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Thoughts on a way forward to Leave-The-EU

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 31/07/2012

Thoughts on a way forward to Leave-The-EU

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Thoughts on a way forward to Leave-The-EU!

In the form of an open letter related to Leave-The-EU & debate of A Harrogate Agenda!





as Dr. Richard North knows better than most: UKIP have absolutely no intellectual bottom!

UKIP in 20 years has NEVER had any kind of training program and is endlessly reactive with clearly no vision, no sign of Strategy EVER and notably no tactics.

One only needs to note the racist, xenophobic, criminal, anti Jewish, anti Islamic, anti homosexual links and track record of UKIP to realise they currently offer no part of the solution and have largely befouled and discreditted the EUroSceptic movement – is it any wonder that in terms of British politics UKIP have been a spectacular failure with under 30 people elected to any office of note out of some 19,500 available seats!

It really doesn’t matter what the polls say when very clearly the Ballot Boxes in real elections averages out between 3 > 6% – This places UKIP no closer to a say of ANY consequence at Westminster tyhan in 1993 when alan Sked founded the party.

Subsequent to getting 12 people on the gravy train in 2004 it is hard to identify a single solitary example of an achievement of any note towards the aim of Leave-The-EU – Just what is UKIP for? Beyond of course a small clique’s enrichment and a route to the gravy train for a small claque!

It is all very well for a few elderly men to hang onto their ill informed beliefs and the concept that EUroScepticism is some sort of hobby for their dotage!

The attacks and abuse from UKIP that is poured on the heads of anyone who dares to rattle their grubby little scams is legendary.

Yet again Richard and others have fallen foul of the thought police in UKIP who in their blinkered ignorance listen in adulation to their leader’s 3 cheeky chappie speaches and glib invention of policy on the hoof now that he has engineered a position of dictatorship in his personalised party, for lack of anyone of any consequence, competence or gravitas ever challenging him.

We who truly seek better governanance and an end to Britain’s membership of The EU must move on leaving UKIP behind in its sordid group of extremists, racists and pro EU reform rather than withdrawal of The EFD Group Farage has gathered to make more money!

The Harrogate Agenda is at least thinking about the problems and debating with a view to a way forward – on UKIP’s growth pattern over 20 years it will be at least 100 years before they could ever clearly be in a position of relevance towards the aim of Leave-The-EU or even seriously influence it!

There is a desperate need for a Harrogate Agenda or similar, a need for political thinking, a need for a very clear exiit and survival strategy relative to The EU. Britain has between 7 & 9 days of food supply and after that all food imports are a matter of EU contracts, it would not be possible to make a single international phone call after leaving The EU and France owns 80% of our power supply – It is not some childish concept of pass a paving bill to revoke The ECA and revoke our signature to The Treaty of Rome and its subsequent amendments.

Exit from The EU is only possible through implementation of the terms in the treaties our political elite have stitched us into. Simplistic revocation of our undertakings are bound under The Treaty of Vienna and international laws of consequence rather than the dictum of The EU – Just as The WTO’s consequential relevance is the style of implement we shall have to invoke to set aside any efforts of The EU to restrict Britain’s trade when we Leave-The-EU.

So may I suggest, since UKIP has no vision, plan, strategy or gravitas Press on with The Harrogate Agenda & ANY oportunity for serious debate – perhaps heaven forefend UKIP just might make some efforts to act with some integrity and intelligent debate rather than ‘defending their seats on the gravy train’ with any form of defamatory attack they can make on any true EUroRealist who dares to seek to point out that UKIP has proved it is unfit for purpose in its present state of amateurism and sham clearly aiding The EU in maintaining control of these United Kingdoms against the will of a clear majority of British peoples.

Good luck to Richard and those like him who seek to work towards a solution through debate and rigorous appraisal perhaps The Harrogate Agenda will be the vehicle for progress to change our governance – perhaps just one of the wheels on which that vehicle advances.

IF we fail to change our method of governance then even when we Leave-the-EU we will merely slide into the next political scam that rewards politicians with massive bribes from the public purse made up from the disproportionate taxes levied on their victims.

This is not about You or I nor about enrichment and jobs – this is about us and the future of our peoples, our values and our principles the future of our children and grandchildren in freedom and dignity, stability and self respect.

Thank you to all who have set their egos and agendas aside to debate what will hopefully deliver what we had all hoped UKIP would but which they clearly failed to.



Perhaps as a starting point some may wish to consider:
1. Surely the 6 Point (Harrogate Agenda) should be THE 6 rights of ‘We the people: one people Under Law…’

2. The 6 rights should be headings for 6 or maybe more detailed rights within each sub section can be a method of enhancing, repealing or improving by referendum on a clearly defined & structured basis with defined required majorities for change.

2. The 6 rights should thus be the foundation of OUR ‘Declaration of Rights’ once adopted it can become ‘The Citizen’s Rights’. Note the apostrophe they become the inalienable rights of any one citizen of these United Kingdoms.

3. The Citizens’ Rights must include the expectation of the rights of those that serve them.


We move on to how The Citizen’s Rights are incorporated into law under a Constitution of and for these United Kingdoms and its peoples.

I would contend that though, as has been stated, our system is indubitably, if we consider such Constitution and rights as they now stand, FUBAR but worse than that due to abuse – be that the idiotic stance of those seeking what they claim to be doubly entrenched law under such constitution as with Act of Settlement or Magna Carta we now find they have been so abused over the years by a devious ‘political class’ seeing itself as an elite as to be considerably more a case of being FUBAR BUNDY!

I contend we must not presume to plant a fully grown oak tree but rather an acorn.

The progress of that acorn and the degree of care in its nurture will determine the health, strength and durability of the eventual oak but we must not too greatly define it or we become in danger of having a stylised bonsai of little use to ‘We the peeople etc. …’

In brief first we must define the 6 core headings.

In my humble opinion – then the rest will fall into place.

6 core headings which will form our acorn and as I have just proved brevity is harder to achieve than precis ;-(


For those who are genuinely interested in a way forward may I suggest see CLICK HERE and read as much as you can find time to and follow the many links – you may even have sufficient interest in the future to join the debate on the Forum linked to the postings.
Good luck as Britain needs it in the face of the ineptitude of its present politicians and the style of governance that has so clearly failed us if not betrayed us!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 


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