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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/09/2010

#0086* – INTERIM LEADER TITFORD NO SURPRISE save IN ITS CRASSNESS!  Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable! The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,  their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


TITFORD, Jeffrey

This is but a summary! For a huge amount more CLICK HERE

Jeffrey TITFORD a Past UKIP MEP, & Past Leader

Long past!

This elderly chap requires no more public canteen medals for his belittlement and exploitation.

The publicity handout picture above would seem to be most kind but I gather he still has a predilection for ties with spots on and even at times lapels similarly adorned but allowance must be made for his age as he approaches 78 in a months time – we appreciate he made it clear he had dreaded retirement and sitting at home with his wife.

It is clearly understood that after his corruption of the selection process to try to rig a position on the MEP list to replace him. Titford’s placeman the oleagenous and untrustworthy circus performer Stuart Gulleford who has so constantly tried to ride two horses at the same time betraying both masters.

Many will remember the witnessed claims of Gulleford and Titford colluding in flagrant abuse of the data protection act to download and read the eMails of trusted and elected Officers of UKIP for their personal gain in much the same dishonest way that Mark Croucher has used the data base as a member of staff to try to defame and lie about people.

You will be aware that it was from Jeffrey Titford’s office that Tony Bennett did such harm to the party reputation and setting out to sabotage the party with the creation of Veritas. Then next to be elevated from Titford’s office was the criminal Tom Wise who is widely believed to have rigged the election process with the aid of Jeffrey to become an MEP displacing Robin Page under most dubious circumstances.

The appointment of Titford as a bidable and malleable interim leader is hardly surprising he has held the role of puppet leader many times in the past as many will recall. Though clearly a crass appointment now, even if he will do what he is told.

Do not forget that if Jeffrey Titford has a shred of integrity his first job will be to set aside the clearly corrupt NEC election results as invalid – It is my contention that poor old geriatric may well remind many of the first stanza of Coleridge’s famous poem ‘Eskimo Nell’ and prove too gonadically challenged to carry out his duty.

Jeffrey’s first stab at the job was after I had circulated a letter from Bill jamieson and Christopher Booker with a covering letter to state that if Rodney Atkinson became leader of UKIP they and thus their paper, would withdraw any support from UKIP as he was not considered a plausible leader for the party.

This letter was mailed to every member on one of several data bases I was supplied with anonymously.

Shortly after a delivery van arrived at my door and delivered some 7 or 8,000 letters, address labels and envelopes – the letter was a direct copy of an eMail I had sent out with my opinion on the candidates.

It was my contention in this correspondence that after the tempestuous period of Michael Holmes’ leadership he was clearly unfit to lead and had withdrawn himself promising not to contest the leadership. I promoted Jeffrey as a calm if uninspiring pair of hands for the party to regroup behind. Jeffrey was elected by the barest of margins which I believe was the grounding of the specious story put about thet I was a spy working for MI6 – clearly a lie but conjoined with a comment from Norman Tebbit that of course the intelligence services had agents in every party. Some of the idiots in UKIP not being the brightest put two and two together and came up with their customary 5! Some are so stupid they repeat this story to this day!

The most likely winner at that election would have been catastrophic for UKIP based on track record and judgement etc.

With hind sight one must wonder if Titford was much better, though better he would seem to have been despite his duplicity, his weakness and his toadying to Farage.

And of course his dishonesty which could not have been predicted unlike Tom Wise‘s!

Much as Farage may find Titford suitable to manage his feifdom until he retakes the mantle or anoints his next puppet leader – beyond any doubt the manner in which this has been conducted with a corrupt and corrupted NEC selection and a meeting of this invalid and risible claque to appoint the ‘chosen one’.


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