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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/04/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

It seems Nick Hogan is far from popular and held in contempt by many – not least those who seemingly have problems with him of a commercial nature!

Is UKIP Leadership merely funding Hogan from Party income as the only way they can get publicity?

Clearly UKIP have no one of competence or ability in their Press Office as shown by the dirth of publicity of any gravitas year after year & cheap Publicity Stunts and self serving so called Celebs & minor shock jocks just don’t cut the ice!




it seems that without competent leadership UKIP just sinks further into the hole its parasites and self serving sycophants of the weak and venal leadership create.

Would that UKIP had managed to find a leader of some competence to capitalise on the undeniable skills as a performer of Nigel Farage who can on a good day put on a bravura performance.

Sadly although UKIP’s message is very much to the fore amongst the public their childish antics, obvious incompetence, lack of professional PR, lack of structure, and obvious lack of a competent Organ Grinder (leader), leaves them with a discordant tune on their organ and a performing monkey – hardly the stuff of front line politics.

When was the last National Press Article treating this bunch of clowns as grown up politicians?

You will remember that at the desperate little attempt to re-launch recently apart from a full on spat between Nigel Farage’s two Party funded doxies nothing of interest happened and fortunately Farage’s women and their nocturnal antics did not make The Press – merely gossip amongst the better informed!

Previously the only publicity from the UKIP autumn conference was for Nikki Sinclaire’s Petition for A Referendum which is imminently due for a new push towards the 100,000 signatures across Britain. The only other publicity was based on a pack of lies from Jon Ison trying to currie favour with the other maggots seeking attention in support of UKIP’s failed leadership.

You may remember that John Ison was reported in The Sunday Times and even there no points of value emerged as it was clear to the Journalist that the story lacked veracity so it was beset with ‘Allegedlies’ bringing UKIP into disrepute to the informed reader.

Dressing up as chickens, draping banners off of motorway bridges, playing with inflatable toys, driving around in WWII scout cars from a museum, standing in an APC on a trailer and pretending it is a tank seems the best UKIP can do to get publicity as it lacks any credibility with the media – well look at their PR staff!!

Now we have this manufactured farce in Chorley that due to lack of competent leadership has merely brought the party into disrepute yet again!

You may wish to read more of the FACTS surrounding UKIP’s incompetence and duplicity in Chorley CLICK HERE

Subject: Re: Nick Hogan & UKIP


I have seen in the paper today that you have withdrawn your nomination for Chorley Candidate, And I am shocked and disturbed that you have been forced into this repast I have know you for a number of years now and have always found you to be forth right and honest.

You have strong opinions which many of your supporters agree with and never once would I have ever classed you as racist.

You have fought for this country and the freedom that it represents.

You have my sincerest support and hope you can use this endorsement in some way to repair the damage that “Nick Hogan” has achieved.

Perhaps the UKIP Party should look more closely at him and his ties to other organisations which hold extreme views.

Also while there at it what about his criminal background as well – I always said all politicians were crooks and this just proves my Point!!

Best wishes

I have redacted the names as I am well aware how vile UKIP can be.

On that note even that has backfired on the maggots like Mick McGough and Skeptyk as I gather their childish attacks on John West to try to lose him his job have yet again brought UKIP into disrepute.

I gather as a result of the publicity John West has been getting from UKIP his listener figures are markedly up and hits on his YouTube publicity clips has markedly increased.

For those who haven’t noticed John West has been working in the broadcast industry for 7 or 8 months with a show of his own and also as a stand in with other presenters. I gather his show is proving very popular and he has been doing little jokey pieces on video to promote the entertainment including some to raise funds for various charities.

After this long on air and as a result of attempts to damage him by UKIP’s low life they even sent eMails to his Radio Station which do make UKIP look quite revolting when they are so clearly orchestrated and similar in their lies – it has been noted by John West’s colleagues that this was sponsored by UKIP!

How can UKIP ever be expected to be taken seriously with this gutter trash acting for it?


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