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Cowardly UKIP Sock Puppet reminded of THE FACTS!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/06/2012

Cowardly UKIP Sock Puppet reminded of THE FACTS!

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Cowardly UKIP Sock Puppet reminded of THE FACTS!

The point at issue was a discussion of Ashley Mote‘s EUroSceptic credentials, NOT the fact that he was found guilty under strange circumstances of benefit fraud by a high powered team of some 12 Government Lawyers an offence long before he was elected as a UKIP MEP!

Nor of the fact that he has done all he can to clear his name believing, rightly or wrongly, that he was subject of a false verdict, based upon overwhelming ‘political’ pressures!


here is an interesting reminder of FACTS by Barbara Booker (ex UKIP resigned in disgust some time ago) for the attempt to smear the reputation of Ashley Mote as a EUroSceptic by one of the cowardly and fundamentally dishonest UKIP Leadership sock puppets.
It is sad that UKIP so consistently has its position befouled by the likes of such cowardly low lifes and their defamatory lies.:
Quote Originally Posted by Independent UKIP View Post
One aspect of Mote which has surprisingly not been given any attention in this topic is his decision to join ITS in the European Parliament. UKIP is almost universally criticised on here for being a part of EFD but Mote happily sat in a group with Alessandra Mussolini & the French National Front, amongst assorted others some of whom actually make them seem moderate! (I note that a Flemish ITS member is now in EFD.)
Ah, yes, the ITS group, standing for ‘Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty’, about which Nigel Farage told Portsmouth Today in January 2007: “Mr Mote was elected for UKIP, and the people who have voted for him would not expect him to be sitting with these people. It is a complicated process when deciding which group to join, and certain compromises have to be made, but sitting with people like that is beyond the pale”. The new group which Farage found beyond the pale included:

Frank Vanhecke of Vlaams Belang, currently a colleague of Farage himself and other UKIP MEPs in the EFD group

Philip Claeys (Vice-Chairman of ITS), Vlaams Belang, currently a fellow board member of UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom in the European Alliance for Freedom (EAF)

Andreas Molzer (Bureau member of ITS), Austrian FPO, also currently a fellow board member of Godfrey Bloom in the EAF

Marine Le Pen, French FN, also of the EAF…n-freedom.html

Interestingly, when the new group was in the process of being set up in October 2006, EUObserver published an article ‘Far-right aims to form group in European Parliament’, claiming that some UKIP MEPs might join it. UKIP reacted strongly with a statement: “The UK Independence Party formally rejects the allegation made yesterday on the website of that members of the party may have had talks with the proposed far right grouping being discussed in the European Parliament”.

UKIP forced a retraction and apology from EUObserver, with party chairman John Whittaker saying: “I am disturbed that EUObserver could print such a groundless allegation and I note that they have admitted that there is no substance to it”.

Makes you wonder what UKIP was bellyaching about. Its MEPs subsequently not only formed connections with former ITS members as listed above, but also with others referred to in the EUObserver article, the Lega Nord and League of Polish Families.

Funny how yesterday’s “far-right” and those who were “beyond the pale” have become today’s valued colleagues!

Even Paul Wesson is making a fool of himself with what looks like a vitriolic vendetta against Ashley Mote as he bullies and browbeats anyone who dares to ask questions (BvL) regarding Mote’s conviction and the genuinely stated opinion of Niall Warry. It seems Wesson has quite lost his marbles as he is now trying to pretend I am posting on his squalid little forum which we know is packed with liars, cheats and UUKIP sock puppets ever willing to lie and defame those presenting facts and even banning people like myself, on the orders of UKIP for having published irefutable facts regarding UKIP.Many will remember how Anthony Butcher and his moderators were happy for anonimous lies about me to be published for UKIP, obeyed UKIP in repeated dishonesty and ad hominem comments regarding me when I showed beyond doubt that Nigel Farage’s chosen MEP Tom Wise was found guilty of colluding with Lindsay Jenkins to defraud the public purser – for which Tom Wise was subsequently jailed for 2 years and charges against Lindsay Jenkins were dropped when Tom Wise pleaded guilty during their trial!

As to Ashley Mote there is no doubt he was found guilty but I personally find the case to have failed to convince and I and some others question whether justice was seen to be done, for various reasons.I have little doubt that The Crown proved its case to its satisfaction – however odious as some may find Mote there is some doubt in my mind based upon timing and the determination of the crown to deploy some 12 lawyers to establish the weight of their case and expend around £1Million of public money on the alegation of about £70K of fraud.

I also empathise with the argument that pre paid tax on betting can be construed as having paid the due tax on any winnings – were that not the case the floor of most betting shops would be empty denuded of the unemployed who seem able to find considerable sums for gambling!The verdit may well have been returned in the court but in the public at large there is no doubt that a number of people consider that verdict to have failed to see justice done.

May I also add that the vendetta launched by some, such as Farage who even employed senior UKIP staff to follow the case and write the spin!

That conversely in the clear case of fraud whilst in elected office by Tom Wise, exploiting his elected position for personal gain (be minded Ashley Mote’s alleged and questionably proven offences were lomng before his election) Nigel Farage took no meaningful action against Tom Wise beyond repeatedly telling lies to and on the media regarding his having fired Tom Wise from UKIP, which he did NOT.

You may recal Tom Wise was a UKIP MEP until long after he had been exposedf as a fraudster by The Sunday Times and others and long after Mike Nattrass’ expletive riddled defence of Tom Wise on the grounds that if Tom Wiser was found guilty so would all The UKIP MEPs be!

May I also remind you that when The News of The World exposed Tom Wise’s greed and corruption Roger Helmer The Tory MEP was also supportive of Tom Wise even on the film taken by TNoTW!

Some may remember the open attack made on me by the duplicitous scoundrel Roger Helmer for seeking to expose corruption of those in public office – a stance followed by Mike Nattrass, Derek Clark, Mark Croucher, Paul Nuttall, Mike Nattrass, Graham Booth, Stuart Parr, Anthony Butcher, Lindsay Jenkins, Trevor Colman, Clive Page, Gawain Towler, Mick McGough, Douglas Denny, Stuart Gulleyslime, Malcolm Wood and many other liars and low lifes in and supportive of UKIP corruption – often for their own personal gain!

It is not just the utter incompetence of UKIP, as shown by their catastrophic performance in dometic politics, but their duplicitous, dishonest, defamatory cyber stalking and abuse that show that wityhout radical change they are clearly unfit for purpose as in the vanguard of EUroScepticism.

It will also be worth noting the irefutable racism, anti homosexuality and advocacy of violence amongst UKIP leadership team and their close associates that shows them for what they sadly have become – an enrichment clique supported by a vile claque seeking their own empowerment and or enrichment.
There are ZERO exceptions as none amongst the leadership team has EVER spoken out or tried to correct that fundamental corruption with the brave exception of Nikki Sinclaire and there is a sneaking suspicion that a fabricated case is being built to entrap her in a web of UKIP created lies – as revenge for braking ranks to do the job for which she was elected rather than perpetuate the leadership scams!

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