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#0780* – UKIP Shown to be TOTALLY Unfit For Purpose AGAIN!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/04/2012

#0780* – UKIP Shown to be TOTALLY Unfit For Purpose AGAIN!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
UKIP Shown to be TOTALLY Unfit For Purpose AGAIN!

It increasingly proves to be a self serving clique who are ONLY praised by gullible idiots and those seeking preferment and a seat on the gravy train having failed elsewhere.

Consider Alexandra Swann who having proved to be a spectacular liability for the Tories is I gather to be highly salaried as an airhead, foul mouthed bimbet under Roger Helmer who is on his own spectacular display of self importance(seems anyone who is anyone in UKIP gets issued with an Annabelle Fuller clone! as if one foul mouthed drunken thief was not enough to display UKIP’s professionalism!)
now we have the expose of yet another failure to gain the promised preferment – now after presenting UKIP as THE salvation and even making a complete prune of himself interviewing himself so as to praise his benefactor and big up the unprofessional UKIP has had the scales removed from his eyes.
Seems from his blog that as new and yet more exalted promises are made, often in return for ‘favours’ those who HAD been promised preferment slip from popularity (USE) by the clique – Some may remember when Nigel Farage categorically promised Kilroy Silk the leadership of UKIP and then reneged when the Kilroy Silk apeal had proved rather less appealing!
This would seem to be the latest version all be it from a very gullible slow learner:

Why no decent Tory should vote Ukip

Abhijit Pandya spent a year advising Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party. What he found convinced him that the anti-EU firebrands are not a serious alternative to the Conservatives.

Nigel Farage: a patriot, but not a serious politician.

Nigel Farage: a patriot, but not a serious politician Photo: PA

By Abhijit Pandya

9:26AM BST 12 Apr 2012


This weekend Ukip was found to be on 11 per cent in one poll. At this testing time for the Coalition, some members of the Conservative Party may be tempted to turn their support to Ukip. They would be seriously misguided.

I would know. I spent the bulk part of the last year advising Nigel Farage; formerly as Head of Research for Ukip. He is a man whose patriotism I admire, but whose methods I deplore.

His party’s MEPs are obsessed with infantile stunts. These include wondering around Brussels, at the taxpayer’s expense, singing “there is a hole in my bucket”. Entertaining as it is watching Mr Farage doing this, and giving bombastic speeches in the European Parliament, it does nothing to curb the powers of the EU.

To my knowledge there is not a single amendment to a European regulation forced by Ukip, despite being Britain’s second-largest party in the European Parliament. Legislation in that forum is almost certain to be passed, due to the numbers being stacked against Ukip, and the European Parliament having no effective method of veto. So it is extraordinary that Ukip has not, in over a decade, managed to develop a strategy to undermine European law by appropriate subtle and strategic amendments.

The party is more interested in ranting and raving than in the more thoughtful task of fully engaging with its opponents on policy terms. This is why its failure to alter the course of Europe away from a social-democratic federal state has been immense.

Worse still its MEPs have been softened by the alluring lifestyle Brussels offers, as the poor expenses record of Ukip MEPs shows. So much for breath of fresh air that Tories upset at the Coalition would be looking for; they simply won’t find it in Ukip.

Ukip membership is based around a universal opposition to the EU. However, this masks the party’s inconsistency on domestic policy. Tories going to Ukip will find the problems that used to haunt the Conservative Party split on Europe in the Major years flipped on their head. Ukip may not be split on Europe, but as a consequence of being a one-issue Party, they are just about split on everything else. Ukip will go Left, Right or centre to grab the next available vote.

For example, instead of trying to appeal to mainstream voters, they are obsessed with grabbing votes from the English Democrats. Hence their unprincipled support for breaking up the Union and having an English parliament. Thus we have a self-proclaimed “UK” Independence Party that doesn’t want a “UK”. This is the level of absurdity Ukip operates under. A sharp contrast to Lady Thatcher’s handbrake on Scottish devolution in her first term.

I am wholly opposed to the EU in its present form, but I am for free trade and movement of peoples (where there is no welfare dependency). Ukip treats these issues in simplistic black-and-white terms, not acknowledging their complexity. For example, Ukip is against immigration in absolute terms, but this is economically unrealistic. By sticking to screaming demagoguery for an immigration ban of a random arbitrary period, without assessing market needs, Ukip loses economic credibility for a few votes.

This is the least of its problems. Christine Hamilton, known for her sexual-innuendo-filled television shows, and her husband Neil, the former “cash for questions” Tory MP, have become the new stars of Ukip. They have been given places on Ukip’s National Executive Committee that runs the party.

For Tories yearning for the old years of glory, a move to Ukip would be a move back to the feeling of looking at the remnants of the Tory Party after its 1997 catastrophe. This is when Hamilton, Aitken and others pulled the great Tory beast down. Worse still it would benefit Labour, and another Labour victory is the last thing this country needs.

It would be far better to support a Prime Minister who managed one of the biggest swings in electoral history, and is harshly been judged for not achieving the improbable all-out victory in 2010.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE
Had you any doubt just how unprofessional UKIP can be this video may well clarify for you CLICK HERE (sorry I haven’t worked out how to ’embed’ videos in text yet!)
AND to qote The Liverpool Daily Post of Paul Nuttall:
UKIP wishes to move towards the centre and away from anything contentious and that UKIP has got its feet firmly under the electoral table with a plush carriage on the European gravy train‘.

I guess it would all be rather funny if it wasn’t so deadly serious!

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