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GERARD BATTEN UKIP & EFD mep- Further Clarification

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/07/2012

GERARD BATTEN UKIP & EFD mep- Further Clarification

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GERARD BATTEN UKIP & EFD MEP – Further Clarification regarding the various blog postings and both Junius & Andrew Edwards and the cowardly sock puppets of UKIP leadership claque!!

with regard to the comments published by Jasna Badzak regarding Gerard Batten as posted by those at Junius CLICK HERE and also, now that they are in the public domain, posted at CLICK HERE & HERE there is a great deal more material and as I have commented I await confirmation and a copy of the Court Judgement which I will be only too happy to publish with such ‘bundles’ as come to hand to clarify the issue as the aim is to seek to ensure we publish the truth in support of UKIP and EUroScepticism rather than protect given corrupt individuals in the UKIP structure who have so damaged the cause of UKIP members and EUroScepticism in general.
You may note that I have made the following ‘Comment’ on The Junius blog:


the facts supplied in the blog published were provided by Jasna Badzak an employee of Gerard Batten, who was originally from The Balkans.

I incline to believe the genertal accuracy of the comments though various comments may suffer from her use and understanding of the English language.

It is an established fact that Gerard Batten is racist not withstanding the fact that his wife is Phillipino by origin.

There is no doubt that Gerard Batten is willing to abuse his elected office for personal gain and willing to lie or at very least misrepresent the truth to abuse the law to seek to suppress the truth.

Gerard Batten has a track record of abuse of his position to deny basic justice and collude in persecution of individuals to suit himself.

Clearly Gerard Batten lacks the morality, ethics or intyegrity to hold the position of representing anyone or anything of consequence and is associated with various criminals such as Gregory Lauder Frost in what is considered to be xenophobic and extremist right wing activities by many.

It is based on my direct knowledge and the comments of various others and also the speeches and writings, publications and behaviour of Gerard Batten t5hat are a matter of record in the public domain that I incline to believe the allegations of Jasna Badzak as published and the large body of additional material and cross references that I have seen.

Let us notr forget that it is a matter of public record that Gerard Batten is a member of a largely pro EU membership group which seeks to renegotiate EU membership. A group which is overtly anti Muslim, anti Jewish, anti imigrant and has failed to censure Holocaust Denial and the advocacy of bombing African imigrants in their boats to prevent them landing in EUrope.

It is the failure of Gerard Batten to speak out against the corruption amongst his colleagues that shows his lack of principles that inclin to endorse the allegations of Jasna Badzak.

Obviously I can not personally vouch for the veracity of every detail as claimed and published by Jasna Badzak but it would seem the outline and substance of the claims are correct as published by her.

I believe that it is the duty of any citizen to expose corruption and criminality when they are aware of it, particularly those who bring politics, public service and elected office into disrepute as I believe Gerard Batten and others would seem clearly to have done.

Should ANYONE have additional factual information and provenance of the behaviour of Gerard Batten or others in UKIP no doubt Junius would be only too happy to publish it, together with the documentary proof of the claims in this article above.

I have never noted a single error of fact of a material and deliberate nature in ANY of the postings of those on the Junius blog.

Further, despite many lies and false claims by the low lifes and nere do wells seeking to suppress the truth and gain in self interest in UKIP leadership structure at the expense of Junius and the many allegations made regarding Junius they have beyond reasonable doubt failed totally to show a single error of fact of consequence in any of the Junius postings.

I also know of not a single ‘Comment’ posted to Junius that has been posted legitimately and by an identified individual that has ever been suppressed by the blog owners and editors.

IF you believe I am in error on any of the detail herein please do not hesitate to contact me and I am all too willing to make such correction as is shown and any apology that is apposite – to date in all my 1,000s of postings I am pleased to say no such apology or correction has ever been needed on any material otem – The aim is to try to be as honest and accurate as possible both on my blogs and postings and I believe on those of the postings of Junius blog and its contributors.

Greg Lance-Watkins
01594 – 528 337


I also gather that Andrew Edwards having circulated his recent mischievous eMail, on which I commented at CLICK HERE is now bleating because one of the recipients of the eMail forwarded it, as requested by Andrew Edwards, to Junius bloggers and also someone sent a copy to me.
Please note that contrary to the claim of Andrew Edwards I did NOT claim to have received his circular from him – I stated I had received an eMail which had come from him.
I receive many eMails that emanate from Andrew Edwards but rarely publish them and in fact frequently do not read them as they rarely contain new material or views I find reliable.
It would seem he takes objection to those who comment on his circulars and is offended that having asked that his mailing be passed to Junius then complains when Junius use one of his cartoons in their blog.
May I remind Edwards that in putting out circulars one is participating in a conversation and it is then rather silly to complain that others then comment on ones views, clearly stating their opinion over a verifiable, contactable name and address though I would concede there are all too many people too cowardly to put their name to squalid and dishonest ad hominem attacks, as with the various corrupt sock puppets of UKIP’s leadership!
Anonimity when publishing facts or commenting on public servants, those who draw their income by virtue of the state (Including the odious EU supra National State) ie dependent on the public purse for their income, is I believe acceptable but to publish dishonest distortions and lies about individuals whilst sheltering behind anonimity or false identity is beneath contempt.
Obviously clearly stated OPINION sheltered behind such anonimity is of little weight or consequence. IF one is not prepared to put ones name to material abusing anonimity it is no more than a cowardly form of playground bullying by the unethical.
With blogs such as Junius, which are a collective of UKIP supporters and EUroSceptics unhappy with the direction and corruption of UKIP under its present leadership team and in that they confine their comments to those in public office and their goffers anonimity is understandable for as long as they continue to deal in fact – unlike the behaviour of UKIP’s claque.
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