witches tit for their personal perceptions of enrichment – duped by their own self interest, treachery and greed.

Even a moment of qiet observation will clearly show ever step of the way in my prediction is in place NOW!

There is a clear limit to the inevitability of failure and the certainty of disintegration as the weaknesses develop through unseen hairline cracks to catastrophic disintegration.

Those who actually know me, rather than those who have fallen for the defamatory lies that have been used to extend their personal influence and self serving greed will be aware that over the last 30 years I have consistently displayed my opposition to EU membership, which can be clearly traced back to the early 1960s – my aim has increasingly been to aid our dissassociation from this evil but even more it has been a process of seeking to warn of the catastrophy ahead – which is inevitable.

Be minded that when I was born in 1946 the world population was a mere 2 Billion a figure which has grown chaotically to over 7 Billion in the intervening 65 years.

The planet can obviously sustain such numbers and could probably sustain 50 Billion but what is ever more apparent is the ineptitude of our respective leaders to manage the change and change is exponentially escalating towards catastrophic chaos and the subsequent horrors of total societal collapse across the globe.

We have noted various groups from capitalists, communists, to environmentalists, warmists, globalists and opportunists seeking in turn to defame each other for their own personal gain and greed – yet no one has set out to nor managed to manage the transition.
Similarly even those purposting to be EUroSceptics or making a pretence of seeking to Leave-The-EU as quasi political parties like UKIP, BNP and other similar groups have even attempted to define an exit and survival strategy to dismantle the scams.

Be warned – as I have regularly warned over the last 40+ years, mankind may not survive the changes brought about by their own greed and dishonest efforts at personal gain – it is only the unbridled idiocy of Victorian superstitions, passed off as religious beliefs, that even dupe the few to the belief that mankind is in some way consequential to anthing other than mankind itself!It is this unbridled arrogance that has given quarter to such evils as Globalism, Communism, The EU, NAFTA or even religions themselves!

Good luck!.




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