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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/05/2010


#0018 – It is Pleasant To See Someone Elected By UKIP NOT JUST SHOWING OFF   

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


It is Pleasant To See Someone Elected By UKIP NOT JUST SHOWING OFF!



18th May 2010
Nikki fights for the rights of Meriden and Hatton residents

Local residents are up in arms about recent invasions by travellers of Green Belt Land


The Text – of Nikki SINCLAIRE MEP (Independent)

18th May 2010

“Madam President, the rapporteur states in his report that the accession to the ECHR will afford citizens protection against the actions of the Union. I would be far more interested in protecting the residents of my constituency, the West Midlands in the UK, against the action of the Convention on Human Rights.
Of course in the UK we incorporated this into our law in 1998, allowing the ECHR to have effect in all our courts. In the manifesto of the new Conservative Government it was promised that they would repeal the Human Rights Act but, as they should have known, Lisbon made the EU a legal entity and the EU has greater powers than the electorate of the United Kingdom. We are reminded of George Orwell. The writing is on the wall and, as we know, some people are more equal than others when it comes to human rights.
Earlier this month, my constituents in Meriden and Hatton suffered invasions by so-called ‘travellers’, who have broken the peace and who are building unauthorised and possibly illegal developments on what little remains of our precious green-belt land. Thanks to the Convention on Human Rights, these travellers have special protected rights. They have priority in health care and education, all at the expense of local taxpayers!
The rapporteur wants us to involve our national courts and ministries of justice in this process. I say that the Convention on Human Rights has done enough damage already. Perhaps the rapporteur would like to visit my constituency and witness at first hand the desecration of our land. Perhaps he would like to speak to the hardworking villagers who have seen the value of their homes plummet. He can inspect the lines of police drafted in to keep the peace and of course preserve the special rights of the travellers. He could even enjoy the spectacle of 90 lorries laden with gravel churning up the country lanes where parents walk with their children. He might help residents as they rush to install security equipment in anticipation of the surge in criminal activity that often accompanies such developments.
Of course these are but small tragedies and are nothing when compared to the important political project that is the European Union, but let us consider that when we propose special rights on one group of citizens we automatically degrade the rights of others.
The Convention on Human Rights has degraded the rights of my constituents. It should not be up to unelected officials to decide who is special and who is not. We have a newly elected government in the UK which has made promises in this area. In the name of democracy let them carry out those promises!”

UKIP is so busy trying to RIG the succession and ensure a coronation, for its latest leader, bypassing the members to ensure they get their planned Tory plant in place – the dishonest, corrupt and creepy David Bannerman who can be relied on to do as he is told by Farage until he too jumps ship for a better seat at the troughs in November with the EFD Party.

One should not be surprised at this level of dishonesty and corruption from UKIP – you will remember when Ian Gilman was asked to stand aside and Damien Hockney was asked not to stand so that they could hold a Coronation for UKIP’s latest reject Roger Knapman the Tory MP who had been voted out as useless from Stroud, one of the safest seats in Britain.

When he had befouled UKIP aided by Mark Croucher by dragging the Party name into a gutter of his own making over his hypocracy as a UKIP MEP and leader exploiting EU immigration law in conjunction with his son to run a people traffiking business to undercut British skilled workers. You will recal he was aided by Mark Croucher to extricate himself, regardless of the consequences to the Party by outright lies and dishonesty put to The Press Complaints Commission.

Fortunately the PCC were not stupid enough to fall for such UKIP dishonesty and did NOT uphold the complaint.

Knapman now forced out of leadership by his own hypocracy and Mark Croucher‘s endemic dishonesty and corruption you will recal against all common sense Nigel Farage put his name forward as leader, against common sense because he had absolutely none of the skills required and was lacking in any semblance of O.Q. or gravitas. Farage brought the office into disrepute before even completing his own selection, let alone supposed election.

At the time Douglas Denny, having been his puppet as Party Secretary was put in office as Returning Officer for the leadership election. Denny was removed from office in disgrace by a majority vote of the NEC when it was found he had set out to corrupt and rig the election to have his puppet master elected – hence the long suffering Geoffrey Kingscott was appointed but sadly he was little better and too weak and fundamentally corrupted to provide a level playing field.

It was during the election period that the UKIP Press Office staff were touring the toilets at Hustings meetings and collaring people to lie and mislead in favour of Farage and against his rivals – this was reported in detail to the Returning Officer for the election Geoffrey Kingscott and to the National Returning Officer of the Party Denis Brooks – BOTH abrogated on their duty

and did nothing to control the outright corruption of the election including the publication by Mark Croucher of a scurrilouse version of UKIP’s magazine with outright lies about candidates and others to rig the selection process for Nigel Farage.

It is utterly risible in the light of the lies of David Lott, Croucher, Annabelle Fuller, John Moran and others which went completely unchecked, to claim that Nigel Farage was elected leader.

We then had the spectacle of Nigel Farage who we understand Stuart Wheeler did not trust and insisted that if he was to give money to the party to pay its bills he required a new leader and thus the coronation of the puppet was orchestrated with a fake election in that Farage even went so far as to castigate ALL of UKIP’s MEPs on Television at one stage when he felt his puppet was not the clear front runner.

We would seem to have the same spectacle yet again as the succession is being squabbled over for a faux appointment of yet another puppet or more likely total muppet!

With Lord Pearson in Purdah in Perthshire it does look all to clear that UKIP is incrementally fulfilling every single prediction made by this blog and associates at Junius back at the end of November.

I think my only error was to over estimate the % of the vote at the General Election by about 1% and having taken my shoes and socks off to get the maths right I wasn’t far out with the amount of money squandered on lost deposits at around £1/4 Million!

I see Political Gossip has woken up not just on the odd one off but here is another posting from this well informed insider:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Has UKIPs Leader Resigned?

We must add, this is only supposition at the moment.

The rumour doing the rounds is that Lord Pearson has resigned his leadership of UKIP and is hiding at Rannock on his Perthshire Estate, hoping no doubt, to be able to hide in a cloud of volcanic ash and not be able to fly back.

If this is the case, the difficulty is, who will replace him?

It may prove difficult for Farage to return as everyone realises that the policy of trying to help the Tories at the General Election was his – a repeat of the battle he had with Natrass and others at the previous General Election. (He may also not wish to be tainted should UKIP declare Bankruptcy after the Appeal hearing next month) but he must still control the Party. They surely would not want an election at this stage in case the wrong person wins.

We believe, that as Deputy Leader, Farage sock-puppet (No. 2) David Bannerman will be annointed as caretaker. If the ship sinks, he will be seen to have been at the helm. If successful, they may keep him in post, or more likely front someone more appealing and charismatic as Leader next year.

Either way, no real change at the top.

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