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#0205* – ‘Tis The Sport To see The Engineers Hoist On Their Own Petard – UKIP IS BLOWING UP!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/12/2010

#0205* – ‘Tis The Sport To see The Engineers Hoist On Their Own Petard – UKIP IS BLOWING UP!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
‘Tis The Sport To see The Engineers Hoist On Their Own Petard – UKIP IS BLOWING UP!
Can it really be that there is absolutely no one of integrity, stature, probity or vision left in UKIP!!
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having written several 1,000 blog entries and at least the same again as eMails and a huge number of postings on Forums and YouTube around the world – all without exception in opposition to membership of the malign and malevolent EU, wherever possible. Having published and distributed 10s of 1,000s of leaflets opposing Britain’s membership of the EU, having taken a trenchant stand against racism, be that based on colour, creed, ethnicity or superstition and having reported many 1,000s of originally researched (mostly minor) facts and details – it is strange to have tables turned!

I am advised that I have become the news on Anthony Butcher‘s squalid forum which provides a platform for liars and low lifes like Croucher, McTrough, Fuller, Denny, Padmore and their ilk and no end of cowardly filth sheltering behind anonymity too ashamed to put their names to their drivel and their lies. I of course was banned for telling the truth! Butcher even went to the lengths of hunting through the evidence in his own archive that shows him for a liar and removing it – further he has removed factual comments on instruction from UKIP to currie favour with them and provides an endless platform for their dishonesties unchallenged as with the lies and fantasies of Denny & the cowardly liars Baron von Lotsov, Skeptyk.

We can be fairly sure that the FACTS I lead on this blog will be denied space amongst the filth on his forum – I gather to even link to the facts on this blog can lead to being banned for telling the truth on Butcher’s forum yet the gutless little worm  is too dishonest to address the truth, apologise for his dishonesty or even broker a level playing field – Butcher is clearly no gem amongst the filth but very much at home as he slithers from idea to idea sitting emasculated on the fence as a figure of fun to be mocked by all as he has clearly failed to please all however much he may prostitute his own integrity.

What GLW says about UKIP is right.
While I have always maintained that I don’t approve or agree with everything Greg says or especially the way he says it at times the facts remain that as far as UKIP is concerned what he has said and written is right.
Here is a man who publishes under his own name on his many Blogs, with full contact details, unlike many on this forum, so he is always prepared to stand by what he has said.

He has been a prolific advocate of UKIP over the years but like many of us has always maintained Nige€’s strengths are only as media spokesman and most certainly NOT as leader.

On his Blog ‘UKIP-vs-EUKIP’ (which replaced ‘Caterpillars and Butterflies’ in June this year) he starts every post with:-

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! .
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership,
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
If what Greg say is not true UKIP have had ample chance to hold him to account but the best they have done is through Mark Croucher, who took him to court over the copyright of a photograph of Nige€ he used on one of his many Blogs.
Croucher funked the court appearance and the Judge found in Greg’s favour. So the ONLY time UKIP have taken Greg to court, and then NOTHING to do with anything he said, they completely failed and I believe have still to settle the costs as directed.

So despite the constant criticisms and attacks on him and his character UKIP haven’t been able to prove anything Greg says is not true.

Yes he is very uncompromising and rude at times but that doesn’t make what he says incorrect or wrong.

Surely it will be a sorry day when the way someone says something is considered more important than what is actually said.

One of the things I so hate about our current political elite is that they pussy foot around problems scared stiff that they may upset the Guardian reading types of the BBC. At least Greg, love him or loath him, tells it how it is.

If anyone can prove anything Greg has said over the years is factually incorrect please feel free to say so below.

 To view the original of this article as posted CLICK HERE

IF you can stomach the self serving lies and vituperative attempts of proven idiots like Mick McTrough, Douglas Denny, and the cowardly Baron von Lotsov with his ill informed and childish opinions – read on.

We start out reading Mick McTrough a proven liar, cheat and low life trying to point score by making a statement of the blindingly obvious – as if it could matter less that I have adopted a family name as a legal part of my surname  – a fact I have always made clear ever since I did so at about the age of 11 or 12 to differentiate myself from other Watkins in my school and social group – Lance sure beat being Watkins Minimus or Watkins Minor!!!

Perhaps it was the confidence to take such stands as a small child that did not leave me so insecure I felt a need to lie as an adult – you will recal Mick McTrough lied about being UKIP’s CHOSEN/ELECTED ppc for Harlow in order to try to cheat and get a place as an MEP. This slime ball is the very one who betrayed the party and the trust it put in him by publishing private and confidential correspondence he was entrusted with.

This is the piece of filth who would turn up to the opening of an envelope if he could score points, this is the dishonest charlatan who covered for the lies and dishonesty of Smith when he was professionally incompetent to keep the UKIP accounts as treasurer and legged it at speed when exposed for his dishonesty leaving his dupe Mike McGough to cover his sordid trail.

Just think the depths of depravity UKIP has sunk to when you look at the staggering ineptitude and low grade slimes that form its NEC.

