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UKIP’s CLAIMED Policies are clearly a sham!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 10/05/2012

UKIP’s CLAIMED Policies are clearly a sham!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

I had not bothered mentioning the details of the close link with UKIP & The British Freedom Party as it seemed to be just one prominent member Paul Weston who was a UKIP candidate for Parliamentary election and an outspoken member of UKIP’s London ‘shower’!
However the game has moved on it seems! As made abundantly clear by one of my contacts in The EU who is a supporter of UKIP and thus vehemently opposed to the behaviour of the party leadership and its parasites whose over racism and association with such vile characters as the EFD Group and apparent incitement to race hatred based upon choices of superstition that have been so clearly manifest by Gerard Batten who has been associated with the extremist organisations and individuals already shown on this blog and on the blog regarding him at CLICK HERE
Gerard Batten also features here CLICK HERE amongst a number of his known associates including Gregory Lauder-Frost (known by some as Frauder-Lost as a result of his conviction to prison for theft from his employers) and also others perceived by many as extremists, racists and preachers of thinly veiled incitement to race hatred, frequently like Gerard Batten based upon their religious superstitions.
Interestingly although it was a matter of Court record freely provided in the public domain that Gerard Batten was facing allegations in court of racism and abuse etc. he still has not provided the details and has in fact engineered a clearly immoral gagging order, since he is a public servant, in order to suppress the facts regarding his odious extremism, one assumes!You may find the following article informative as it shows just how incompetently led UKIP is with the comments of the UKIP leader in Scotland and Party Policy Director advocating ex BNP members join the party via the extremist BFP CLICK HEREI wonder if UKIP will ever expel its dishonest leadership team member who so glibly pretends to be a member of the House of Lords an action he has been cautioned for as ‘passing off’. Christopher Monkton, the one time journalist has also been vociferously claiming Obama birth certificate is a forgery.

I for one doubt it as that would require an ethical act of integrity!

Having seen that article remember BFP leader Paul Weston stood as a high-profile PPC for UKIP in 2010 for the City of London constituency who in an interview told that ‘the UK was being colonised and ethnically cleansed by mass immigration and that within the next 20 years a race war would break out in the UK  where white working class kids will go fight against immigrants’ CLICK HERE

This did not to my knowlege have any disciplinary UKIP consequences  for Paul Weston as he continued to be quoted as UKIP though he subsequently left UKIP founding the British Freedom Party (BFP).

The BFP has attracted significant membership transfers with Weston, from UKIP or at very least tacit agreement and support as Christopher Monkton has confirmed, and of course draws largely on the disillusioned member of the collapsing BNP.

The BFP is I gather now officially  the Political Wing of the English Defence League, with Tommy Robinson / Steven Lennon having  been appointed Depty Leader CLICK HERE

This  follows many months of widely known and publicised mutual support and close cooperation!

The party has also cooperated CLICK HERE  with the Kahanist Fascist Jewish Defence League, which is responsible  for a large number of murders and whose US leaders were arrested in 2001 for plotting to blow up the offices of the Muslim Congressman Darrel Issa CLICK HERE

Of course officially the BFP are a proscribed organisation!!

The pretence put forward that it does not permit association with racists, the anti Jewish, anti homosexual and Holocaust deniers is clearly a pack of lies as Christopher Monkton, a member of the leadership team has shown and as shown by the irrefutable fact Farage is leader of the EFD Group in The EU which ticks all the boxes as an extremist and racist organisation!

Interestingly despite having arbitrarily proscribed people from membership such as The UKFirstParty members UKIP leadership still tries to pass itself off as a Libertarian Party yet is itself neo fascist in many aspects!

In the light of UKIP’s catastrophic results in te recent Local Elections with a mere 9 seats with no gains out of the 4,987 available and in the London Mayoral election particularly with the risible 1.96% of the vote in a fiasco many believe was engineered deliberately by Farage to suit his masters!
It is clearly not the time to continue to spin the truth as clearly the peoples of these United Kingdoms have seen straight through their sham and hypocrisy and even Farage announced to the media that UKIP under his leadership was reliant on protest votes – the sub text of the statement being that UKIP under his leadership team had failed totally to impress with their policies or abilities!


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