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#0571* – UKIP, Annabelle FULLER & Back To The Gutter!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/06/2011

#0571* – UKIP, Annabelle FULLER & Back To The Gutter!

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UKIP association with the lies of Annabelle FULLER & Back To The Gutter!



reading the many accounts and minded that the primary claim would seem that the building security were called – just how long is police response time in London – and Fuller was still on the premises!

I understand that in most of Britain she would still be waiting!

Playing the coquette will I believe fail this duplicitous liar in the not too distant future as her plausibility stretches ever thinner and her attention seeking as an inadequate become more visible even to the gullible.

It was clear from the tenor of The Mirror article that even there the journalist found her story stretched credibility – but when would you expect a journalist to turn down a cheap shot!

It does read all to easily that security were called after an MP’s House of Commons Pass, a confidential letter and a Blackberry had been stolen from a flat by some drunken bimbette – leaving a trusting if rather wiser MP with his reputation unsullied and a Civil Servant as witness.

One is tempted to ask, as a result of her track record of proven dishonesty, if she had indeed stolen the items and was seeking information on which she could capitalise.

This would not be the first time she had set out to scam someone on sexual allegations and there is even talk thaty she claimed to Nigel Farage she had been offered £50K to sell the story of their relationship – bunkum as it so happens, it was a mere tentative offer of £15K from the Sun I understand and she would have been damned lucky to see any money. The NoTW had offered nothing, they have assured me.

Farage however could hardly take the risk and it may well explain why the foolish chap has her befouling UKIP yet again having failed to learn his lesson previously but sadly it is the members who end up paying and not him!

Were this the case could the claims and allegations she made be to cover her theft? We read much of the importance to the press in certain less trustworthy areas of information garnered by phone tapping and the like.

An MP’s Blackberry could well contain a great deal of material readily saleable to this woman’s media or even what political contacts she still has stupid enough to still trust her.

None of the press coverage she has garnered would seem to have portrayed support for her story and clearly the Police did not rate it just as the unfortunate Andrew Bridgen did not.

It is a matter of record that Annabelle Fuller is a liar and will lie to get what she wants, it is also a matter of record that she is a self publicist and attention seeker.

Are we now to add to her foul language inappropriate drinking habits, corruption and lack of moral compass the label thief?

Were these utterly false allegations conjured up to try to cover-up a theft?

Perhaps we will never know but we are unfortunately all too well aware of the damage done to UKIP by association with this unpleasant inadequate.

Woman who accused Tory MP of sexual assault claims her life has been “destroyed”

The woman who accused Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen of sexual assault yesterday waived her right to anonymity to declare that the incident had “destroyed her life”.

Sex assault claims against Tory MP dropped

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen pictured with his wife Jackie Photo: CATERS

Annabelle Fuller, 29, insisted that she had never wanted to press charges and that it was a security guard at Mr Bridgen’s Westminster block of flats who had called the police as she tried to flee.
But although the case was eventually dropped, it was the MP’s “vicious” response, in which he vowed to take legal action against those responsible for “making and publicising these falsehoods”, that had left her suicidal, she claimed.
Mr Bridgen, 46, who represents North West Leicestershire, was arrested in the early hours of June 9. He had met Miss Fuller in a pub near the Houses of Parliament the previous evening and the pair got chatting about her work as a campaigner for the Royal British Legion and the Soldiers’ Charity, she said.
They were later joined by Edward Green, a civil servant, and when the pub closed, Mr Bridgen, a married father-of-two, invited them both back to his flat.
Miss Fuller said that she began to feel confused and uncomfortable as she had no idea where she was. She claimed that she did not realise he an MP until she saw a letter on the table.
She said that Mr Bridgen invited her to join him on the balcony but to get there, she had to walk through his bedroom.
As she did so, the MP pointed out how “big and comfy” his bed was, she alleged. She said that he then reached up her skirt and touched her bottom and her leg.
Miss Fuller made an excuse and then dashed from the flat bare foot, grabbing the MP’s Westminster pass, his BlackBerry and a letter to prove where she had been, she told a Sunday newspaper.
She said that unbeknown to her, the security guard called 999 and that when the officers arrived she was told she had to give a statement at a police station.
“I told the police, ‘I just want this all to go away,” she said. “But the police told me, ‘Unfortunately that can’t happen, Mr Bridgen has been arrested.'”
The case was dropped on June 16 after Miss Fuller conceded that her behaviour could have been construed as flirting and withdrew her allegation.
Mr Bridgen strenuously denied the claims, which he said were “without foundation, demonstrably and provably false” and insisted that he had never been alone in his flat with Miss Fuller, who now works for UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage.
He said in a statement: “Naturally, I remain hurt and angry that such a ludicrous, false and unsubstantiated allegation should have been given the attention it has.
“The allegation was unfair and hurtful not just to myself but to my wife and children, who bore the brunt of huge and unwarranted media intrusion.”
To view the original of this article CLICK HERE
The story title would seem to rather beg the question of ‘Tory MP whose reputation has been damage by what would seem to be yet another fabrication in the fancifull self serving life of Annabelle Fuller – Let us face it this man is an MP with children and a reputation worth defending but Fuller is just A.N. Other woman seeking fame and fortune working the corridors of power, a proven liar, a known fantasist, a foul mouthed blogger, a drunk and a drama Queen with her idiotic and implausible stories.

What reputation had Annabelle Fuller to defend, unless of course her intent had been theft and this entire debacle is nothing more than an ill conceived alibi – We note she has gone abroad, I would hazard a guess not far enough to suit the wishes of many but it is to be hoped she will not be returning in a hurry – but what of her sick pussy alluded to in some reports, surely any sympathy should lie with Andrew Bridgen, his family and the cat!


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