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UKIP’s London Fiasco & Insurrection plans

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/05/2012

UKIP’s London Fiasco & Insurrection plans

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Was UKIP’s London Fiasco intentionally orchestrated?

It may assist Insurrection plans amongst the squabbling and self serving leadership!!

interestingly every candidate party received a copy of the handbook regarding the rules for the recent election.
In fact it was readily available for ALL to read at:

UKIP could and should have noticed the mistake about the ‘Fresh Choice’ listing in advance, let us remember that the PROMISE of Nigel Farage when elected was to professionalise UKIP, anyone  who has examined the voters guidebook – sent to all registered voters months before the election – would have known of the problem.

In that publication Lawrence Webb is repeatedly listed as ‘Fresh Choice for London’ only (p2 and all UKIP candidates on pages 22-26 for the constiuency candidates).

On page 5 a sample mayoral ballot paper is even shown where Lawrence Webb is merely listed as ‘Fresh choice for London’, albeit with the UKIP logo in the logo coloumn.

Surely even basic procedure and competency, let alone the PROMISED professionalisation and the bloated salaries of the incompetents on the payroll paid as Praise Singers for Farage would dictate checking this key booklet

This booklet5 was the main source of information about the elections for many Londers.

What went wrong in Mr Webb’s failed campaign?

I for one can not believe that Lawrence Webb did NOTHING in his own interests and in the interests of his own campaign.

Those paying attention will have noted that even prior to the election UKIP’s spin merchants were already spinning to cover for the decision to change the name of the party – which was of course the direct responsibility of the leader and his PROFESSIONAL and highly salaried clique and aided by the parasites who form his claque!

Was deliberately behaving as fools to damage UKIP’s chances of causing BoJo any damage by obtaining votes a deliberate decision made by Farage who did so very little to support any kind of credible campaign.

The London fiasco was just exemplary of the utterly crass and incompetent campaign during the elections across Britain that were such a catastrophy for UKIP and thus for the cause hoping to Leave-The-EU.

How could anyone but a liar and a delusional charlatan describe having ZERO net gains and only being elected to 9 seats out of 4,987 available when even the Greens were elected to 40 the almost unheard of SAMRA had a net gain of one, Respect gained 5 and the LibDims who risibly Farage’s part claims to rival claiming that UKIP is the third party in Britain – what a lie! The LibDims achieved 16% to UKIP’s catastrophic failure with 5% and 9 seats to the LibDims. 431!!

To try to present UKIP’s achievements as anything other than catastrophic failure is not just unprofessional but an outright lie.

UK style election mathematics

UK style election mathematics (Photo credit: Aleksi Aaltonen)


those paying attention last week will have noticed that I was making thinly veiled allusions to the meeting due in London last Saturday!We understand that the meeting took place between Mata Andreasen and Gerard Batten supported by John Bufton with a view to seeking to orchestrate withdrawal from The EFD and the decapitation of UKIP leadership where if they can gain the support of one or two others Farage will lose his personal income stream and control of the EFD Group and may well see sense and quit as titular leader of UKIP after bringing the party into such obvious disrepute by his association with the extremist, racist, anti homosexual anti Jewish advocates of violence as a political tool – The Group which he personally chairs!!

Farage has shown beyond doubt that he is not capable of or competent to present professionalism and has habitually lied to party members, the electorate and the media in a manner which would indicate he is absolutely bereft of ethics, morality or any understanding of the difference between truth and outright lies.

The situation is likely to become more heated on Thursday when Mike Nattrass returns from yet another of his holidays, this time one of his Manila trips where it seems he has run to avoid the inconvenience of any need to participate in the recent elections!

Some may remember that this wealthy man has had a habit of disapearing at crucial times and talking of Times you may well remember he tried to blame The Sunday Times for his failing to perform credibly in the leadership election scam Farage orchestrated some time ago – some may have considered that he was on holiday in Manila during a large part of the campaign may well have had rather more to do with his failure!

However he returns on Thursday and is expected to support the call for Farage to step down and for the party to try to find a credible leader as clearly there isn’t one within its ranks as shown by their failure to address Farage’s self interest to date and merely capitalise on it for themselves, year in year out!

Tacit approval is expected from Trevor Colman but he is clearly a spent force of no consequence as he sabotaged his own credibility with his support for Tom Wise just as did Farage and Nattrass! Also Coleman is not enjoying good health it seems and frequently does not attend the EU citing health as his reason for non attendance!

William Legge (Dartmouth) is also expected to side with the Andreasen position as clearly he faces de-selection by Farage at the next EU elections having failed to contribute as Farage had hoped!!!

With Darmouth and Colman clearly out of the running we are assured that the shambolic and unprofessionally incompetent Steve Crowther and the ethically challenged and discredited Neil Hamilton are promised the first two places on Farage’s list for MEP.

UKIP is rightly, after the serial lies, defamatory dishonesty and endless infighting and utterly unprofessional behaviour of the leadership and the self serving behaviour of the parasites gathered in hope of preferment around them – UKIP is teetering on the edge of self destruction.

It was not just the catastrophic election results but that was exacerbated by the idiotic spin put on it by UKIP – spin that just was not credible and has been so clearly used by the left wing media to berate the Tories who they feel threaten their jobs by imposing responsible austerity after 13 years of profligate misrule that has left us bankrupt as a Country and governed by the EU, who so clearly use our money obtained with ZERO moral mandate and squandered on bribes to the media and extensive propaganda to cover for its corruption and abject failure as a social experiment!

UKIP has proved a tragic distraction from the ned to Leave-The-EU for survival and has hugely disapointed patriots who had such hopes of the party which unfortunately has failed to achieve ANYTHING of consequence towards the goal of Leave-The-EU in 20 years and seems unlikely to ever contribute to the cause due to utterly unprofessional behaviour, serial dishonesty, repeated corruption and the odious & childish behaviour of its representatives such as Mick McGough, Gawain Towler, Annabelle Fuller, Kevin Mahoney, Gerard Batten, Derek Clark and the rest of the risible claque of low lifes that form UKIP’s leadership and supporters including those too cowardly & ashamed to use their own names for their crass and unprofessional comments and behaviour.

One has to ask if ANY individuals or so called Party has done as much damage to the cause of Leave-The-EU has as Farage and his claque and UKIP as a party with 4% of the electorate voting for them when we KNOW that a majority of the British peoples wish to Leave-The-EU or at very least re-structure our relationship trading with our neighbours not ruled by them!

Let us hope that UKIP’s present collapse does not open the door for those who failed to make the grade in the party and walked away having been voted out as clearly unable to outmanouver Farage and his claque as they have proved their ineptitude.

Again and again we see UKIP’s hasbeens with detailed plans of how to form a party with a plethora of policies that clearly UKIP lacks the intellectual capacity to structure, and who on earth needs yet another political party posturing as contenders at the expense of the people and our Country.

We just want to Leave-The-EU and any other ambitions within UKIP detracts and dilutes the message and task at hand.

UKIP is fast moving to a position of betrayal and treachery on a par with that of Edward Heath, Geoffrey Rippon, Blair, Major, Kinnock, Jenkins, Hesseltine, Brown and the like in the extent to which they have assisted The EU!


. .

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