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Kevin Mahoney Displays The True Face of UKIP Wales

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/02/2012

Kevin Mahoney Displays The True Face of UKIP Wales

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Kevin Mahoney Displays The True Face of UKIP Wales!

As displayed by this example highlighted by Junius and consistent with Mahoney’s track record of offensive inadequacy as a personality let alone as a UKIP member representing anything but low lifes!



UKIP Wales spokesman responds to criticism in the usual way

Kevin Mahoney is happy for UKIP MEPs to sit alongside the far-right in Brussels
Andrew Edwards is well known to UKIPPERS as the author of a series of emails highlighting hypocrisy and corruption in UKIP. A recent email (see below) dealt with Godfrey Bloom’s willingness to sit with far-right MEPs in the pan-European EAF (European Alliance for Freedom).

It generated the following response from a UKIP Wales spokesman:

Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 09:38:51 +000
To: Andrew Edwards

Fuck off and get a life you sad boring little wanker
Would Kevin Mahoney care to comment on whether such responses are now considered the norm from UKIP Wales? We note that he has declined to comment on the fact that Bloom now sits alongside the leader of the French National Front  in the EAF.
And what of the fact that John Bufton – unlike Nikki Sinclaire, Mike Nattrass and Trevor Colman – is happy to sit alongside assorted fascists in the EFD group? Silence can only be taken as approval.

Here is the text of Mr Edward’s email:

Is Bloom planning on usurping Farage’s dominance in Brussels?  A somewhat tongue in cheek question of course, as we all know that Farage would not permit any such thing to happen.

So what’s really behind Bloom’s increasingly Europhile actions?  Why is he so eager to be publicly associated with the EU’s pan-EU political parties?  After all, being touted as the, ‘President’ of the ‘European Alliance for Freedom’ (EAF), is hardly something that would go unnoticed:

The treasurer of the EAF, Franz Obermayr, is a member of the Austrian right wing party – the Freedom Party of Austria.

Note: As Barbara Booker has pointed out: Franz  Obermayr was photographed last year standing alongside French National Front leaders Jean-Marie Le Pen and Bruno Gollnisch when, with Philip Claeys, Adam Walker of the BNP and others, they visited a Japanese shrine that honours convicted war criminals.

Another Austrian Freedom Party MEP, Andreas Mölzer, is an EAF Board Member.

Torsten Groß of German Far Right Party ‘Citizens in anger’ (BIW) is another EAF Board Member.

Isn’t it time that both Farage and Bloom were asked to justify their love-fest with EU politicians, who were they British, would be banned from membership of Ukip, and called fascist???


Clearly, and by their own stated position as, ‘liberal politicians’, both are guilty of bringing the party into disrepute by associating so closely with ‘extremists’.  Seems to me Farage and Bloom have no issue with ultra right politics, and only pretend to do so here in the UK to gain some sort of political advantage. 

Detailed analysis:

For some  of pan-EU parties, in relation to Ukip, may I commend to you the comments of Barbara Booker – view via the link below (Prof Congdon especially take note):

Posted by at 11:57

hugely to the embarrassment of the more honourable members of UKIP, still in Wales, this revolting, foul mouthed little fool is now UKIP’s representative in Wales!In the May election, for lack of competent and ethical candidates in Wales Kevin Mahoney was permitted to stand as a candidate – I doubt any sane person of any morality whatsoever believed this odious little tyke would be elected even in Barry!

Unfortunately the foolish little man was elected, though by very few of the electorate turning out.

Unfortunately the offensive behaviour of Kevin Mahoney as poimnted out by Junius is far from unusual from this low life as can be seen by his constantly abusive postings and defamatory attacks on people who have made both a contribution to these United Kingdoms and to UKIP – At every turn Kevin Mahoney, sheltering in cowardice behind a fake identity as Stathan displays his inade3quacy and insecurity with childish and foul mouthed showing off.

Let us not forget this vile little twerp was on the UKIP payroll – Unfortunately he is not the only person of such low moral fiber and standards on UKIP’s payroll, he is in fact in quite good company! Sadly UKIP has no one of much merit amongst its staff and leadership, in fact that is a clear explanation asd to why they have done so catastrophically in UK elections as with this May totally failing across the Country with 5% of the vote and only getting 9 out of 4,987 seats available – It is the profile of the likes of Mahoney that the party is best known for – mouthy foul mouthed and bereft of gravitas, credibility or ethics.

Let us also remember that for all his facile demeaning of UKIP where he represents others, foul mouthed and immature as his political thinking has shown itself to be, most of the time he is attacking those who have done far more in life than he and state their opinions and the facts in their own name on their own account – not as the servant of others!

To my knowledge none of Junius’s contributors seek election or approval from others and nore do they represent anyone other than themselves and their opinions of the facts as presented just as so of Niall Warry or myself.

Childish name calling and playground showing off hugely demeans UKIP as Kevin Mahoney has been elected as their representative – his representation does rather show, as does that of many of its leadership and their sock puppets – just how evil any sort of governance by UKIP would be if this racist, abusive anti homosexual clique of political low lifes were to have ANY authority.



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