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#511* – Idris FRANCIS – BULLETIN

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/06/2009

#511* – Idris FRANCIS – BULLETIN

of: St. Meons, Near Petersfield.

On Thursday last:

Idris Francis had a fall whilst working on his car outside.

He thought he had fallen into his work pit in the garage but that does seem unlikely as the boarding planks were still in place if rather ‘displace’.

Idris does not remember the event but came into the house in a confused state and collapsed onto the settee.

In view of his condition his aunt (Win) who is more or less totally wheelchair bound at 87 was unable to assist overly much and called an ambulance.

The ambulance came and took Idris to A&E at Winchester Hospital
where he was admitted to a ward after various tests.

Chatting to Win today (SUNDAY), who I have known for around a dozen years, she tells me that although it is uncertain it does in fact seem that Idris either tripped and fell backwards or had ‘a bit of a turn’ and fell backwards, as he badly cut the back of his head and hurt his back.

The settee was ‘debrised’ with grass and bits of gravel as was his head wound, this leads to the belief that he fell at the edge of the driveway.

That this led to blood stains on the settee – Kindly be more careful in future Idris – make sure you bleed more thoughtfully 😉

Idris was released from hospital but earlier today due to impaired mobility due to back pain and a failure to be able to control the headache/pain Win felt, since she is ill equipped to act as carer, that Idris would be better cared for back in hospital and he being (as those who know him will understand) far from the best or most patient of patients is now back in Winchester Hospital.

Idris was readmitted via ambulance and A&E and after further checks is now on Freshfield Ward, where I have just spoken with the ward Sister 03:15hrs 01-Jun-2009 who advises he is sleeping without medication and is stable after a fall, with no apparent complications at this stage (as is her duty she was a bit ‘cagey’).

Fortunately Idris has good neighbours and they are keeping an eye out for Win and are doing her shopping for her and would do so for Idris when he comes out, should he need help..

The exact nature of the cause of the injury (beyond a fall) is not certain as also the actual medical damage – let us hope it is no more than bad bruising and nothing more serious.

I will be speaking with Win regularly and will pass on any relevant information.

Win is naturally concerned but does not feel that the matter is ‘serious’ for as she said ‘he is a tough enough old chap but it is hard to know how bad it is as he is a difficult patient’ – why am I not surprised 😉

Would all senior citizens reading this please be a little more mature and accept the irrefutable fact that they just don’t bounce as well as they used to!!

I have asked Win & the nursing Sister to convey best wishes from his EUroRealist friends.

Let us hope he is back to his normal self fit and confident very soon – we need him to maintain the pressure on our politicians as their conscience to get us OUT of the odious EU.

Best wishes to all.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62
if you want an update.


MONDAY – 01-Jun-2009 20:15hrs.

Ashley Mote & his wife have just returned from a visit to Winchester Hospital.

They were Idris’ only visitors so far.

He is obviously in considerable pain in his back, as the fall slipped a disc which has slipped before and been replaced.

The hospital are not doing anything beyond offering painkillers. They assume he will (when well enough) go to see his own osteopath in Gloucester. At present he does not feel well enough to undertake the journey.

He also has a headache which – he has been told – may last several weeks owing to bruising of the brain from the fall. But – fortunately – there is no internal bleeding.

Otherwise he was his usual grumpy and engaging self, and for very good reason. He even managed to talk about enjoying the rest of the summer with his vintage cars, as well as producing a litany of criticism about the way the hospital is run!.

We are just down the road from his home, and have been in touch with Wyn to offer help. Immediate neighbours already in charge, so no problems for the moment.

Will keep in touch with developments, but at present Idris expects to be home in the next day or so. He will then have to allow his wounds to heal and restore his strength so that he can get to Gloucester to have his disc replaced.

By all means pass this update to anyone who has asked for news


as ever


I spoke with Ashley’s wife a couple of hours ago and have just spoken with Win and gave her such details as I could add.

Win is OK and much relieved that there seems to be no sign of bleed on the brain thus largely ruling out a stroke.

I will inform if anything needs updating – So many people know Idris from his douty performances as a heckler at the Conferences of all Political persuasions in his determination to oppose Britain’s membership of The EU.



Hi, earlier today I received the following somewhat curt communication from Idris Francis, which will please many and it was good to hear he has fully recovered but claims his aunt, his friends and others were in fact wrong!
Here are Idris Francis’ recollection of events some 6 years after the event:


I came across your web page about me by chance this evening and would be obliged if you would corrrect the following errors at

1/ I reversed my 1939 Alvis out of my garage, intending to polish it for the imminent national Alvis day. I walked back into the rather dark garage – I had not bothered to switch on the lights as I intended to polish the car outside – and as I walked I looked across the garage for polishing cloths, not where where I was walking.

2/ I forgot that the inspection pit over which the car had been parked did not have its boards in place due to the last job I had done on the car had involved being down in the pit.

3/ I cleary remembered, then and now, walking back into the garage, and why and I clearly remember waking up on the settee – it was only the fall I do not remember at all, though I do vaguely remember climbing back out of the pit.

4/ I also remember driving the car back into the garage, as the ambulance crew watched, and that the boards were still not in place.

5/ I made a full recovery over the following months, including a brain scan that confirmed no effect in my brain


You will note the details of the event do not exist at: nor at

so i trust his update here will reassure people.


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