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Nigel Farage of UKIP re the tax haven of Jersey

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/06/2012

Nigel Farage of UKIP re the tax haven of Jersey

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Nigel Farage MEP of UKIP re the tax haven of Jersey with a population of just under 98,000 when his the S.E. constituency he is paid to represent has a population of just over 8 million!!


it was interesting to note Nigel Farage embroiled in posturing on the merits of Jersey becoming Independent of The UK and intimating they should wait to see if Britain can extricate itself from control of its financial institutions by the malign powers of The EU first.
as discussed in the article on the BBC web site at CLICK HERE
Might this be pandering to the miniscule population of Jersey (just under 98,000 – many of whom would not welcome independence) or is it pandering to the tiny weenie number of millionaires who rip off Britain by using it as a tax haven and shelter for their money – just as with those who use The Isle of Man (eg. Nigel Farage with his so called ‘Farage Educational Trust’).
Surely since Farage is NOT a UKIP MEP with responsibility for Jersey as that role falls to Trevor Colman MEP for the South West and the ex Tory failure William Dartmouth likewise an MEP for UKIP in the SW which includes Jersey.
As Farage has made many £Millions from his career as a politician and sets no example by banking overseas and Dartmouth is an hereditary multi Millionaire whose wife sold one of her properties not so long ago for £13M. might such comments regarding tax havens not seem more apposite coming from Trevor Colman!
To take the matter of the tedious little island of Jersey where there seem to be only 4 things to do – Fiddle one’s taxes (albeit legitimately through loopholes as with K2 which Jimmy Carr has hugely advertised recently!), drive around the island viewing the sea from the right hand window of one’s car or reverse the direction for a different view! or drink!

Frankly after 2 days on the island we were so bored that we all went to the zoo – a rather small and repetitive private collection of mainly small animals and a few gorillas even that was boring after 40 minutes!

Perhaps UKIP would do well to remember when posturing on such small issues that were Jersey a town in Britain it would be 50th. in order of size of population after the mighty metropolis of Carlisle!

It is to be admitted that Jersey does seem to have a disproportionate percentage of wrecks be they of sail vessels, windjammers, clippers, schooners and the like but even more noticeable are the wrecks of livers, lives and marriages due to alcohol, or the wreck of lives as they have to send their children overseas for higher standards of medicine as with many of their medical needs!
It is however worth noting that it may well have been a tax haven for longer than many might think in the light of the recent discovery of the largest ever hoard of iron age coins being between 50-60,000 with a value of around £10Million!
So is it treasure trove, tax or the until recently rights of ‘droite de seigneur’ of the French community that appeals to Farage 😉

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