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#0782* – Alexandra Swann is seemingly A Liability The Tories are well shot of!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/04/2012

#0782* – Alexandra Swann is seemingly A Liability The Tories are well shot of!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
one can only stand back incredulous at the utter unprofessionalism of UKIP Leadership as they welcome any nere do well with open arms as long as they have failed in another party or have some cheap celebrity or title!
Now we have Farage’s latest bimbette thrust upon us – of talking of thrust what ever happened to his protege Kim Gandy who he happily embraced from the BNP see CLICK HERE
Farage’s ex Tory bimbette Annabelle Fuller who so clearly brought shame on decent UKIP supporters with her foul language, obscene abuse of members on UKIP controlled public forums, record of theft, drunkeness, impropriety, false accusations, breeches of The Data Protection Act and eventually the resignation of UKIP’s then chairman John Witacker no longer willing to lie for Nigel Farage to cover for his doxy!
Ms. Fuller must be considering her position in the light of Farage’s latest failed Tory bimbette who so neatly fits in to represent that other failed old Tory Roger Helmer who facing deselection and clearly piqued at Tory refusal to select his personal choice of successors has defected to UKIP.
One can expect that all to end in tears as clearly Farage will resent being outshone by someone of some competence when he has done so very much to dumb down the party and surround himself with nebishes and nere do wells so that he, like a strutting cockerel shines out as he preens atop the dung heap he has created with his vile little claque of muppets around him!
Just view the foul mouthed sex obsessed obscenities on Twitter of Ms. Swann and the similarity to the vile blogs & comments of Farage’s earlier Tory bimbette the discreditted Annabelle Fuller. Little wonder they both seem to have gravitated to Farage as a showman and the odious and untrustworthy Gawain Towler for as you will note he is wallowing in Ms. Swann’s gutter with his childish comments on Twitter also – they do so demean UKIP!
More to come later when I have time with the details of Ms. Swann’s idiotic and defamatory comments representing the other failed Tory Roger Helmer and supporting the idiocy of the Tory defectee Tom Bursnall in the attack on the unemployed seeking to prevent them voting!

We note UKIP has not publicly admonished them as duty would demand of any ethical organisation – That UKIP sit with their partners the extremists of The EFD Group one can all to readily conjecture that IF they ever gained any authority, unlikely as that clearly is with their serial failure in any domestic elections over the last 20 years, having pronounced the desire to disenfranchise the unemployed might we expect them to persecute the Jews, homosexuals and immigrants also as advocated by their partners?

When I have time later I will provide the links & further details of this odious behaviour from UKIP leadership, staff and their parasites!
Sorry not to have posted earlier but this software is much slower to use as yet and I’m also fairly busy on other issues.
Call back to this blog later for further facts and details ………..


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