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GUEST POST by: Niall WARRY re: EUro & Harrogate .

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/07/2012

by: Niall WARRY re: EUro & Harrogate

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  



Niall Warry

Niall Warry


Niall with a career interspersed between service in the British Army in Britain, including Northern Ireland seeking to try to keep the peace  by control of the power struggles of the criminal gangs, and in Canada, with The Royal Green Jackets and The Welsh Regiment retired after 10 years as a regular and went on to 14 years of service in The TA as a Major.

Some of his service was concurrent with 25 years experience in corporate management, as a Regional Manager for Bass.

The first serious political involvement was with Jimmy Goldsmith‘s Referendum Party as a candidate in 1997.

Since then Niall has stood as a candidate in General Elections and became Chairman of what was UKIP Wales for a period. Due to his wife’s death and relocation to Gloucestershire Niall resigned as Chairman of UKIP Wales handing it on having laid the groundwork and formed the structure that led subsequently to the election of John Bufton as a UKIP MEP.

Relocation led to becoming became Branch Chairman of Cheltenham. In this position he organised UKIP’s annual summer party & open day at Jamie Needpath’s (now Lord Kneedpath) – a hugely successful event during the time when UKIP seemed to have some relevance or at least some hope!

Sadly since 2004 UKIP would seem to have achieved absolutely nothing of any consequence in terms of Leave-The-EU.

It was during this period that Niall Warry was appointed to a general managership in UKIP Head Office in Birmingham, but in seeking to structure sound and transparent procedures and finances he fell foul of the corruption in UKIP leadership and did not have his contract confirmed when the probationary period was over.

Hence even now, years later, he is attacked by the corrupt whom he upset – The institutionalised corruption of UKIP became all too apparent when the Treasure Andrew Smith blocked meetings with him though Andrew Smith resigned in opprobrium a little later leaving his bag man the liar Mick McGough to try to cover his flight!

Niall Warry was dishonestly suspended from Farage’s Party for seeking integrity in the party and even this had to be reversed for fear of High Court action which UKIP would almost certainly have lost!

It is sad that since 2004 UKIP has achieved so very little of consequence, with such great opportunities, but much in terms of bad publicity, self enrichment for the leadership claque, placement of some particularly inept and unpleasant staff and numerous cases of Fraud.

Frauds and other odious behaviour which has all too often been denied with the only defence being to attack those who publish the facts!

The frauds etc. have been or are being investigated by OLAF & or The British Police – several orders to repay money fraudulently obtained and used, a prison sentence for one MEP who abused his position of trust and lied to try to wriggle out of his theft ending up in prison so far and of course liars like Derek Clark who tried to con his regional committee into the belief that first of all he was not under investigation and then that Junius & I had lied and made it up and then when proven guilty lied to pretend he was not found guilty.

It is this sort of corrupt behaviour that Niall Warry decided to disassociate himself from so that he could, like myself and others, carry on the patriotic fight  to Leave-The-EU untramelled and unassociated with the pro EU membership reformist stance of Farage’s squalid little clique and its claque.

As a dedicated EUroRealist of many years standing Niall Warry, with no realistic expectation of success at such short notice but with the aim of raising the EU issue stood as an INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance PPC in Somerton & Frome in the General Election and was supported by his partner Angela.


A fortunate decision in the long run as the bufoon leading UKIP whilst Farage ‘showed off & came a dismal 3rd. in Buckinghamshire, betrayed the party by waiting until the last minute and calling on UKIP’s candidate to withdraw and support The Tories!
Organisational skills and propensity for listing the work we all have to do makes Niall a natural Leader, bringing his military organisational skills to bear and those of a regional manager for Bass over 25 years!

It is not just that I have known Niall Warry well for almost 15 years that I have offered him a ‘Guest Posting’ but that he has proved to be consistently honest and a dedicated and patriotic EUroReal;ist for so very many years.

I also largely agree with the stance he takes on most issues:

When the German papers start to question the Euro you know there is no doubt it is doomed ( see link below).
Sadly if you are relying on our National media for the REAL stories on the Euro crisis you are I’m afraid going to be disappointed.
Apart from the Express the rest editorially still believe we should remain in the EU and renegotiate our terms of membership.
What they fail to understand is that the existing EU treaties especially The Lisbon Constitution Treaty makes it impossible to renegotiate our terms without invoking Article 50 which declares you want to leave.
Only then will a country be able to negotiate with the EU about its terms of membership. No Article 50 no negotiations it really is that simple.
The truth is if you want to really understand what is happening in the EU you need to follow REAL experts like Richard North who along with Christopher Booker of the Daily Telegraph co-wrote the must read book ‘The Great Deception’.
Here is latest contribution from his blog today.
Although Richard’s blog is called EU Referendum it covers ALL the major items of news which concern us including the EU, Defence, Climate Change and British politics etc.
With regards to British politics Richard was the main speaker at a conference I organised on his behalf in Harrogate on the July 14th. There were 33 of us who all shared a belief that before things can be really be improved in our country then our current Parliamentary system of governance needs to be reformed.
As the Chartist had before in 1834 we produced a draft 6 demands in what became our ‘Harrogate Agenda’ and when fully developed and refined will become our ‘Harrogate Declaration’ for better governance.
Richard’s blog is being used as the vehicle for debate and hopefully we will have our Declaration finalised by this  Autumn.
If you are interested to follow the debate and indeed  read news analysis that is REAL then I highly recommend you read Richard North’s blog each day.
Niall Warry.
It is sad to realise just howmany individuals and activists of value, vision, integrity & patriotism have left UKIP since 2004 CLICK HERE and just how low grade has been both the achievements and the integrity of their replacements and how since 2004 they have moved from being so very many peoples’ hopes to lead the cause of Leave-The-EU to increasingly turn from torch bearer to damp squib as part of the problem rather than any realistic hope of leading to a solution.
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