Another low life on the NEC who has tried to elevate himself at my expense with lies and fantasies is Douglas Denny – a proven liar, a pathetic failure and now he sinks to the very depths trying to pass blame dishonestly on a man, who unlike him, gave valuable service to UKIP and the body politic, for all his human frailties. Yet now he is dead at under 60, Douglas Denny feels brave enough to befoul his name based on the word of a proven liar, scoundrell and hired filth Mark Croucher – who can not even honour his debts to the British Courts when found colluding with Clive Page and Paul Nuttall to be legally wrong – this is indeed the caliber of UKIP particularly with a performing monkey as its so called leader!

Virtually not a single one of the sad sick wee Douglas Denny‘s fanciful claims stands up to a moment scrutiny but that does not stop him telling lies about decent folk – even the dead no longer able to defend themselves against his and Mark Croucher’s lies.

Then we have some fool claiming that I used information supplied to me by Nigel Farage to betray that trust and publish it on the internet. So it is clear Denny and his chums on the NEC have absolutely no faith in their own so called leader – they don’t trust him out of their sight yet they would wish the public to applaud this odious fool and vote for him!

I doubt Farage has the integrity or moral fiber to speak out and rebuke Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher, Mike McTrough, or any of the other filth he has forming the dung heap from on top of which he crows like the farm yard rooster the ornamental poppinjay of UKIP.

Some would wish to gather the strong the competent, the honest, the able and the courages to their team to stand on the shoulders of giants whilst Farage gathers the sweepings and the sh*t of the political farm yard to form his platform.

For all that we can be sure he is surrounded by liars and low lifes and he is little better merely more preened and better able to crow in short bursts for Youtube – he lacks the integrity to publicly speak out and control the filth around him nor has he the moral fiber to speak out and proclaim the truth – that I have NEVER ONCE betrayed a trust nor ever once told a consequential and deliberate lie about UKIP or anyone in UKIP.

Now perhaps we could look at this cowardly bufoon Baron von Lotsov and his foolish fantasies – on the matter of Common Purpose I was addressing its foundations in The Moral Majority long before little Brian Gerrish had even got his commission to harrass the British Fishing Fleet from his wee plastic washing up bowl with a crew of few! It is astonishing howmany have fallen for the Red October image of the dweeb – he is no Sean Connery and he never commanded any vessel of consequence. As Roger Helmer rightly put it ‘He was duped into introducing Brian Gerrish ONCE’ why are we not surprised he was duped at the last minute by Edward Spalton!!

Brian Gerrish is no more than a low grade charlatan a snake oil salesman basing himself on a David Icke image with a sad and unreliable self published fools comic – The UK Column has lost its journalistic flow and has succumbed to crass editing since Brian Gerrish seized control over it from David Noakes leadling to the loss of two very valuable publications for The EUroRealist movement as the Westminster Column shut down as a result of Gerrish and the 80,000+ bi monthly UK Column collapsed to about 40,000 every so often and is mostly left behind in heaps at gatherings of the lunatic fringe – seen as a conspiracy comic based on unsourced and unsound journalism and the fantasy tales of those Brian Gerrish can exploit such as Hollie greig or idiotic tales of CONdensation Trails from planes being chemicals sprayed by the government for no proven purpose by no proven people comprising no proven chemical – even Biggles would have balked at that!

I dip into Anthony Butcher‘s squalid and dishonest forum ever less frequently to watch the pond life of UKIP squabble and preen to eachother with the team effort of scum like Skeptyk, the befouling under foot by Mick McGough, the vile commentaries of the foul mouthed Annabelle Fuller, the posturing and lies of Mark Croucher and of course the posturing of the anonymous cowards.

Douglas Denny is right in essence if not in substance when he says:

‘No one gives a toss about GLW’.

It should of course read ‘
‘No one should gives a toss about GLW’
Yet it is clear from the many 1,000s of words Douglas Denny alone has invented about me in his desperation to misrepresent and try to undermine the constant flow of factual and verifiable information I have provided regarding UKIP and their abysmal and treacherous failure to provide a single campaign, one shred of vision, an iota of integrity or even a smidgeon of hope even for the gullible in defence of these United Kingdoms.  
So busy is the sad little fool trying to undermine me with his fanciful stories and endless inventions, his childish postulations and inane lack of comprehension of what is going on around him that the damage he and his chums have done to The EUroRealist movement in fracturing it and failing to nurture any part of it save the bank accounts and platforms of their little band of corrupt filth in UKIP.
On the one hand we have UKIP’s NEC proclaiming it does not trust Farage, yet on the other it invites in filth and proven liars like Denny, Croucher, McTrough, Bannermam, Hugh Williams, George Curtis, Paul Nuttall, Derek Clark – in fact would you trust ANYONE on your own UKIP NEC with any task requiring both competence and integrity – I sure to hell wouldn’t, not one.
I know politics is renowned for attracting inadequates and self seekers but UKIP clearly has the sweepings and the gutter outfall.
Yet even so they pretend to be achieving something of value – that is just how delusional they are.

UKIP are a party of the problem with no role in the solution – just one cockerel crowing on a dung heap and even then it is as a party best known for his cock left dreaming of ‘Fighting Bull’!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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