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UKIP’s Catastrophic Hubris & Dishonesty

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/05/2012

UKIP’s Catastrophic Hubris & Dishonesty
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP’s Catastrophic Hubris & Dishonesty!

& the staggeringly unprofessional spin and attempt to justify failure by Jonathan Arnott!


Some reading this will be too young to remember many will be too ill informed, but let us not forget the precedent of “Hanoi Hannah” and “Seoul City Sue” and for the juvenelia of less political track record they may find Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf easier to remember!
It is surprising just howmany “Comical Alis” UKIP has provided us with here is the latest version from one of the many completely implausible spin merchants of UKIP – looking just as ridiculous as did those like “Comical Ali” before them!

Jonathan Arnott speaking at UKIP conference.

Jonathan Arnott speaking at UKIP conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The risible little fat boy slim of UKIP all dressed up, but with only their script & his shell suit to pass for credibility!

To desperately try to spin the abject failure of UKIP in the local elections under its present leadership and unprofessional behaviour as some sort of acceptable outcome where with 4,987 seats available UKIP failed risibly with 9 seats – In the London Mayoral election they achieved 1.96% of the vote and in the local elections they achieved around 5%!

UKIP has been dishonestly claiming to be the third force in British politics yet the party they so berated and claimed to have overtaken even when they lost 329 seats were elected to 438 when UKIP won in 9!

To try to sell this level of failure as some sort of achievement is nothing short of unprofessional and corrupt.

Do read the copy of UKIP’s own desperate attempt to try to present a spin that might dupe its members which I was sent.

Just how stupid do you think UKIP members are! Clearly UKIP leadership think they are incredibly stupid – they think they will believe this level of failure is some sort of achievement.

To quote Nigel Farage ‘My job and the job of MEPs is to professionalise the party and make appointments that mean we can fight and win elections’
Well on his own words it is clear that UKIP have NOT professionalised and nor has it effectively fought and clearly not won elections.

Farage’s UKIP is a catastrophic failure and institutionally corrupt – Clearly unfit for purpose!

Read this childish and insulting drivel from UKIP’s muppet trying to pretend black is white!

Ask the political parties and they will soon tell you the aim is to win seats in elections – not come 6th., 5th. 4th. 3rd. or a completely irrelevant 2nd. The only result of ANY value is to win!

To claim that anything other than a win is of ANY consequence is dishonest and delusional!

Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012 11:35 PM
Subject: UKIP forum e-newsletter 04-05-12

Dear Greg,

I’m putting a forum newsletter out to inform members about the UKIP results at this year’s local elections.  All of the results nationally are now in and I have been able to put together an analysis of this year’s vote.  At the time of writing, London has not yet declared for the Assembly and Mayoral elections.

Please see below a roundup of the key UKIP results at this year’s local elections.

Local Elections 2012 Factfile

  • In 2008 (the comparable point in the electoral cycle), UKIP took 98,000 votes in England.  In 2012 we took over 220,000 – our vote has more than doubled since 2008.
  • UKIP fielded 691 candidates this year, up from 450 in 2008.
  • The average UKIP candidate had a percentage vote share of 13.8% – our highest ever.
  • UKIP won 7 seats in England and 2 in Wales.
  • Lisa Duffy took 61% of the vote to win the final seat in Ramsey by a landslide.
  • In Rushmoor, two UKIP councillors who had joined from the Conservatives and a third UKIP  councillor was also elected to complete a clean sweep in that ward.
  • Piers Wauchope was elected to Tunbridge Wells council, unseating the Leader of the Council in the process.
  • UKIP took its first ever councillor (above parish/town council level) in the Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire region when Ron Shepherd was elected to NE Lincolnshire Council.
  • Other UKIP councillors elected were in Thurrock, Merthyr and Vale of Glamorgan.
  • In Plymouth, UKIP averaged 20.6% of the vote.
  • In Sheffield, UKIP achieved a first in a major UK city by taking almost 3,000 more votes than the Conservatives across the city.
  • The UKIP vote seemed relatively consistent throughout the country.
  • Across the country, 136 candidates finished in second place.  40 of these were in Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire alone.
  • 50 candidates took more than 25% of the vote and 105 took more than 20%.
  • Our vote was spread evenly throughout the country – with regions varying from a 10.5% average to 16.9%.
  • UKIP took 15.3% in Conservative wards, 13.2% in Labour wards and 10.7% in Liberal Democrat wards.
  • Churchill ward of Adur Council saw a UKIP candidate lose by just 1 vote.
  • Young Independence’s target ward of Gorleston in Great Yarmouth saw Matthew Smith take 34.7% of the vote and miss election by just 48 votes.
  • UKIP’s vote averaged 20.2% where there were just 3 candidates on the ballot paper – usually but not exclusively UKIP v Labour v Conservatives.  But when 7 or more candidates were standing, the average dropped to 5.9%.
  • UKIP performed better than ever before in the Metropolitan Borough Councils, averaging 11.9% where we stood on those Councils.
  • More than two thirds of all UKIP candidates took more than 10% of the vote.

