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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/04/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
UKIP LEADER & WHAT SEEMS TO BE A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE as stated on this blog right at the outset of this debacle!




so finally the long delayed trial of Justin Adams has commenced – it was fast beginning to look like Justice Delayed is Justice Denied – Justin Adams has now been held in custody as an innocent man pending trial (British presumption of innocence!) for longer than Tom Wise as an MEP was held in prison on a 2 year prison sentence for fraud to which he pleaded guilty – which was until the very last minute condoned by UKIP!

Having, as I have already stated on this blog, been phoned up by Justin Adams and discussed the flight, the damage, the injuries and the aftermath and its effects on his life and health in some detail I incline to the opinion (based on no medical expertise) that Justin Adams is severely damaged.

Justin Adams has lost his plane, his confidence, his marriage, his health, his home, his income all in one, fortunately non fatal, plane crash during a routine stunt.

I am astonished on the information in the public domain that either Farage or the Inspector could have taken his comments seriously – that the Police became involved is of course unsurprising however it does all rather look like an over reaction to a mental health issue of tragic proportions.

Astonishingly we learn from the trial that when Nigel Farage & Justin Adams had a meeting after then Air incident report there was a mental health nurse (unfortunately described by the media as a ‘Mental Nurse’!!) – in view of the parties present can we be surprised 😉

A clash of mental health issues?

Whatever the outcome of the trial I hope Farage feels reassured and safer and Justin Adams is treated leniently, minded of his losses and health damage.

We all know what a plane crash can do to mental health – Nigel Farage was wandering around trying to pass himself off as some sort of a Mesiah having survived an accident!

Pilot ‘threatened to kill Nigel Farage for profiting from plane crash’

The pilot of a plane which crashed injuring Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, made death threats to the politician, a jury heard yesterday. Justin Adams believed he was making money out of the incident.

Mr Farage is helped from the plane, which flown by Mr Adams had crashed after a publicity stunt went wrong Photo: INS
Mr Adams felt Mr Farage profited through speaking about the crash while he was forced to stay silent while an investigation took place.
Mr Adams was flying the light aircraft which nose-dived into a field on the day of the general election last year after a publicity stunt went wrong.
The 45-year-old pilot, of Buckland, Oxfordshire, was cleared of being at fault, but the jury was told yesterday that he was angry that the investigation had led to the failure of his marriage and his business. He said it left him with mental health problems as well as physical injuries.
The pair met after Mr Adams was cleared of blame by the Civil Aviation Authority. The pilot, who was accompanied by a mental health nurse, allegedly told Mr Farage that he had intended to kill him and could not be sure that he would not do so in the future. Mr Farage told Oxford Crown Court: “He said, ‘I used to be in the special forces and no one is safe, do you understand me?’ ”
Mr Farage went on: “He said, ‘I was going to kill you today but I have decided not to but I can’t preclude that happening in the future’. He said ‘I know this may not be rational, but I have lost everything and if I kill you I will then kill myself’.”
Mr Farage added: “He believed I had profited out of the accident and that was simply untrue. I was very, very worried indeed and not only a bit scared.”

Mr Adams denies making five threats to kill. The trial continues

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