Congratulations to all of our elected candidates and thank you to all of the activists who worked so hard in this campaign.  Thanks also to all those who assisted me in the statistical reporting of results, and enabled us to keep up with the media.  It was refreshing to note that for once, the BBC were using our statistics rather than just the other way around!

Best wishes,

Jonathan Arnott (UKIP General Secretary)

Failure is failure is failure – however you spin it and UKIP’s results were an abject catastrophic failure and to try to pretend otherwise is nothing more than insulting, unprofessional dishonesty.UKIP leaderships’ ONLY course of ethical action was to IMMEDIATELY accept the blame due to them and issue an abject apology.If UKIP was a company and its sales figures were this catastrophic the board would hopefully have the integrity to tender their resignations (Unless of course they were a bank in which case like UKIP they would be seeking a bonus and claiming they had done well!!!)


. .

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2 Responses to “UKIP’s Catastrophic Hubris & Dishonesty”

  1. Keep educating people about this nasty party! They get totally disproportionate media coverage to how big they really are. Always look at the facts!

    Please check out my blog post on how UKIP are making mainstream politics more racist:


    • Hi,

      having read your article on your blog your stance of somewhat loaded statistics seems more obssessed with race than that of tyhe core grass roots members of UKIP.

      To present numbers on a racial basis as a defence is clearly, in and of itself, racist.

      Do be minded that an immigrant arricing here has not only not contributed to the system but nor have their antecedents or. One must wonder at their reason for coming here and sadly all too often it is to avoid the mess their ancestors and associates have made of their own country!

      I do feel that there is every reason to withold benefits for a given period, until their long term commitment to contributing to Britain is ensured.

      The open door policy forced on us by the laws made by our Parliament in The EU without care or democratic input of any validity is clearly unwise as it puts undue strain on our basic resources paid for by our own tax payers.

      We have a shortage of jobs suitable to our own labour force in todays market as with housing that is suitable and educational facilities are planned and funded in line with our own tax payers’ needs.

      Our NHS is forced to expand for both immigrants and health tourists leaving insufficient funding for the levels of care selected by British tax payers and insufficient surplus to train adequate doctors, nurses and other front line staff – thus resulting in our wholesale theft (by inticement) of the most valuable resources of third world economies in the importation of nurses, doctors and carers!

      The levels of influx in percentage terms is unarguably disadvantageous to the indiginous population and its best interests and is altering the very culture and economy which the hoards of immigrants would seem initially to be attracted by.

      It is bunkum to claim mass immigration enriches a country when all the evidence is to the contrary and even the Labour party now admits to its irresponsible governance in terms of immigrants – perhaps one day they will develope sufficient integrity to admit their catastrophic economic illiteracy and utterly corrupt engagement in war crimes and crimes against humanity as a result of the lies of their leadership!

      No sir I do NOT concur your basic premise for your contentions regarding immigrants on an uncontrolled basis as we currently see it!

      That said having been a very active campaigner against racism and having liver in numerous countries around the world I am forced to wonder what your theioretical contentions are based upon in substance and experience – beyond childish and ill thought out jingo.

      I did state earlier that I teust the fundamental grass root supporters of UKIP but please be assured I have little but contempt for the biggotry and self serving support of racism, xenophobia and outright prejudice of the most vile nature of UKIP’s leadership team and its chosen allies in The EU and thus some of its more extreme racist parasites such as Gerard Batten and his odious superstition which he deems license to befoul UKIP with in the nature of his publications against Muslims which I believe incline to incite racial hatred – nor the vile racism of Lord Pearson which likewise incline to incite racism nor the overt support of Zionists and thus their terrorist oppression of the peoples of Paleastine.



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